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Space disassembly

EastRussia continues to monitor the situation at the Vostochny cosmodrome under construction, which is getting hot every day

Space disassembly

To the fact that the first persons of the state visit a large-scale construction in the Amur region 2 times a month, which the federal and not only mass media report intensively in their releases, the country seems to have already become accustomed. But the fact that in three weeks there could have happened, even the most desperate skeptics did not believe.

Astronomical sums

Recall: in early April, two dozen workers involved in the launch pad of the cosmodrome, went on a hunger strike due to three-month salary delays. They even managed to personally get through to Dmitry Rogozin, who promised to sort things out and convinced the rebels to stop what they had begun. But only the Deputy Prime Minister flew out of the area, as on the roofs of the dormitories of the technical complex, an inscription appeared that turned into space: “Putin, help! We want to work, and 4 doesn’t see the money for a month ”- thus the builder of TMK (Vladivostok) took over the worker’s disobedience baton. As a result - the participation of workers in a straight line with the president and several criminal cases at once regarding tycoons of the Russian construction industry of various sizes. For example, from the last: “Amur policemen opened a criminal case on the fact of embezzling 300 million rubles for the construction of the infrastructure of the Vostochny cosmodrome. Detectives suspect representatives of the Volga-Vyatka Construction Company (VVSK) of frauds: the firm paid for the execution of the work was spent on repaying a loan in one of the Russian banks. ” At the same time, only according to preliminary data, the volumes of the alleged theft and non-earmarked expenses during the construction of the cosmodrome reach 16 billion rubles. In general, an additional reason appeared for the next arrival of Rogozin.

As we managed to find out from the employees of the problem subcontractors themselves, repayment of debts on wages is still going on: in small tranches and in strict order; Literally the day before Rogozin's arrival, his money was received by another 20 people. The mood of the workers has improved noticeably, and people are now going to the press without fear that they will be deprived of their work for divulging the real state of affairs.

“The situation was very tense - here I was engaged in the life of shift workers, and, in fact, was responsible for their“ temporary home ”. Where, if not to me, was it to go? They calmed us down, supported us as best they could - after all, they did not pay us any money either, ”says the commandant of the hostel of the disgraced“ Building Industry-S ”Tatyana Lutsenko. - Now our company, it can be said, was liquidated, but thanks to the intervention of the government and Dalspetsstroy, the problem was solved. Some workers even stayed; others went home, but already want to return. ”

"We do not believe that at last everything has been adjusted, people have re-believed in construction," Arseny Markov, foreman of Ideal LLC, picks up. - The guys with whom I've worked in other cities are calling me now, asking for help to arrange them here. This is without pathos - we really want to work here. We hope that this will not happen again. "

According to the leaders of the construction site, at the facilities of the East, as before, installers, commissioners and other workers are needed, the rates for which were earlier, but for unknown reasons, more than a thousand questionnaires from potential builders lay in the tables of contract organizations - why so happened, The Amur labor inspection.

"This disgrace has already turned into not to understand that," commented the director of Spetsstroy of Russia Alexander Volosov. - We are talking about deadlines, about surrender, but in fact there are no people, nor a normal attitude towards them. I once again want to convey to all firms: people are above all, wages are above all. This is our priority in the work. The workers are not to blame for anything. In addition, in Spetsstroy have already been set up victims of the actions of unscrupulous firms. In our offices we will take about a hundred workers from "TMK" - by 15 May they plan to move. "

Extreme dependence

From now on, for each specific case of non-payment, assured the inspectors, there will be separate proceedings of the inspection of Rostrud and the prosecutor's office. The result of actions or inactions of contractors were more than 1,5 thousand violations of labor law, which resulted in four criminal cases and more than 500 claims - Dmitry Rogozin announced such figures during one of the meetings.

The main reasons for the emergence of such a labor collapse Rogozin called the lack of any working capital at the companies and, as a result, extreme dependence on customers and payments to them for the work performed, in connection with which the Deputy Prime Minister recommended to pay special attention to the reputation of the contractors .

"Non-payment to people is not a cause, but an effect. The responsibility for this lies with Spetsstroi and Dalspetsstroy, in particular, the former leadership of the latter. They allowed such vulnerable organizations to the main object of the country, - Rogozin summed up. "As a result, we received private firms that can not deal with their internal problems, and the shadow falls on all work."

According to the Federal Service for Labor and Employment as of 20-24 April, 14 inspections have been conducted in organizations that are located in 84 entities of the country and are connected with the construction of the East. In 17 firms, attracted to the country's main construction site, debts to employees were established. In 29 cases, these facts have not been confirmed. In addition to this, 1651 violation of labor relations at the cosmodrome was identified by the prosecutor's office, on the fact of which 127 submissions were made, and 87 officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility. The court sent 634 applications for more than 21 million rubles, and also instituted one criminal case under art. 37 UK. Another 3 criminal cases are being investigated against the directors of the companies "DSS", "Stroyindustriya-S" and "TMK" - the leaders of all these organizations are arrested.

As a result of these measures, 24 managed to pay off more than 28 million rubles in debt to eight construction organizations in April: the amounts received were received by 5786 people, and the money could be given out not only to employees working at the space center, but also to those employees of companies who work at other facilities, stressed Rogozin. In the near future, the repayment of debts to employees in seven organizations in the amount of 38 million rubles is expected. “As far as I was informed, all debts should be paid on April 30. May 5 will come again and check it for myself, Rogozin assured. - In addition, I ask such inspections to be carried out regularly, right up to the complete completion of construction work, so that there will be no more such cases. After all, the pace of construction depends on the protection of the rights of workers working in Vostochny. ”

As Rogozin said, the principles established in the country's defense and industrial complex will now operate on the East: it has already been decided that all payments will go through the treasury, and all subcontractors will have accounts opened there. "Vladivostok's TMK is especially worried about me - more than 1150 people have suffered there. I just spoke with the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev, on Tuesday he will hold a meeting in Vladivostok. This is the problematic of the construction business of the Far East. We will work together with the government, "Rogozin said.

With my own eyes

At the very same facilities of the East, it seems, opened a second wind. The fact that a couple of weeks ago on the main construction site of the country was on strike, now you can’t say: at the “start” they are installing equipment for the fire ring and making a gas outlet, and at the “technicals” the power floors are poured on, in which in the third quarter of this year there will be a cart with a rocket. The traditional detour of these objects took much less time than usual for Rogozin, and a separate topic was a visit to the rotational camp for students of construction detachments, who this year 1300 will arrive at the cosmodrome.

“By May 1, when the first hundred young workers arrive here, everything is ready. Furniture and household appliances are installed in the rooms, all the little things are taken into account - up to bed linen, - Olga Zaichenko, deputy head of the Vostochny Cosmodrome branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Dalspetsstroy, conducts an excursion. - This housing was not made as temporary, but almost like full-fledged houses where people will live for months. In each building there are shower rooms, toilet, water supply, sewage system ”.

The vice-premier came to visit one of the most problematic points of the East - the future science town of Tsiolkovsky. Within the first stage, 12 high-rise buildings for 1045 apartments should appear here, but so far only four buildings have real outlines. According to the builders, at the moment one third of the concrete necessary for the first stage is filled, and, as a sample, one of the apartments is ready in the final version. To catch up with the existing backlogs, contractors promise in the near future to increase the staff of builders for 1300 people, as well as attract students to work in May 350. Nine apartment houses must be rented before the start of the heating season, another three - until December.

As a result of all these detours, a large-scale meeting took place in the administrative complex of Vostochny, where, after the introductory words of Rogozin, many, they say, eased. "Obviously, absolutely obvious movement on the construction sites. It can be seen that the leadership of the organization Spetstroy stood its promises to increase the volume of objects, and we really proceed from the fact that we fit into the schedule. At least, everything should be done at the same pace, with the same energy and dedication, - said Dmitry Rogozin. - The general impressions are as follows: the work is rather intensive. Apparently, we have passed the most difficult and critical moment of construction and enter a normal, healthy rhythm. Much more is now my conviction, Igor Anatolyevich Komarov - the leadership of Roskosmos - in the fact that we should all have time. "

To the delight of the assembled construction schedules, it seems, they finally began to converge. This means that after the delivery of the 1 launch complex (under the Soyuz-2 cargo carrier) the workers will be transferred to the 2-th under the manned rocket "Angara", the documentation for which the Roskosmos is preparing just now. "Given that there are still issues related to energy, water supply and sanitation, there has been a dynamic and intensified work on the delivery of premises for the installation of technological equipment: 138 has already been transferred from the 96 premises on the launching complex, and we see an improvement in dynamics, Rogozin head of the Federal Space Agency Igor Komarov. - We hope that it will be possible to raise the pace of work and even more quickly solve existing problems. And then the schedules and the comprehensive plan for the preparation of the products show that we have the opportunity to fulfill everything on time ".

Also, the situation with financing has changed for the better: 14 March paid advance payments to builders worth 3,6 billion rubles. 79 billion rubles, which are needed to create 11 objects of the so-called "launch minimum," have already been financed by 52 billion. "Nevertheless, the launching and technical complexes are still the main critical objects of the launch site: there the amount of work exceeds the amount of financing. In this regard, we need to additionally attract 15 billion rubles here, and taking into account the existing debt - about 22 billion, "Komarov noted.

In 2015, 29,3 billion rubles will be invested in the creation of the Eastern state, and there is also the possibility to pay two additional federal programs for another 13,6 billion. "After the commissioning of the facilities for the start-up minimum in July, Roskosmos employees start arriving here, and I would like to know exactly what you are builders "They intend to take further action," Rogozin continued. - The second phase of the construction of the East will follow the first, in addition, we must build an airfield, and all this in austerity. Therefore, I want to hear in the near future your plans for a smooth transition from one job to another, so as not to take out people or equipment. "

This part of the meeting opened for the press ended to continue in a week - the next working trip of Rogozin to the cosmodrome was scheduled for May 5.

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