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A short meter in the Far East is growing so fast that we get scared

The best amateur films were named in Khabarovsk and shown on the big screen

This year, the fiction film festival, together with the Far East, has “grown” to 11 subjects and has hosted a record number of short films. 50 films were shot by people of various professions in their free time with personal money. Blagoveshchensk, Ulan-Ude and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk participated for the first time, and immediately took first places. For the second year in a row the Khabarovsk resident Sergey Yakovlev took the Grand Prix of the Points of Return, this time with the painting Portrait of a Stranger. What kind of cinema is filmed today by non-professionals in the Far East and which of them is ready for the all-Russian rental, EastRussia recognized.

A short meter in the Far East is growing so fast that we get scared
Photo: Shot from the film “Portrait of a Stranger”, Khabarovsk

The discipline in one of the Khabarovsk schools would become exemplary if the children of their historian Maxim Gorbunov had seen the role of a bandit from the 90s (the film "Gooseberry"), and the clients of the Annunciation lawyer Maxim Butenko would have taken a fresh look at his gift of persuasion (the film "Winter Rubber "). Almost every participant in the Far Eastern Film Festival leads a double life and, in his own way, paves the way for the film Olympus. For some, it lies through a delayed vacation, for others - through the beds. 


Shot from the movie "Gooseberry", Khabarovsk - Komsomolsk-on-Amur   

“We have a grandmother of 83 years old, she came and said: my country house was flooded, I have nothing to do! She played grandmother-time in the movie “My First Verliber” at the movie camp, ”says the director of the festival «Return Point» Roman Ovseichuk. - In general, we have developed a practice: before the holding, all the guys call and ask on the letterhead of the festival to write a letter to the directors of enterprises with a request to release their employees for participation. We wrote this to the school principal, to the ambulance station, to the developer, etc. Our logic is simple: if you make films in your free time from work, and do not earn a living from this, then you are an amateur, but you should not confuse professionalism and profession, there are amateurs with a professional approach. Another traditional condition of our festival is that we do not accept documentaries, only feature films. For this reason, this year we "turned" Kamchatka. Authors from the Jewish Autonomy did not send anything, in total nine out of 11 subjects of the Far East participate in the fifth anniversary “Point of Return”.

The short list of the main program included 15 folk films. The story of Sakhalin moistened the eyes of many in the Khabarovsk Sovkino: according to the story, a man who became homeless due to personal tragedy pulls out a baby from the garbage bin on New Year's Eve, but he does not manage to save the child right away. The film of Ivan Chanov "Abandoned" was awarded third place. 


Shot from the movie «Abandoned", Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

"Silver" went to no less touching story "I remember you" Bator Tsybikov from the Republic of Buryatia with references to the Great Patriotic War.

Sergei Khramykh, known to Blagoveshchensk as a civil engineer, took first place with his painting. "Winter tires" - This is a New Year’s sketch about Santa Claus, who looks at drinking mechanics with a request to “change shoes” of his car. The skepticism of the hard workers about the "disguised grandfather" is divided into irrefutable evidence about everyone, not always pleasant. “Winter tires” also won a special prize: Igor Bulatov, Maxim Butenko, Nikolai Pavlov, Vladimir Litovchenko and Igor Omelkov were named the best ensemble.

“We shot this film in three days, another week was spent on editing and the rest of the post-production. The budget of “Winter tires” is one and a half thousand rubles, this money was needed to set the table, the rest of the props were collected by friends. Our actors are a fireman, a lawyer, a trainer, a blogger, a host of celebrations and an actor of the Annunciation Drama Theater, ”director Sergei Khramykh shared.

Winter tires.jpg

Shot from the movie "Winter tires", Blagoveshchensk

The main prize of the fifth Far Eastern Film Festival - 100 thousand rubles for the shooting of the next film - went to "Portrait of a Stranger" Khabarovsk resident Sergei Yakovlev. The obsessed artist in the film was played by Vitaly Fedorov. The real artist Pavel Barsukov painted the first portrait of a stranger, the second belongs to the brush of the 32-year-old director himself. By the way, an art college graduate.

“Our hero was originally with a cuckoo who went because he was hunting for people whom he wants to draw. For example, he writes a little girl, and does not take money. Then he sees a stranger, found a scythe on a stone, and it turned out an interesting story! My story is in the film, I’m an artist by training myself, now metamodern is the most relevant thing, I wanted to build a bridge that will help people outside art understand how realism differs from postmodernism, ”explains Sergey Yakovlev (Yakf).



Photo: Sergey Yakovlev at the award ceremony, Far Eastern festival of feature films «Return Point»   

"Portrait of a stranger" passed on the day of the deadline. According to the director, in recent days the team lived at the computer, over and over again remaking the film.

“I hate this movie as much as I love. My wife said that if I did not win after all this, she would kill me! Thanks to the organizers for the fifth year giving us a big kick in the ass, uniting the Far Eastern authors on one platform. We will translate the film into English, and send it to festivals, including international ones, and launch it on the crowdfunding platform, as we did with the movie “Saved”, Grand Prix in 2018", The director adds.

A special prize for "organic, genuine courage and the exact atmosphere of the 90s" was received by the Khabarovsk-Komsomol "Gooseberry" directed by Yuri Chernyuk. The award "for the best male role and unlimited devotion to the profession until the very last day" went to Vasily Mukhin. Posthumously: The 30-year-old actor who played in the film "Deratization" left in October this year. In the same picture, camera work was noted.

“To paraphrase Hitchcock, I would say this: to make a film, you need ambition, ambition and once again ambition! The ambition is to convey what you see, while others do not notice. This is an important thing for the cinema, because it is a synthetic art, it is created under the influence of a large collective of people. Ambition burns through the screen of your movie camera. It forces you to gather everyone together, take a double for a double, bring the film to the end and put it on the screens, ”says the producer of Deratization Anton Sokolov.  

The “Return Point” festival was held by enthusiasts for two years as the Khabarovsk city, and for the third time - as the Far East at the expense of presidential grants and sponsors, to whom nothing acting was alien either. This year, participants sent fifty films, and the organizers made four programs: to the main and experimental “In Brief” children’s films “Semicolon” ​​and films outside the “Ellipses” contest were added. Cinema camp is a school where "people from the street" try themselves as directors, actors, videographers, editors, etc. They receive random scenarios and shoot short meters in two days. Svetlana Tikanova recognized Thailand as the best film of the film camps in 2019. And this is an artist again.


Shot from the film "Thailand", a film camp program "Briefly»

“We couldn’t choose the scenario, we got a thriller with murder, with blood, domestic violence, I’m far from this, but“ went into the shoes ”. The shooting went like this: the main character, beautifully flying through the bar, where the light was set up, dared everything in its path, our ceiling collapsed. Then, for the sake of efficiency, we decided to smoke the room, but the fire siren went off, and then it shouted for a long time and disgustingly. But we did it! Each person has a creative potential, which he holds and hides in one place, because he needs to survive, feed his children, and blah blah blah. So, the cinema pulls out this creator, he gathers others around him, and everyone comes to their true "I", the director Svetlana Tikanova is sure.

The second and third places in the camp were taken by "Chupa-Chups" directed by Lado Granich and "Guess Who?" Mikhail Litinsky.  

Portrait of a Stranger5.jpg

Shot from the film “Portrait of a Stranger”, Khabarovsk

It is difficult to identify a home video in the festival films of this season, and some of the finalists of past years have made a hobby a matter of life: for example, Lyubov Borisova from Yakutia, who won the grand prix at the "Return Point" -2017, this year received two statuettes at the fifth Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles with the feature film "The Sun Doesn't Set Over Me". The brainchild of Buryat cinema - the film "Reshala", known throughout the country, once also began with an amateur performance.

“The level is growing so fast that we are scared,” Alla Jan-Sha, producer of the “Point of Return” festival admits. - Now the scale is 11 regions, but everything rests on a handful of enthusiasts who have no guarantee that there will be money to hold it. It is time to admit that this is a serious event that needs a state approach, because now I, as a producer, meet with the government of the Khabarovsk Territory and the city administration. We headed for NGOs, and again wrote an application for a presidential grant. Every year we take risks, announce the season, and then we are lucky, and we win. But this is a setup for ourselves, and we won’t go for it anymore. If they don’t support us, we will curtail the program or pause the movie. ”

Whether the sixth Far Eastern festival will take place will become known in February, when the winners of the presidential grants contest will be announced. Perhaps the “Return Point” will find support from other sources. If everything works out, in 2020 the Far Eastern festival will reach a new level: with large shows on the Khabarovsk embankment, creative installations in the Far Eastern Federal District and recognizable Russian stars in the jury.     

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