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Smuggling under the Christmas tree

A record batch of derivatives was detained on the border with China

Smuggling under the Christmas tree

The special operation was held on the night of 27 January at Lake Khanka, Primorsky Krai, near the border with China. Employees of the Far Eastern operational customs, the Border Guard of the Federal Security Service and the Federal Security Service of Russia for the Primorsky Territory took smugglers still ashore. Three Chinese and two Russians planned to transport the derivatives to China on the ice of the lake under the cover of darkness, bypassing the checkpoint and customs control. Two minibuses and a car trailer were literally packed up with bags.


"This is the largest batch of derivatives over the past decade!" In bags of smugglers found the skin of the Amur tiger, 5 bones of Amur tiger, 867 bear legs, bear claws and gall bladder, tails, dildos red deer and spotted deer, as well as tens of kilograms of dried frog fat. Some packages already had information in Chinese. Estimated "market" value only bear paws - 55 million rubles. And tigers are priceless, commented East Russia spokesman Far Eastern operational customs Tatiana Shichanina.



There were no documents for the goods from the Russian-Chinese grouping. Resistance of the men did not, apparently, realizing that this would only "weight" future terms. Smugglers-wholesalers were armed, they had confiscated an air rifle, a Saiga gun, a hunting rifle, as well as ammunition to them and a Kalashnikov assault rifle.


- While there is a specific detention. A little later, when the examinations are completed, the amount of damage caused will be assessed, then we will tell you on which articles the proceedings will be initiated. During the interrogation of the Russians and the Chinese, we will determine where the derivatives were obtained. It is clear that everything was bought here in the Far East, ours and the Chinese are exterminating animals purposefully - added Tatiana Shichanina.


В center "Amur Tiger" consider - this high-profile case can become a script for the film. 

The heterogeneity of the freshness and external signs of the Amur tiger remains indicates that they were bought for a long time from all over the Far East. According to preliminary estimates, at least four Amur tigers have lost their population. Moreover, if two tigers died more than three years ago, then two individuals recently, one even this winter. It is clear that this batch of animal body parts was transported for the Chinese New Year, so someone will not wait for gifts, but someone will not wait for treats on the festive table, - comments the general director of the Amur Tiger Center Sergey Aramilev.


The detained batch contains about 870 bear paws weighing over a ton. In 2017, in Primorye, there were 4 thousand individuals of the Himalayan bear, and 3 thousand - brown. The hunting limit in the region under licenses is 170 bears of each species annually. The hunting season lasts until November 30. 

 - Hunters of Primorye or from other regions could obtain legally, and then the buyer bought the party. Who offers a great price, they give it. And in China there is a great demand, paws and bile are used in medicine and as a culinary dish. About the increase in potency is not ready to say, but the paws are delicious. I myself am a hunter. The most important guards of all living things are hunters and there are, because they are interested in increasing the number of animals. It is necessary to find out by the terms and places of extraction, to find out all the circumstances. If this is outside the hunting season, then of course, the bear's extraction is a criminal responsibility, for him the fine is determined within 90 thousand, for the female the claim is higher. The mining of the red deer is also a criminal responsibility, because it is a major damage. The shooting of a tiger is a criminal responsibility under the 258 article, plus the lawsuit is very serious. One and a half million, I'm afraid of making a mistake, - explained East Russia Alexei Surovy, deputy director of the Department for the protection, control and regulation of the use of wildlife in the Primorsky Territory. - ЗOn the other hand, we had a very well developed bear paw smuggling before, but 5-6 years ago, a serious supply channel was closed, and in recent years there have been isolated cases of attempts to transport paws abroad.

The news of the sad record on Lake Khanka caused a resonance in social networks. People who are familiar with life in the outback, interceded for violators:

- Who is shooting? People from villages and villages who are simply trying to survive in our country, which has scored on everything and everyone, he has the same family and children, but what should he do? If there is no work in the villages and villages! And then a Chinese with a big jackpot, of course, the hunter will go to him. Until such a situation, nothing will change with us, - says Natalia Bogatyryova, a resident of Primorye.  

-You don't know how many bears we have yet! In summer, until you reach the winter hut from the road, and go 27 km. According to Mari, I myself personally once counted 16 bears and with cubs. There are such individuals - more than "Niva". You hold the hat on your head with your hands - your hair stands on end. How many attacks on a person. I myself once sat on a trailer for two days. Here is a meter of everything from above to him up to me, and there is so-ka-I pa-a-st. It breaks out with such evil. There are a lot of bears in our taiga. It is a pity, of course, to exterminate such an amount of the beast. But sometimes it saves us people from animal hunger - sure hunter Sergey Shemyakin.

The Himalayan and Brown Bears are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) of 3 in March of 1973. With regard to derivatives, there is a special procedure for moving across the customs border of the EEU (a special permit is required, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Management). Moving other objects of wildlife across the customs border is allowed if there are documents on the legality of their extraction and veterinary certificates.

Under the New, 2018-th year of the Eastern calendar, which comes on 16 February, the chefs and healers of the Celestial Empire were left without "the gifts of the Far Eastern taiga". At least, without any part of them. After carrying out all investigative actions, the detained party will be destroyed. 

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