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Konstantin Bogdanenko: "We did not pay a single ruble for entering the market"

What thinks of government and business is one of the founders of one of the largest domestic companies in the field of consumer electronics DNS

- We are talking right after the press conference of Vladimir Putin. You watched, listened to the President?

Konstantin Bogdanenko: "We did not pay a single ruble for entering the market"
- Yes, I listened to what he said. I cannot say that I have seen all the messages and speeches in 15 years, but mostly yes.

- Vladimir Putin said that there is no point in changing ministers, the leapfrog with appointments will only aggravate the situation. How do you assess the government is coping?

- We are alive, business is working, so the government is coping. We do not need anything more from the government than what it is doing now. I can say for sure that the legislative framework in the Russian Federation is sufficiently developed and comfortable for entrepreneurs. But there has always been and is the problem of implementing these laws on the ground. If I am missing something, it is confidence in the stability that local leaders responsible for the future of Primorsky Krai should give.

- Are you comfortable working at the local level?

- Certainly. It has never happened that the authorities put any obstacles to us. For our part, we also tried to be responsible partners: pay taxes, wages, open sports and engineering clubs for children. The DNS company did not set itself the goal of converting its economic influence into political. We have different ambitions - every day we want to contribute to the development of the region and make it better.

- That is, even when the company entered the federal level, began to open its stores in Siberia, in Central Russia, did you come to local administrations, to the mayor or governor to “tell” about the appearance of your brand?

- Never and nowhere! We have a legal state. I can say for sure that we have not paid a single ruble for “entering the market”. We paid only for the registration of a legal entity and for the rental of premises. And if there were contacts with the authorities, it was not in order to "resolve" something, but only to get acquainted.

- At a press conference with the President, the introduction of the Platon heavy transport registration system was discussed. A number of experts claim that these payments have led to higher prices for products in stores. Has it influenced your company in any way?

- I understand the indignation of drivers who make their way for a living. The Platon system will not have a negative impact on the CSN company. We use rail transport to transport goods over long distances. And at relatively short distances, the high unit cost of our goods levels out the additional costs associated with road transport.

- Back in 2008, you announced that the company was opening an assembly plant in Primorye, and that you would strive to ensure that goods under your own brand take more and more places on the shelves of your stores.

- Yes, we still have the assembly, and our goals have not changed. Our local brand is not called DNS now, but DEXP. Today, a large number of products are sold under this brand, from telephones to televisions. Some of the products - laptops, workstations - are manufactured at the plant here in Vladivostok.

- Is production in Vladivostok profitable?

- Yes, but not as much as we would like. However, we have hopes associated with the Free Port. This new business format in the Primorsky Territory is likely to provide economic prerequisites for the further development of production in Vladivostok.

- Have you applied to become a resident?

- Of course, they were one of the very first. And just yesterday we received confirmation from the Far East Development Corporation that our application was accepted, the corporation is ready to conclude a residency agreement with us. We must sign this agreement by the end of 2015.


DNS project-application - production and logistics complex (PLC) "Yankovsky". This is a huge complex with production facilities located on it, primarily assembly, high-tech. Since the idea of ​​the Free Port of Vladivostok implies the use of a free economic zone, the absence of import and export duties, the relevance of the project is unprecedentedly high.

As a result of the construction of the Yankovsky PLC, it is expected that more than 10 thousand jobs will appear. And tax deductions will exceed 4 billion rubles a year.

- Then you will take with you all the taxes that you are now paying here ...

- Today there are two standard ways to become a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok. The first is the simplest one - you open a new legal entity and commit yourself to invest at least five million rubles in your business within three years. The second way - a more complicated one - implies that a company with a history can become a resident. In this case, the company must commit to paying taxes no less than the average payments over the past two years. And if the company does not fulfill this obligation, then it pays this difference at the end of the year. The budget is protected from this point of view. However, the second way has not yet been precisely spelled out. We very much hope that the bill will be completed and another way to become a FPV resident will appear.

- Do the lawmakers hear you?

- Yes, from the very beginning the Ministry of Development of the Far East had a request for the opinion of local businesses, for correcting legislation, for developing the territory. Both our experts from Opora Rossii and I myself joined the discussion of the draft law at the earliest stages, were active participants in all discussions. Our healthy partnership makes this law viable. In my memory, this is the first law that has changed so dramatically, the first law that takes into account the opinion of all parties. I repeat once again, a lot has happened thanks to the activity of local business.

- You have become a federal company, but nevertheless, it is controlled from Vladivostok. Are you staying here?

- Yes.

- That is why you are developing your project within the Free Port?

- In general, yes. The company's headquarters remains here in Vladivostok. We employ some of the best specialists in various industries: marketing, logistics, accounting, software. These are local guys, and we all live here together. And all together we understand that no one from the center, from Moscow, can make life in the Primorsky Territory better. We can only do it ourselves.

And in order to improve the world around us, we launched the “Energy of Participation” competition platform. This is a plus for the fact that CSN created a running club "RunDNSRun" and a Center for the Development of Robotics for Children two years ago.

On the other hand, the business community is making great efforts to make the Free Port of Vladivostok work in full power and give the results that every Primorets dreams of.

- What other preferences should the authorities give to the Far East?

- At the moment, believe me, our region has been given a lot of opportunities. But all the possibilities need to be realized. For the promised benefits to be issued, jobs are created, investments become real. We need specific people who would be responsible for the execution and non-execution of decisions. I understand that there is a clear demand from the federal center for "new faces", for people who know how to work. I understand, but I prefer to move in small and high-quality steps. Now we have the opportunity and the desire to help proactive citizens to implement their social projects - we have opened the Energy of Participation grant platform. We invite everyone to get acquainted with the terms of our project. This is a good opportunity to receive a grant of up to 500 thousand rubles and, having united, do something good and kind.

— Do you think this project can become as large-scale as CSN?

- It's hard to compare them. This is a social project, not a commercial one. But when we talk about success, I would like to talk about the team. The role of the team can hardly be overestimated. When there are people united by one goal and going to the same result, they will always support each other and bring the matter to the end. And the Energy of Participation project can also become a common project for the business community, for social structures - for all forces that are interested in the development of our region. So that these forces can be realized, so that they do not leave the Primorsky Territory and continue to benefit him.

- With what mood do you meet the new year?

- To be honest, I really hope that immediately after the New Year holidays we will start implementing social projects within the framework of the Energy of Participation. I myself am a man of action, I tell everyone that they need to unite their efforts, actively get involved in work. I hope that the right important projects will come to the site. To start the New Year with something really good!

For reference

BOGDANENKO Konstantin Sergeevich:

Graduated from the Far Eastern Polytechnic Institute in 1994 with a degree in electrical engineer. He received his second higher education at the Graduate School of Business at Moscow State University. Lomonosov in 2013 - Executive MBA.

He began his career in 1994 as the manager of the popular commercial radio in Vladivostok - VBC. In 1998 he began to engage in retail sale of computer equipment (General Computers LLC, director).

From 2000 to the present, he has been working in the DNS Group of Companies, of which he is a co-owner and co-founder.

DNS Group of Companies is one of the largest retail chains in Russia, 10th in the 2014 ranking. The company owns the brands "Computer Center DNS", "DNS Smart", "Technopoint", "Frau Tekhnika", has a network of more than 1000 stores throughout Russia. The company employs over 20 thousand people. The headquarters is in Vladivostok. The company develops its own production and is the largest laptop manufacturer in Russia and Eastern Europe.

He held the positions of director for corporate sales, director for store chain development, director for business development, head of the DNS Development division (one of the projects is the construction of the production and logistics complex Yankovsky, which will be one of the first residents of the free port of Vladivostok).

He is actively involved in social activities. Since 2010 - in the Primorsky branch of the All-Russian organization of entrepreneurs "Support of Russia", since 2012 - member of the council, since 2015 - head of the branch.

He was a member of public expert councils under the governor of the Primorsky Territory on information technology, industry, economy.

Since 2013 - a member of the regional expert group of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Finalist of the Primorsky Territory Business Award "Manager of the Year".

Konstantin Bogdanenko is a motorcycle traveler, one of the organizers of the largest BMW motorcycle owners club in Russia ( Initiator of the Run DNS Run ( - a mass running club that promotes running and promotes a healthy lifestyle. He is also fond of snowboarding, snowmobile, aquabike.

Interested in the history of the development of the Russian Far East. As an entrepreneur, public figure and philanthropist, he sees his task as the complex social development of the territory, the creation of more comfortable conditions for life and personal realization of the residents of Primorye.

He brings up three children.
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