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“We have no competitors in the housing market in Primorye”

The company "East Luch" builds houses in a short time and keeps low prices for apartments

Vostochny LUCH ”is a resident of the free port of Vladivostok. A company that has managed to earn the most valuable in four years of activity in the construction market of Primorye - a good reputation. The developer’s reputational piggy bank includes several pre-commissioned houses that cost newcomers lower than market prices in the region, and residential complexes, which are still growing in different areas of Vladivostok.

“We have no competitors in the housing market in Primorye”
Photo: Courtesy of Vostochny LUCH LLC

The general director of Vostochny LUCH LLC Vladislav Daryinsky began his journey as a foreman of a construction site. Prior to founding the company, he was engaged in individual housing construction, reconstruction of a locomotive repair plant, a refrigerator car depot, kindergartens and hospitals, and built houses under the federal program “Relocation from dilapidated and emergency housing”. 

“In the east, the sun rises, and the sun's rays begin to illuminate the earth,” - this is how the name “Eastern BEAM” is explained in the manual. The company built the first three houses in the Zeleny Ugol microdistrict, known in the Far East for its car market. The place here is really picturesque: a gentle area among wooded hills, which is a rarity for the capital of Primorye. The first house of the residential complex "Green corner" on the street. Neibuta, 137, was built under the federal program "Housing for a Russian family" and commissioned in December 2017 at a price of 35 thousand rubles per one square meter. meter (as of June 2019, the weighted average offer price in the market for housing under construction in the Primorsky Territory was 69 rubles per square meter). 

This record is not the only one: exactly one year has passed from the workers going to the construction site to the first tenants in the nine-story six-entry building. The company says no one believed that they would meet such deadlines. Single-parent, large families, people with health restrictions - only 16 categories could apply for inexpensive “squares”. The apartments in this house were dismantled almost instantly. 

The builder handed over two more houses of the first stage of the Green Corner residential complex in July and September of 2018. These were new buildings for the open market: they no longer managed to get under the federal program. Today, the Green Corner residential complex is fully populated, and the entire built-in infrastructure is working. Underground parking for 107 places was opened here, between the first and second houses there was a comprehensive playground with modern cover, a territory for games, sports horizontal bars and a hockey box. The first floors were given to pharmacies, child care facilities, offices and shops. 

At its first construction sites, Vostochny LUCH made a kind of revolution: it was the first in the Primorsky Territory to equip objects with web cameras. Later, the experience of LUCH was adopted by other developers. The virtual “eye”, among other things, allows you to count work hours, exclude the penetration of strangers on objects and, as a result, save 10-15% on construction. 

“We are applying the positive experience of video surveillance installation to other construction projects - the second stage of the Green Corner residential complex and the Vostochny LUCH residential complex. Why are we doing this? For transparency - equity holders, contractors, insurance companies, in general, everyone who wants to can visit our site at any time of the day and monitor the progress of construction in real time. On the playground of the first stage of the LCD "Green Corner" a Wi-Fi point, as well as surveillance cameras are installed. Parents can look after the child playing on the court without leaving home, ”says Vladislav Daryinsky, General Director of Vostochny Luch LLC. 

After the 576 apartments were commissioned in three monolithic-frame nine-story buildings of the first stage of the Green Corner residential complex, two more construction sites were opened - the second phase of the Green Angle residential complex (near the first) and the Vostochny LUCH residential complex in the Snegovaya Pad microdistrict. 

The development of the "Green Corner" continued with three monolithic 17-storey houses on 600 apartments. Residents will receive the keys to the first house before the announced deadlines: at the end of this year, and not in the second quarter of the next. The second and third houses will be populated in 2021 year. Despite the prices in the economy segment, all apartments have loggias, metering devices for hot and cold water, electricity and heat, a screed with soundproofing on the floors, natural exhaust ventilation, double glazed windows, metal entrance doors. In the microdistrict, a school is planned for 1 000 places and two kindergartens for 250 places each. 

“The price of an apartment depends on several factors: the time of purchase and the speed of construction. The longer it is, the higher the likelihood of increased financial costs. Also, the cost depends on unforeseen circumstances, for example, an increase in the cost of technological connection. Of course, it is always more profitable to purchase at the stage of the foundation pit than at high readiness of the house. The approximate cost at the stage of readiness is from 48 thousand rubles per sq. meter, while the cost of non-residential premises is 38 thousand rubles per square meter. meter. We try to keep prices at the same level. We have no competitors in the construction market of Primorye, as few organizations operate in this segment. Our knowledge, experience, competent economic planning and the ability to take responsibility allow us to meet tight deadlines and keep the lowest prices for apartments in new buildings in Vladivostok, ”adds Vladislav Darinsky. 

The guarantee is a high authorized capital (80 million rubles) and insurance of all risks and money of interest holders. The preferences of the investor of the free port of Vladivostok also make it possible to significantly reduce construction costs. Thanks to the zero income tax and the reduced social tax rate, the resident manages to correctly plan the company’s budget, as well as to pay employees an exclusively white salary. Today, there are 89 people on the staff of LUCH, and 440 people work on contract work. The Far East Development Corporation, the regional authorities and the Vladivostok City Hall have made great efforts in recent years to ensure that building permits are issued without delay. The new law to reduce the connection time to networks also makes it possible to prematurely delight new settlers. 

In the Snegovaya Pad microdistrict, the company is building the Vostochny Luch LCD of the same name from six 19-storey monolithic houses and three panel 10-storey houses. Now three houses are being built: one panel and two monolithic-frame. The developer allocated four hectares of ten for a school on 825 revenge for two kindergartens on 315 places each. 

“In addition, we will solve the issue of parking, which Snowfall so desperately needs, and build a large number of free open parking lots. For convenience, a new road will be laid to the houses. Vostochny LUCH plans to equip a walking area for walks, a public garden, children's play areas with traditional video surveillance and Wi-Fi points. For adults, various modern sports grounds will be built here, including coolers, equipped with modern horizontal bars. Our motto is "Decent housing at affordable prices." For example, this year we carried out the action "Repair in the form of a bonus." As they say, got the keys, stop by and live. In May, we made an installment plan without down payment, then announced ten days of black Friday (discount on apartments - 8%). Vostochny LUCH is constantly exploring the possibilities of using certificates for its potential customers. This category includes orphans, young families, large families, people relocated from dilapidated and dilapidated housing, and others, ”said Vladislav Daryinsky. 

Shortage of affordable housing, mismatch in price and quality, high-interest mortgage loans, unreliable risk insurance - these, according to experts, are the current problems of the Russian housing market. In the Primorsky Krai, this “foundation” is built on its own nuances: artificially high, compared with the west of the country, prices for building materials, such as brick, cement, reinforcement and blocks, the cost of which is “wound up” and due to logistics, - say in the “East BEAM. " Another nuance is staff shortage, which, however, the company decides through the training of new specialists and the most efficient use of professionals. The developer assured that in the coming years Vladivostok will be decorated with several more modern residential neighborhoods, some of which will participate in social projects.

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