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Comfort starts with the little things

For Vladivostok International Airport, the year was marked by the transition to the international standard of the quality management system

Improving the level of service for passengers is one of the main priorities of Vladivostok International Airport, and the introduction of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard is a key direction for implementing this strategy.

Comfort starts with the little things

ISO 9001: 2015 is the latest version of an international standard, the main goal of which is to meet the needs of a customer or purchaser of goods or services. 

“The maximum satisfaction of consumers' requests, ensuring a high level of flight safety in compliance with the current legislative norms are the main goals facing the enterprise today,” says Andrey Vinichenko, General Director of Vladivostok International Airport. - In addition to expanding the route network, our team is actively working on the development of non-aviation activities, the introduction of new services and the optimization of passenger service technology. Working in accordance with the new quality management system is a strategic decision that will improve the company's performance and ensure its sustainable development. "

Vladivostok International Airport is one of the leaders among the Far Eastern airlines in terms of the number of passengers served. Its route network includes more than 45 destinations, which are operated by 20 Russian and foreign airlines. Over the past two years, the airport has shown steady growth in passenger traffic, flight frequency, and the number of new destinations. It is possible to maintain a high brand of the main air harbor of the Far East thanks to consistent work to improve service and improve the level of service quality.


Airport employees effectively use a quality monitoring system that allows not only to identify weaknesses in service, but also to prevent a decrease in the already achieved results. 

This year has become a difficult one for the entire industry - passenger traffic has decreased, but even such a seemingly negative moment at Vladivostok International Airport was able to turn in their favor. The released resources were used to train employees and debug production processes. Moreover, in addition to the implementation of large service projects, we paid special attention to solving small, but no less important tasks that allow us to optimize work at each of the sites.

In this regard, Vladivostok International Airport is actively developing the “Production System” program, better known in Russia as “Lean Manufacturing”. It is an enterprise management concept based on the Japanese philosophy of "Kaizen". Its essence is to eliminate all types of losses and to continuously improve production processes. “Lean Manufacturing” assumes that each employee seeks to improve what he does, while being maximally consumer-oriented.  

This year, Vladivostok airport held two training cycles of the Production System program, in which 61 employees from different divisions of the airline took part. They got acquainted with the basic principles and tools of lean manufacturing, studied various cases from the experience of leading companies and developed their own projects to improve the technological processes of ground handling of air passenger transportation. 

The training of the program participants took place in groups. Each team had to identify a problem at a specific site, analyze it, and find a way to improve the site's operational efficiency. For this, 13 production sites of the airline were involved.

One of the learning outcomes was the implementation of a project to reduce the time of passenger check-in. After analyzing the entire process, the team working on the project proposed to eliminate the shortcomings at certain stages, not only saving time for registration, but also improving the service. 

For example, when approaching the check-in counter, passengers see a reminder to prepare a passport in advance, as well as hear information about the operation of self-check-in counters. The refinement of the Saber reservation system has completely eliminated data processing delays. The time required to clarify additional information on a passenger has also decreased. The improvement in results was influenced by a minor change such as the installation of telephones for staff working at the counters. The complex of these measures helped to reduce the waiting time of a passenger in the queue in front of the check-in counter to 10 minutes (the previous figure was 13 minutes), and the time for one passenger to check-in - to one minute (the previous figure was 1 minute 40 seconds).

Also, the proposals of the employees of the inspection section, who passed the training program "Production system", were implemented. They proposed a way to increase the capacity of the entrance control line, speed up pre-flight security and reduce the number of passengers waiting in line. 

Airport employees were also involved in improving the efficiency of pre-flight inspection of aircraft, eliminating failures and problems in the operation of the baggage system and other production issues.

“The main idea of ​​the training is to try to change the production processes at Vladivostok airport not by attracting additional resources or buying new equipment, but by building such processes that will increase efficiency, but at the same time reduce costs,” says Irina, Head of the Production System Development Department Gryaznova. - The learning outcomes were very good. I am especially pleased that all employees involved in the work show initiative and understand the need for continuous improvement. "

In 2020, employees of the airline submitted 233 kaizen proposals, which helped to save 650 thousand rubles. At the same time, the costs of implementing such solutions turned out to be minimal.

“No matter how difficult this year was, its results indicate that we are moving in the right direction,” emphasizes Andriy Vinichenko. “Of course, there is still something to strive for, but it is all the more interesting to continue to work on improving the service for our passengers, which will ultimately allow Vladivostok International Airport to gain a foothold in the undisputed leaders in the region.” 

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