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Collective fee

Why suddenly monetize the meeting of the board Rosrybolovstva, perplexed Alexander Saveliev

Collective fee

Alexander Saveliev

Head of the Fisheries Information Agency
This is not the first proposal from the company "EUG EXPO". However, what I was offered on the eve of the extended meeting of the board of Rosrybolovstvo, which, by the way, will take place today in Moscow, I was simply stunned.

I quote the contract sent: "Limited Liability Company" EUG EXPO ", hereinafter referred to as" the Contractor ", represented by General Director Fetisov Ivan Andreevich ... undertakes to provide services for organizing participation ... in the meeting of the Board of the Federal Fishery Agency" Results of the activities of the Federal Agency for Fisheries in 2017 year and tasks for 2018 year "from 28 on 29 March 2018, and the Customer undertakes to accept and pay for the services rendered in accordance with the procedure and on the terms provided by this Agreement ... Place - Moscow region, Khimki city, Novogorsk micro district, Ivanovskaya street, 2 property, PLANERNOE hotel. 

And further: "The price of this contract is 42 000 (forty-two thousand) rubles. 00 cop., VAT is not levied (based on the application of a simplified taxation system). "

I read it several times, not believing my eyes. And then he called the "UGSS EXPO" and asked:

"Is it only such an honor to me?"

A charming female voice said:

- No. Everyone.

- And even civil servants? There will also come, for example, heads of territorial offices from all countries ...

- Yes. But they are cheaper - 27-32 thousand rubles.

- And also without VAT? - I asked in confusion and hurried to say goodbye.

A standard room in the Planernoye Wellness Complex costs 5000 rubles. This is, apparently, for those who came to the collegium the day before, on Wednesday. But even with dinner, breakfast, coffee break and a gala buffet - 42 thousand rubles, it seems, is too much. A similar night in the golden heart of Paris at the impeccably luxurious George V hotel and a meal in the Versailles interiors of the Le Cinq restaurant with three Michelin stars cost me half the price.

Until yesterday, I naively believed that the board is such a part of the executive body that considers issues of practical leadership, projects, discusses plans for the most important activities in the department and everything else that it finds a vivid expression of the principle of combining collegiality in discussing state issues with sole responsibility in implementation of decisions taken. Offers from the "UGG EXPO" and most importantly - its value broke this stereotype.

I do not think that there will be another department in the Government of Russia that successfully combines state service with delicious cocktail parties and country ceremonies on the eve of the weekend.

By the way, about the ceremonies. In terms of activities, there are two. The ceremony of presenting a government award to the workers of the fishery complex and awarding departmental awards, which will be held respectively by the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev. The next ceremony is the delivery of departmental awards to fisheries workers and the passing banner for the best territorial management of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, - will be performed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture - the head of the Federal Fishery Agency Ilya Shestakov. Naturally, for the sake of such a spectacle and forty thousand is not a pity. All the rest is available for free: materials of the collegium 2018 year

On the other hand, this is not the first proposal from the company headed by Ivan Fetisov. A couple of years ago I even wrote a text about this under the title "Moscow Virtuosos". Then it was about participation in the Russian Fish conference at the WorldFood Moscow exhibition at the Expocentre for 5500 rubles (also, by the way, without VAT). For this money, Ilya Shestakov's performance, a coffee break and materials after the event were offered. I confess that I was unable to suppress greed in myself. I compared that offer with the cost of a concert at the Moscow Philharmonic Society of the world-renowned Moscow Virtuosi under the direction of Vladimir Spivakov together with Denis Matsuev twice cheaper - and refused.

Now I understand that I have lost.

However, he also refused the current proposal.
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