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Chinese market reformatted Russian amber business

Chinese market reformatted Russian amber business

Dmitry Kormilitsin

General Director of the Agency of Public Relations "Kitaya.Ru"

Dmitry Kormilitsin, General Director of the Public Relations Agency:

- A couple of weeks ago I had to walk along the Old Arbat with several partners from China. In Moscow, they were the first time, and when they visited one of the souvenir shops, they took for granted what the staff said in Chinese. Everything is normal, in the order of things. Well, in fact, the fact that you can pay in yuan - is also great. At the very least, the small business perceived and applied the thesis about the need to switch to direct settlements with the yuan-ruble (Moscow small business, not Beijing itself). Because it is understood, necessary and even necessary. After all, life dictates the rules, not the government.

But back to the walk. Our comrades paid for the Russian, our native amber with Chinese currency. Of course, they overpaid, but it still turned out cheaper than in stores somewhere in the departure area of ​​Sheremetyevo (the price tags are also, by the way, in Chinese) and even more so in their native Celestial Empire. The nature of total amber fashion in China is a topic for another discussion. It is clear that it is probably transitory, it is clear that it is to a large extent as hermetic as jade (“capitalization” of which has become a talk of the town in recent years). Not the point. The bottom line is that the unexpectedly formed market in China completely reformatted the entire Russian amber business circuitry. And booty streamlined suddenly, and implementation. And the crime seems to be cleaned up, and auctions are held in a civilized manner. State one profit. Thanks to our brother.

"China's factor" was Determining. Sales of all that can be sold - from oil, gas, coal, grain to machinery (still) and technology. Support (albeit silent) modus operandi in the international arena. Development of regions (even if already "speaking in Chinese and Korean" of the Far East). Etc. etc. Who if not he?

All you need is a sailor, one Chinese sage said one day. At some - no, not luck, and ability to work (sitting on the shore after all, too, work). The illusion of passivity or just another format of organization of space and time. About our activity, which can and must coexist consistently without any problems and disputes (God forbid territorial!) With Chinese "passivity" - in the following materials.

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