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China is authorized to declare

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to the Russian Federation Mr. Li Hui held a press conference in Moscow. Editorial EastRussia recalls her most interesting moments

China is authorized to declare

The main topic of the event was the visit of the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping to Russia and his participation in the celebrations dedicated to the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. According to the ambassador, this visit will strengthen the role of the Russian-Chinese partnership in the international arena.

Blood-bound friendship

At a press conference held in Moscow on the eve of the May holidays, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Mr. Li Hui said that President Xi Jinping will attend the events dedicated to the 70-year anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. He will come to Russia at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Li Hui noted that this year Russia and China are holding a series of events to "jointly protect the results of Victory": if Victory Day is celebrated in Russia on May 9, then in Beijing the celebrations will be held on September 3. The purpose of the events is aimed at "preserving the memory of the historical past, paying tribute to the fallen, cherishing the world and looking to the future."

Li Hui called the Victory in the Great Patriotic War "an important event in the development of Chinese-Russian relations this year", which attracts the attention of the international community.

"This visit is the first meeting of the heads of state of the PRC and the Russian Federation this year, during which the parties will summarize the results achieved by China and Russia on strategic interaction and practical cooperation in various fields last year, and determine the directions for further development of cooperation," the ambassador said. According to him, the participation of President Xi Jinping in the celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the Victory will confirm the high level and special character of Sino-Russian relations in the international arena.

“It will once again demonstrate the firm determination and complete confidence of China and Russia, as permanent members of the UN Security Council and the victorious countries in World War II, in matters of protecting world peace, stability and development, and will also show again that the peoples of China and Russia They treasure their blood-bound friendship infinitely, will confirm their mutual desire to create a wonderful future, ”said Li Hui.

At a press conference, Li Hui touched on the role of China and Russia in the Great Patriotic War. If the Soviet Union played a decisive role in World War II, then resistance in China to the Japanese invaders became the main front in the East.

“The Chinese front, which for a long time opposed and fettered the main forces of militarist Japan, became a strategic factor in supporting the actions of the allied countries on the European and Pacific fronts, restraining the strategic interaction of Japanese fascists with German and Italian ones. The resistance of the Chinese people gave determination to the allied countries in the fight against the fascists, ”he said.

In addition, Li Hui firmly stated that China opposes any attempts to falsify the history of World War II, the purpose of which is to challenge the post-war world order.

“It is upsetting that individual countries are unable to correctly assess and revise the history of external aggression and colonial rule. They try to blur the line between truth and lies, and turn war criminals into heroes. In recent years, this situation has been aggravated, ”the ambassador stated.

Trading on 100 billion

The second part of the press conference was devoted to economic issues. Thus, Li Hui said that Russian-Chinese relations today "are going through the best period in the history of their development." Their feature is the absence of confrontation, non-orientation against third countries, mutual respect and support, joint development. In addition, as Li Hui stressed, China and Russia "are implementing successful practical activities to form international relations of a new type, which are based on cooperation and mutual benefit." This applies to many areas - for example, trade and economy are developing very dynamically. Last year, according to the ambassador, trade between Russia and China reached $ 95 billion, which is a very high level. However, the potential of relations between the two countries can be revealed even more. “This year, our task is to bring bilateral trade to $ 100 billion,” Li Hui said.

Also in the immediate plans of cooperation between Russia and China - the conclusion of an agreement on cooperation on the economic belt of the Silk Road, the beginning of the construction of a gas pipeline to China along the eastern route, the signing of an agreement on the western route of the gas pipeline and further strategic cooperation in the development of the Far East, including in the field of high-speed railway transport, intensification of border cooperation.

Asked by an EastRussia correspondent about how much China needs Russian gas (Some experts say that the Middle Kingdom does not need Russian gas, since the country will actively develop its own shale gas production, increase its imports, including from Central Asian countries; Others that the volume of Russian gas supplies to China will be comparable to supplies to Europe through 10-12), Li Hui responded that "gas cooperation is an important part of energy cooperation in general between China and Russia."

“As you know, China is a big consumer of oil and gas from Russia. Gas is currently not used in all parts of China. But it is difficult to say exactly how much gas, how many cubic meters we need. But I can say that China is a large and promising market, ”he stressed.

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