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Is there enough of Primorye for everyone?

The region will become the leader on applications for Far Eastern hectares - experts are waiting

Is there enough of Primorye for everyone?
Today, many want to get their own “Far Eastern hectare” in Primorsky Krai - the region is already in second place among the subjects of the Far East in terms of the number of applications submitted. Moreover, among those who wish, not only the residents of Primorye themselves - it is already known that many Far Easterners have "laid eyes" on the land in the south of the Far East. Among them are many residents of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). It seems that the northerners want to have their "place in the sun", and even by the sea. Since February 1, they, like all Russians, have the opportunity.

Vladimir Miklushevsky, the governor of Primorsky Krai, is confident that “Primorye will be very popular when, from 1 February 2017, residents of the whole country will be able to get land. This will allow us to increase the population of the region. ”

They are preparing for the influx of those who wish to Primorye. First of all, locally: in district administrations - authorized bodies (who, in fact, issues these lands and will issue them). We conducted training for municipal employees, analyzed difficult situations and ... warned about personal responsibility for the implementation of the law. The prosecutor’s office is monitoring the implementation of the law, and there has already been one “illustrative” incident - the head of the Zarubinsky urban settlement (Khasansky district) Mikhail Tagunov resigned, and it was precisely the disruption of work on the “Far Eastern hectare” that was discussed as a motive: 300 applications for the allocation of land.

Experts expect that the greatest demand for “Far Eastern hectares” will be in the Khasan, Nadezhda and Shkotovsky districts of the Primorsky Territory. The reason is location: these are areas facing the sea, and at the same time located in close proximity to the Vladivostok agglomeration. This trend is confirmed now, at the second stage of the implementation of the federal law - people go, ask, actively take the plots.

As noted by the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka, the main idea of ​​the project is to give freedom to people, to give them the opportunity for self-realization. And freedom concerns both the choice of the site location and the type of its use.

“There is no need to go to offices, a citizen chooses his own site and can carry out any activity permitted by Russian law. Any initiative of citizens in the use of land should be encouraged, ”said Alexander Galushka.

True, according to experts interviewed by EastRussia, just complete freedom to some extent is a limiting factor for citizens. "Remember the children's problem about the brother and sister who decided to put a tick in each box on a square meter of paper millimeter. So with the search for "the very same" hectare - to view the entire territory of the Far East on a scale that allows you to consider potential areas - the task is impossible, "says one of the experts. "At the same time, it is obvious that people who do not know the territory thoroughly will seek the land, focusing on certain geographical" beacons "- naturally, such cities as large cities, coastline, rivers, islands, lakes, hills."

The principle of "lighthouses" is even more defining than the principle of choice for the subjects of the federation. On the map placed in the service, the administrative boundaries of the regions are not so marked as to influence the choice of sites. At the same time, it is obvious that massively people will look at those places that, first, have a more comfortable climate, secondly, transport is accessible, and thirdly, by hearing. "In all three positions, the leader in the Far East is one - Primorsky Krai", - the interlocutor notes.

Primorye agrees with such forecasts. “We expect a surge of special activity from February 1, when this law will work for all Russians. The interest in the region is great - we have the best climatic conditions (sea, taiga), and people tend to come here. It makes me happy, because the more people live here, the better the economy will develop, ”said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

So that there are no doubts (to take or not to take?) And questions (how to arrange it correctly?), The Department of Land and Property Relations of the Primorsky Territory Administration regularly organizes "Doors Open Days". It is noteworthy that not only ordinary specialists, but also the director of the department, answer the questions of residents.

“For the convenience of the residents of the region, we have identified specialists who advise exclusively on the issues of the“ Far Eastern hectare. ” Most often, they turn to us for the preparation of applications, the work of the information system, the choice of land within the Vladivostok agglomeration, ”the department said.

About 200 people come to the department every week. For those who cannot come to the reception, consultations are held at the Multifunctional Centers - them in the 37 region, and also 75 territorial divisions. Here you can not only get advice, but also draw up your "Far Eastern hectare." This, it should be noted very convenient service, benefited more than a thousand people. And this number is growing.

At the same time, when implementing the law on the "Far Eastern hectare" in Primorye (as well as in other regions of the Far East), they faced a problem that is typical for all Russian regions. The fact is that not all land plots that have been assigned a state cadastral number (that is, have the status of previously recorded ones) have boundaries established in accordance with current legislation. It is precisely because of this that now there is a large number of refusals to citizens in providing a "Far Eastern hectare" - up to 30%. In practice, it looks like this: a citizen, through the Federal Information System (FIS), selects a land plot for himself from among the free and submits an application. But when checked by the authorized body, it turns out that the rights of third parties have already been registered for this land plot. It's just that the corresponding paper (title documents) is either stored in the archive, or in the administration of the municipality, or in the hands of a citizen. Accordingly, the boundaries of such land plots are not included in the state real estate cadastre and are not displayed on the public cadastral map.

"Now our task together with Rosreestr is to make an inventory of previously registered land plots and prepare information on the boundaries of such land plots for inclusion in the FIS, in order to exclude the imposition of borders on land plots with respect to which there are previously issued rights," Relations Administration Primorsky Krai.

Why take hectares? Of course, there are more unusual ideas at the hearing: cultivation of mariculture, for example. Or holding rock festivals - it is with such thoughts that the leader of the seaside group "Mumiy Troll" Ilya Lagutenko wants to take a plot of land. But nevertheless, land plots are most often taken to build housing, to hunt and fish, to bee-keep, to open recreation centers, to engage in business, or to conduct personal subsidiary farming.
As for example, Konstantin Shcherbak with his family - took a hectare in the village of Timofeevka and is already making plans: where will the house be set, where is the barn for cattle. Most surprising, it is recognized that the entire design took 25 days. He says he didn’t even have time to plan anything, as he already became the owner of the “Far Eastern hectare”.

The practice is generally in line with the forecasts of experts. "The appearance of private farms on" hectares "will not fundamentally change the situation in the agriculture of the Far East, but it will still help to solve local issues of providing the population with local products," says Rostislav Turovsky, Doctor of Political Science, Professor at the Higher School of Economics.

It is necessary to plan. And to take hectares too, officials convince. In the region, even launched the appropriate slogan: "Take time to take your hectare in the Primorsky Territory!". However, judging by the figures - all will be in time: in Primorye, about 2,8 million hectares, which can participate in the implementation of the federal law. So far, the "competition" is minimal - applications from Primorye residents registered 6575 (as of December 5), 226 contracts for the use of land have already been concluded.

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According to the information system НаДальнийВосток.рф, As of 14 December, 11851 applied for allocation of land plots; Of which 7775 applications are under consideration by the authorized body, 2362 application at the stage of contract conclusion, 1714 plots are given for use. The total area of ​​plots allocated for use is 1712,48 hectare
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