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"Hold" would give the gas

Does the development of the ski resort under Komsomolsk-on-Amur slow down the infrastructure?

On one of the largest in the Far East ski resorts "Kholdomi" (near the village of Solnechny Khabarovsk Krai) enter the final stage of the reconstruction work: the investor in the project assures that by the beginning of the winter season will supply new gondola lifts and an artificial snow making system. For the budget account in GLK must bring gas and electricity, which will be required for the operation of new equipment - it is logical that the infrastructure should be ready also for the beginning of the winter season. EastRussia was trying to figure out if the gas pipeline would be able to bring the gas pipeline to the ski base before the first snow, if it had not yet been completed, and how the management company of TOP has already bought a gas boiler plant that does not yet exist in nature.

Photo: Dmitry Shcherbakov

The ski complex (GLK) "Kholdomi" became one of the sites of the territory of the outstripping development of "Komsomolsk" in May 2017. how already reported EastRussia, three legal entities from the group "Flagship" of local entrepreneur Vitaliy Burlakov were registered as residents of the TOP last summer. "Flagman" LLC modernizes the complex itself - it will increase the tracks, put a new gondola lift and artificial snow making system. Ltd. "Extreme Service" is building a water-recreation complex, a cafe and a wedding town. LLC "GLK Holdomi" will build a five-star hotel on 20 numbers on the top of the mountain.

From the state, investor companies needed assistance in transferring the land needed to modernize the complex, from the forest fund category to recreation, so that they could be built, and help in building the infrastructure. Total costs of "Flagman" for the expansion of "Hold" are estimated at 842 million rubles.

According to the schedule for the construction of networks in the Komsomolsk TOR, signed by Khabarovsk governor Vyacheslav Shport and the director general of the Far East Development Corporation (DDC) Denis Tikhonov last year (a copy of EastRussia), the federal budget finances the construction of four GLK infrastructure facilities. This connection to the lower and upper zone electricity grids by Kholdom (no more than 17,9 million rubles and 24,6 million rubles, respectively), connection to the gas pipeline with the load up to 700 cubic meters per hour (no more than 25,11 million rubles) and construction of a gas boiler house (not more than 42,5 million rubles). According to the first object, the commissioning date is set for 15 July, the second - for 31 August, for gas supply facilities - for 20 October this year. 

At the expense of budgetary funds, a road with a new parking lot should be built to Kholdom - financing for this facility in the amount of 111 million rubles. goes not through the KRIA, but through the participation of GLK in the program of Rosturizm. The investor also finances construction of a water pipeline with two pumping stations from the well in the lower zone "Kholdomi" to the objects in the lower, middle and upper zones with an estimated cost of 112 million rubles. These costs should then reimburse the regional budget.  

The ultimate goal of the modernization of "Kholdomi" is to increase the flow of tourists from the current 60 thousand people per year to 240 thousand. Now on the "Hold" 7 tracks total length of 10 km, the maximum length of descent is 2,4 km, the maximum elevation is 410 m. lead two lifts: chair at 700 person per hour and towing for another 1000 person per hour. After modernization GLK will be able to receive visitors on 22 new routes with the length of 41 km, the maximum elevation difference will increase to 520 m, the length of descent will be up to 3,5 km, the capacity of lifts will be up to 3,7 thousand people per hour. 

Vitaly Burlakov told EastRussia that by this time "more than half of the foundation work has been done as part of the construction of a new gondola lift, and it is planned to complete the construction of the foundations by the end of July." "Accordingly, from August 10, it is planned to install the supports, the upper and lower stations. Commissioning is scheduled for October 20 - November 1 of this year, that is, this winter season, the lift should already work. All equipment has arrived, and we have already agreed with our partners - the Austrians from the Doppelmayr company are the chief installation plan. On the same date, it is planned to commission the artificial snowmaking system, a third of the volume of this type of work has already been completed. So far we are working as planned, "says the entrepreneur. The new wedding complex will host the first wedding on September 1, Vitaly Burlakov promises, and with the objects of the complex itself, in his words, "while everything is going according to plan." 


In assessing the pace of network construction, Vitaly Burlakov is more cautious: "As far as I understand, Gazprom plans to build a gas pipeline this year." According to the information I have, commissioning is planned for the fourth quarter of 2018. a gas boiler room should be put into operation, "he said. Contractors for the construction of another network facility, power lines to the ski complex, according to the entrepreneur, "are moving quite actively": "They have a plan for completing the construction of the line - 15 July. 

According to the state procurement portal, a transmission line at 6 kV with an extension of 9,7 km to Kholdom, which is the first stage of power supply, is being built by Far Eastern Electrotechnical Company of Khabarovsk, one of the permanent contractors at the facilities of Far Eastern power engineers. The contractor won the tender for 16,7 million rubles. and under the terms of the contract must complete all work not later than 31 December 2018 year. 

Meanwhile, in April 2018 Vyacheslav Shport, having visited "Haldomi", said that it is necessary to speed up the design and construction of the gas pipeline to GLK. In April of this year, the KRFV, as the managing company of the TOR, entered into a contract for the purchase of a gas boiler house in Glock Holdemi with the Moscow construction LLC Security Technologies for a little more than 40,7 million rubles, but the boiler house as such does not yet exist. The seller under the contract undertakes to obtain a building permit for the boiler house, construct the facility, put it into operation and transfer it to the buyer at 20 later on 2018 October. 

For the period stipulated in the contract, it is necessary to carry out surveys, prepare project documentation and obtain a positive opinion on it, carry out construction, installation and registration procedures. The capacity of the boiler house, according to the terms of reference, will be at least 6,3 MW, at least four boilers must provide hot water supply, heating and ventilation "Holdomi" in winter and hot water supply in summer. According to the terms of the transaction, the buyer pays an advance payment of 30% of the contract value. "Security Technologies", according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, belongs to Svetlana Savikina, the authorized capital of the company is 10 thousand rubles.

With gas networks, the clarity is even less. The gas pipeline to Kholdomi, about 5 km long, is to pass from the tie-in to the existing gas pipeline in the Solnechny settlement, through unbounded lands and forest lands, including along a 100-meter overpass over the Levaya Silinka River. So far, JSC Gazprom Gazoraspredelenie Dalniy Vostok, acting as the customer for the design, has not even been able to complete the design work. On May 16, the company placed a tender for the development of design documentation for a forest area at the Distribution Gas Pipeline to the Kholdomi Ski Complex with an initial cost of 495,6 thousand rubles. Design, according to the tender documentation, was to take from 60 to 90 At the same time, as follows from the protocol of opening the envelopes of June 6 this year, not a single design organization entered the competition, and it was declared invalid.

The first deputy prime minister of the Khabarovsk Territory, Yuri Chaika, however, told EastRussia that representatives of Gazprom structures assure the regional authorities that they will manage to build the gas pipeline on time by the end of the year. "The most difficult issue for them is to determine how the gas pipeline will pass through the left Silinku, but this week they will have to approve the technical decision in the state expertise." It is important for Gazprom that the gas-receiving equipment is present by the time the pipeline is completed. the company that should build a gas boiler house, already met with gas workers, the interaction is established, "- said the official.  
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