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Chemistry of business

The production of unique household chemical products was opened in the Free Port

The company "Vostok-Polikor" in February this year opened in Artem production of environmentally friendly household chemicals using Korean components and technologies. Korean cosmetics and household chemicals are a recognized product of the highest quality all over the world.

Chemistry of business
Photo: provided by JSC "KRDV"
The source of capital investments was the Korean partners. A resident company of the Free Port invested 17 million rubles. to the workshop of semi-automatic and automatic modules, where products are bottled in soft packaging (doy-pack) and in PET containers. Capacity - about 40 tons of products per month. At the moment, there are about 12 items in the line of constantly produced ones, but since the company is constantly looking for consumers, about 10-12 items can be attributed to the "floating" category: they appear and are replaced by new ones, explains the executive director of the company Pavel Serov.

Consumption of household chemicals in Russia, continues the representative of the "East-Polikor", has its own specifics. For example, liquid funds are not buying as readily as powders. But the resident is ready to respond to all market needs. "We do not refuse the release of liquid detergents, but we have already found a good factory and signed a contract with him for the supply of powders. While we import as a finished product. However, as soon as we find markets, we will transport the technology here, and on the basis of our production we will produce powders using Korean technology. Korean powders have a good feature: they are well washed both in hot and cold water. This is an advantage to be used, "he said.

The company now produces laundry detergents, conditioners, dishwashing detergents, baby care products, shampoos and shower foams. All presentations emphasize that the products were manufactured in the Free Port of Vladivostok. It already has its own brand, under which it sells five types of products: three types of detergent and two conditioners. In the near future, the production of branded shampoos and hair conditioners will be launched - samples have already arrived in Russia. “Of the new types that are just about to be introduced, for example, face masks for men and women - they are very popular now. We want to produce them here. We will import the equipment, the packaging itself and the fabric will be from South Korea, we will import liquid, but some of it will be produced in Primorye, for example, using trepang extract. These products can be sold under our brand, ”explains Pavel Serov.

"Generally, the population of the Far East is relatively small, and the consumer market for household chemicals is saturated. Of course, our products are represented in almost all large local networks, and where not represented - this is only a matter of time. But in any case, our goal is the west of Russia, the capital cities. We are negotiating with the largest networks. There is no final solution, but we hope that we will be represented in federal networks, sooner or later. As soon as this happens, the production volumes will multiply. Reserves for capacity for this we have. The raw materials provide for the conclusion of bilateral contracts: with the procuring network - and immediately with the supplier of raw materials. Now, at the expense of the "low" market, we actually even restrain ourselves a little, "says the representative of the company.

The general director of Vostok-Polikor, Khi Yong Yanakawa, explains that thanks to tax preferences, the economic performance indicators of the project have significantly improved: on average, they increased by 32%, and the investor was able to redistribute funds and reinvest them into production development. The status of the resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok significantly helps the new producer to promote products to new markets, including asking for support from state authorities, continues Pavel Serov. "For small businesses, there is a problem of access to federal networks and the all-Russian market," he said. The company was also able to recover VAT faster. But the investor has not yet felt much benefit from reducing contributions to social funds: an automated line is serviced by a small number of personnel.

According to the forecasts of the top management of Vostok-Polikor, the plant will continue to work within the Free Vladivostok regime for the next year or two, but then, as the project develops, it will become tight in the operating workshops. Therefore, in the medium-term plans of the manufacturer - the creation of a new full-cycle production in the TOP "Nadezhdinskaya". The advantages of the site in the TOP are the provision of land and infrastructure. However, a factory of this level should serve at least the market of Russia and the CIS.

"The company plans to launch a full cycle of production with the purchase of raw materials and the creation of its own components and finished products. Now the products produced at our plant are sold on the territory of the Far East. In the near future the company plans to enter the market of the western part of Russia and the markets of the countries of the Customs Union. In the future, it is planned to direct 50% of the volume of output for export to China and South Korea, "says the general director of the enterprise, Khi Yong Yanakawa. Pavel Serov clarifies that the company could come to the Korean market with some unique product that can be produced only in the Far East, with the Chinese market more difficult - for access to it, special research and specialists are needed. However, the export prospects of production are constantly being studied, he assures.

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