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Khekhtsir discord

Whether to be a ski resort near Khabarovsk after the authorities conflict

Khabarovsk Territory again feverishly on investment topics. This week, Governor Sergei Furgal lashed out at his subordinates who allegedly canceled his ruling and intended to transfer state property to merchants. The situation caused a large-scale resonance: according to those involved in the implementation of this project, all actions are fully within the logic that was previously claimed by the regional authorities. However, in fact, a “reverse” command was given, part of the decisions were canceled, and two high-ranking government officials - Minister of Investment Development Yury Chaika and First Deputy Chairman Igor Averin, who did not agree with the position of the head of the region, left. What was the cause of the conflict and whether the ski complex was to be - EastRussia understood.

Khekhtsir discord

Hit the skis

The story began several years ago - the president of the regional federation of alpine skiing and snowboarding, Alexander Danielov, suggested bringing the complex of the regional sports and recreation club of the trade unions “Spartak” into order and modernizing it. He beat the thresholds of various instances for a long time, and eventually received support from both the city and the region. In 2016, the Moscow company Rosinzhiniring, engaged in similar objects, developed the concept of the future sports cluster.

The project at Rosinzhiniring turned out to be large-scale. Relying on 20 hectares of land assigned to Spartak, the designers proposed to use more 360 hectares around. This would significantly increase the length of the slopes, diversify the types of descents, provide opportunities for the placement of different infrastructure.

For the ambitious project, an operator was chosen - in 2018, in agreement with the regional authorities, it became JSC Khabarovsk Innovation Technology Center (CIT) - a company, 100% of which shares are owned by the Khabarovsk municipality. CIT purchased property from the regional “Spartak” and received a ten-year lease of a plot in 20 hectare, which belongs to the Khabarovsk region.

“The development of skiing, snowboarding, biathlon in this area is a great idea, because everything in one place is convenient. The complex would give a powerful impetus to the development of these sports. It would be able to combine sports schools, tourist facilities, regular rentals for residents on its base - ideal for Khabarovsk and the region, ”said Alexander Leonov, head of the department for physical culture and sports of the Khabarovsk administration.

Disputed land

To confirm the concept and start implementing the project, it was necessary to carry out design and survey work on the declared 360 hectares. There was no money at the edge for this, therefore CIT was asked to finance the work. We secured these works for the joint-stock company in the approved roadmap for the implementation of the project for the construction of a ski resort.

In order to conduct research, the land located in the forest fund, the regional ministry of natural resources had to transfer to CIT for a short-term lease. After the completion of the work, CIT would be ready for a comprehensive project that could be brought into the advanced development territory for state support in creating the infrastructure, as well as determining the financial model of the resort and starting an active search for private investors for implementation.

Earlier this year, Sergei Furgal instructed CIT to apply for those same 360 hectares for research, and also asked Dmitry Svishchev, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture and Sports, to help attract investors for the project, which was ready to invest money into CIT. In April, the whole name for the complex was chosen a new name - “Khekhtsir”, and in June, the mayor of the city, Sergey Kravchuk, together with Deputy Chairman Alexander Fedosov, solemnly laid the foundation stone for the foundation of the new resort.

“The roadmap was agreed with the relevant ministries. Before 2 in July, we thought that we were going to TASED together, to a large-scale project, a public-private partnership, but some kind of misunderstanding had occurred, ”said Istvan Brysin, head of the Khabarovsk administration development investment department, to EastRussia.

An application to the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Khabarovsk Territory for carrying out design and exploration work on the CIT site was submitted in April, and the applicant was refused on 1 in July. The next day, the scandal broke out with the participation of the governor.


“Until recently, the regional authorities supported the project, a roadmap was approved, which was agreed upon by the ministries of sports, property and investment development. There are protocols where CIT is asked to help, give him a green light to work. As a result, the work began, and there it is, ”notes Alexander Leonov.

“Such” is the wrathful rebuff of the governor Sergey Furgal to the officials who allegedly organized an attempt to transfer the regional property into private hands behind his back.

“October 4 2018 of the year I signed a decree on the transfer of land in the Khekhtsira region, on the basis of Spartak, for carrying out design and exploration work for the creation of a year-round international regional complex in various sports in the Khabarovsk Territory. But someone decided that it was possible to cancel the decision of the governor and transfer this land to the joint-stock company CIT. This, of course, will not. The complex will be built, and citizens of Khabarovsk and the Khabarovsk Territory will rest on it, tourists will ride, competitions of different levels will be held, ”said Sergey Furgal.

The regional authorities are now trying to distance themselves from joint development plans with the city and say that they were actually going to make their “amusement park”.

“There are two sites, ideally, they need to be one large complex for the regional institution, which would open offices for cross-country skiing, biathlon, sports tourism, orienteering, Olympic disciplines - snowboarding and freestyle, which need to be developed. It must be a regional institution, so that sports schools operate at its base, ”said the Deputy Minister of Sport of the Khabarovsk Territory, Dmitry Chikunov.

In this case, the roadmap marked the preservation of the work of sports schools. CIT did not plan to refuse this. They wanted to create 16 types of different tracks with different heights and levels of difficulty for skiers, snowboarders, ski cross. A snow park for amateurs, a ski kindergarten, snow tubing, a skating rink and a ski-biathlon complex were also located there.

Moment missed

Even after several days there was no answer to the seemingly crucial question - what exactly led the governor into a fury? Buying 20 hectares under "Spartak" or an application for renting 360 hectares for design and survey work? Or that the governor suddenly saw the risks that a joint stock company, fully controlled by the city, could be used for some gray schemes?

In general, the situation is such that even if the region, the city and CIT are soon coming to a consensus, it will be impossible to carry out the planned surveys - the time is lost, they need to be held in April or September, when there is no foliage and thick grass. As a result, it was planned that by 2021 the project would go into the TOP, and then with support in the Ministry of Eastern Development - into the state program. It was planned to build a road to the base with federal money, to develop the infrastructure.

“Nevertheless, we do not give up, we hope that everything will be resolved. Now JSC “CIT” with the attracted funds will restore the lifts at the base site in 20 hectares, buy a snowcat and on its territory will make the first step to create a ski resort, ”assured Alexander Leonov.

Now the investor is preparing the base for the new season, it will not change fundamentally, however, the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable rest will appear: the system of artificial snowmaking will work, for which a special pond is now being cleared of silt; the tracks will become safer, they will eliminate erosive areas, make a leveling out. The investor will also restore the cableways, build a rental point and a food point.

“A survey of the mechanisms and aggregates of the two cableways was conducted. We are waiting for expert opinions on their condition, maintainability and the possibility of further exploitation. We are trying to open the updated database in December. For artificial snowing we will buy a snowcat, at least four guns. We also plan to purchase 50 skis with mounts, boots, sticks, helmets, at least 20 snowboards and shoes for them, tubing, ”said Dmitry Savostyanov, head of the development and implementation of the CIT project.

The main instigators of the project, the regional federation of alpine skiing and snowboarding, were not happy with the development of this story, but the head of the federation is responsible diplomatically about the state of affairs and prospects for the history. “While the situation is not clear, we can only watch it. The outcome does not depend on us, nor on Minsport, but on the competent authorities that will conduct the audit. We will only be happy if such an object appears in our region so that sport and tourism in the region develops, ”said Alexander Danielov.

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