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Denominations 200 and 2000 rubles in the Far East: rejected by ATMs, but stick to the hands of speculators

Photo: Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti

"I change 200 rubles to 300, options are possible" - this is not a joke with stand-up, but a real ad text from the Internet flea market. The central bank announced the launch of new banknotes worth 200 and 2000 rubles 12 October, and almost immediately new bills "surfaced" on sites with ads. The first new money was seen by residents of Moscow, the Crimea and the Primorsky Territory. In the Far East, two thousand and two hundred already in the course of Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk, while in the rank of curiosities.

Photo Shoot: Roman Shevchuk, screenshots of ad sites. 

For blue banknotes with the image of the bridge on the island of Russian and the cosmodrome, the Eastern network changers set the price, on average, 1.5 times the nominal. On a popular site we found offers from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Blagoveshchensk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and, unexpectedly, the central strip. "A friend in the bank works, sent from Moscow" - explains the seller of money. Demand is, on the Internet users are regularly fed rumors about the limited circulation and the shortfall in the receipt of new banknotes in free circulation. .jpg

"We do not monitor the purchase of new banknotes and speculators, but we see that they are there, and we warn citizens: do not spend more on these denominations." These are not commemorative and not memorable banknotes, they will soon be many.As long as the Central Bank issues 200 and 2000 - ruble notes to credit organizations that use this money in their settlements with the population and their counterparts, so gradually new banknotes get into retail, "- told East Russia in the press service of the Far Eastern State Administration of the Central Bank of Russia.

The circulation of the first parties in the Central Bank is not disclosed, but they promise that by the New Year bills will go to all Russian regions. In the meantime, the green and blue are true, almost in a souvenir status. Submitted officially, they are de facto insolvent. 200 and 2000 rubles do not accept ATMs and terminals of credit organizations, they are also wary of retailing.   

Oh, new ones! We do not take such wrappers, - the seller in a supermarket of Khabarovsk waves a hand. - And how do we check that it's not a fake? - the seller points to the banknote detector.

To authenticate, you need to reconfigure the machines, and this is done only manually.  
"Setting up ATMs for accepting this money is still going on." Regarding the stores, these banknotes are legal tender, so if you do not take such a bill, then this is a violation. "The adjustment of the equipment will continue in December, so that next year all terminals, ATMs and cash equipment could fully accept, issue and verify these banknotes " - explained in the Far East State Institution of the Central Bank of Russia.


New banknotes are accepted without any problems in the offices of credit organizations - without exception. The tellers received detailed instructions, including how to recognize a fake. As for ATMs, reconfiguring them is not a matter of 5 minutes. Reprogramming is done manually, but the main difficulty is that cassettes of up to 80% of ATMs are physically designed for bills of four denominations. The terminal can be configured to accept two hundred and two thousandths only at the expense of banknotes of some other denomination. And 6-bill ATMs are significantly more expensive than the usual ones. IN multicurrency ATMs, credit organizations can donate the most unpopular notes in dollars and euros in favor of new Russian banknotes, this will help to save on modernization, experts say.

In Sberbank and VTB have already begun to re-equip ATMs in connection with the release of new notes in circulation. But to recognize these banknotes of the device are not yet ready, the press service of banks reported.

Numismatists, these "petty bourgeois affairs" are of little concern. Hunting is not only for new banknotes as such, the first collectors of AA, as well as numbers with repeated figures, of which 0000 is the most expensive, are in demand from collectors. After decades, the price for them can grow multiples. These bills are partly made of plastic, and will be more durable than the old ones.

Photo Shoot: Anna Petrova.
Issue of banknotes of 200 and 2 thousand rubles is considered economically justified for inflation in 4-6%. "This will simplify the calculation for citizens of various goods and services. In Russia, until now, almost 70% of transactions are carried out in cash, so a smaller breakdown was worth entering " - said Elvira Nabiullina. Now, according to the head of the Central Bank of Russia, the nominal number of bills in Russia can be considered complete.
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