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Hammer for Batagaya

Hammer for Batagaya

The people in Batagay are clearly not poor. It so happened that I was visiting several carriers at once. Two-storey mansions, a large manor house with a bathhouse, a garage, etc. - this is in the order of things for them. It should be borne in mind that the construction of a private house in Batagai is much more expensive than in Yakutsk, for example.

The Batagays themselves chuckle, telling that the Toyota-Land Cruiser in personal property here will surprise no one, but Hammer is yes! While he is alone in the whole village, but apparently it is hardly the last.

One of the most important and common types of earnings of local residents is winter road haulage. According to their own data, about 200 drivers-pros who are engaged in this business live in Batagay, and many have their own truck tractors with trailers. There are also spreads for liquid fuels and lubricants. Carry everything and everywhere. Be it Ust-Yan'e, Indigirka, Tiksi or Yakutsk with Magadan. If only they paid yes the road was more or less normal. At the same time, heavyweights like MANs or Scania entice few people. The people prefer native Kamaz, Urals and Mazy.

The fact is that the "foreign" forty-ton monsters can really enter the winter track not earlier than the end of January, when the ice on the rivers will gain the required thickness and strength. And lighter Kamaz trucks without a trailer start running at the end of November. And a month later, the most desperate owners of domestic equipment begin to walk with a trailer. And they run like this until May. While the "forty" already at the end of March again should be put on a joke.

When it comes to discussing the price per ton / kilometer, people are fighting for every penny. They argue for a long time, fiercely, hoarse. Everyone is astounded by his costing. And in ordinary conversations do not hide wealth. And in general, the local men developed a sense of self-worth. But without arrogance. Favorite hobby - teasing yourself and your neighbor.

As for the vagaries of Yana, the locals say that the phenomenon is cyclical, regularly repeated. High-water periods replace the years of lack of water and vice versa. It is said that a few years ago, the boiler houses in Batagai had to be literally “on wheels”. The trailer was driven to one boiler room, and the car itself was unloaded from another. What is curious: the policy of the republic on the construction of new social facilities and connecting to the centralized heat supply of private residential houses has led to an increase in the demand for fuel for both public utilities and power engineers.
On this carriers only chuckle: they say, and people are good, and we have additional income.

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