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Khabarovsk project will put tents in Georgia

The story of how the first glamping park was supposed to open in the Far East, but found itself in one of the neighboring republics

The project of "glamping", or camping with hotel service was born at Vitalia Yazvenko и Alexandra Kolbina from years of tedious hikes. Camping with the all inclusive option is popular in the world, and entrepreneurs are thinking about building such a tourist facility in the Far East. We decided to take a DV-hectare or buy land in an attractive location. For a year and a half, various departments of the Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories visited, but nothing came of it. Why? The author of the project told the EastRussia correspondent about this before boarding the plane to Tbilisi.

Khabarovsk project will put tents in Georgia
Photo: Alexander Kolbin
The backpack is the size of a tourist, a tent in the woods, a toilet under a bush and a porridge in a pot - the standard camping romance, a “check” for the love of nature. It would seem, how else? History of Khabarovsk glamping It began with the fact that Vitaly Yazvenko and his comrades wanted a holiday. The tents were replaced by tents with beds, high-quality textiles and glassware. It was only for their own people, but the light of the garlands and the film projector, which the guys also took with them, hurried a lot of people. Then the walkers first thought about commerce.

Photo: Alexander Kolbin

- At one time we stood at the "Air-Park" [suburb of Khabarovsk - approx. EastRussia], but when they had weddings, we interfered with each other, said Vitaly Yazvenko. - Then we focused on hiking. For example, we move to the Anyui rocks of Nadge, drop in there in front of the guests, put up tents, furniture, dress up, and it turns out real magic. Not at all the same as usual on hikes! Our price was twice as high as the standard one: to go out near the city cost 5 thousand rubles per day, to the "Tiger House" or Anyuyskie Rocks, where about 300 km by car, the hike cost 10-15 thousand rubles. One case showed us that we are not doing garbage, but a demanded service. A trip for 30 people was going, but one girl broke away: she found it cheaper. We arrive, set up camp at the "Tiger House". A little later, another group sets up ordinary tents in the neighborhood. A girl comes up and says: "Damn, it would be better if I paid extra and would be with you now!"

Photo: Alexander Kolbin

The first tents "glamorous" walkers ordered in China. But they got wet and moldy, and then one of the Khabarovsk workshops rescued, sewed standard 6 experimenters and one large tent for the experimenters. With them, the team of Vitaly Yazvenko began to look for a permanent place: it was expensive to travel with fells and money and time. By that time Sasha Kolbin had concentrated on photo walks, and the ways of businessmen diverged.

- We tried to get land through officials. First, I took a Far Eastern hectare on the Anyuy rocks of Nadge, Vitaly continued. - I registered the site through the service, I received a confirmation that everything is OK, come for the documents. And after two weeks of a call, they say: "Oh, sorry, we were mistaken, this is the land of the small-numbered indigenous peoples." It was really insulting.


Screenshots of letters with decisions on the issuance of a Far Eastern hectare on the Anyui rocks of Nadge 

  - By the way, we were offered then to rent a land plot in this place, Vitaly continued. But an incomprehensible story began: I had to make a project, and I was directly sent to a specific company, where they ask for 60 thousand rubles for this service. This merry-go-round and incomprehensible running around did not inspire us, we abandoned attempts with a Far Eastern hectare and continued to make not entirely legal trips. For example, in Primorye, glamping was staged in the vicinity of the Gamow Peninsula, not in the reserve itself, but nearby.

After the first failure, Vitaly Yazvenko became interested in the Khekhtsirsky zakaznik - the law allows for renting land there, and turned to the Directorate of the “Reserve Amur”.

- They answered us: “Yes, it’s great, but we are going through, let's think up some clever contract.” And then everything began to slip, because everyone is very afraid that the prosecutor’s office will come and find some kind of violations, ”explains Vitaly. There is no debugged mechanism, all responsibility is shifted to us: draw a diagram, tell yourself what to do. There was no such thing for us to come, and we would be given a contract, explained the process. I can say “from and to” in business, but we are not responsible for the territories mentioned, we do not know the mechanisms. And here the "host" side also does not know! The deadlock situation turns out, - the businessman grieves.

According to Vitaly Yazvenko, all the officials, as one, recognized the stationary Glamping Park project as interesting and eagerly met, promised protection.

- To pull the money out of us did not try even once! - says Yazvenko. - But there was no sense in communicating. Some say: "Yes, cool, go there." You go there, and there they say to you: “The idea is fire, but this is not quite our sphere”. And you from one place to another. It was an indicative story. We have come to the Federal Investment Promotion Agency, which is under the Ministry of the East. They say everything is direct, we will give you land here and now. Showed places under Shamora, somewhere else. We, such: “Oh! Good! ”A specialist started writing off with us, asking questions. But at some point - a classic - they take and disappear. We just stop responding. We call - drop the tube. Sur is the fullest. We then found out: it turns out our project did not fit their volumes. They are engaged in billions there: they have gambling zones, territories of priority development. And here we are, just with tens of millions of rubles we upholster the rapids. But that's disgusting: nobody told us directly, they say, listen, your project is not suitable. Instead, they took us to work, communicated with us, worked with us, and then simply ignored them. The reason only surfaced when I made a noise.

Screenshots of correspondence with the Investment Promotion Agency to find a land plot in the Primorsky Territory

At this, the vicissitudes of communication with state development institutions have not ended with entrepreneurs.

“Then we appealed to the Investment Promotion Agency of the Primorsky Territory,” says Vitaly Yazvenko. - At first - also positive. And then there, too, begins to slip, especially when you roll out the requirement in the spirit of "write a special business plan from the 25 items in our sample." It is worth 75-150 thousand rubles, while you do not order from them, but are looking for specialists on the side. And as a businessman, I don’t need such a business plan at all, because it’s not about business. 

The verdict to all development institutions is unsatisfactory work. “That is, verbally, all the officials are going to meet each other, but when you start the process, you are looking for land, a lot of bureaucracy pops up,” Yazvenko says.

The next attempt to implement the project Yazvenko made in Buryatia. Experts of the Ministry of the Republic for investments, according to the initiator of the project of glamping, worked as class managers. It came before the signing of the agreement, Khabarovsk residents were ready to allocate land on the shore of Lake Baikal, plus give subsidies for a septic tank and a road for a million rubles. But here the entrepreneurial flair worked: Vitaliy Yazvenko stopped the weak stream of tourists. They are even smaller in Buryatia than in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, and it is more difficult to get there. 

- At one of the planning meetings, we discussed that Khabarovsk and Primorye cannot, Buryatia is far away, - says Yazvenko. - And then one of the partners jokingly: “Georgia! I have relatives there. " We're like, "Noooo!" But we launch startups and analyze the market. Sports interest arose. We rolled out the top 30 most visited countries, and began to look at it by 15 parameters. For example, the ranking of doing business, employee salaries, tax burdens, climate, seasonality. It turned out that the first place belongs to the USA (but, of course, we are not ready to go there yet). The second is Malaysia, but we do not really understand the Asian mentality, and it would be unreasonable to throw money there and the first large project. And Georgia was in third place. Our former people there, many speak Russian, we have family ties there, which is also important. It was considered that launching our park with domes in Georgia costs about 10 million rubles. And it will pay off in a year or two, and in the Far East - much longer. By the way, the price of land, both for purchase and for rent, is about the same as in the Khabarovsk Territory. But in Khabarovsk there are 300 thousand tourists a year, and in Georgia - 8 million! This is a very significant difference.

In addition, in Georgia, when buying land, businessmen are given 6 million rubles for the development of tourism on 10 years under 4% per annum. In the Far East, the lowest rate for entrepreneurs is 8%, and a subsidy of about 5 million rubles, for which the company must work for at least six months, and have collateral.

- The Far East is very beautiful! I have traveled to many places, and I have something to compare with. But if we put Georgia, or even the Moscow region, on the scales next to it, where we are also offered plots, then it loses, - our interlocutor complains. - There would be a counterbalance, starting with a light procedure or free land, light, roads, some benefits, we would drive it into the financial model and start working. It's great here, I love this land, but in terms of the economy, it’s unprofitable for us to open up here. So there I am - a patriot, but there I am - a businessman who considers the numbers. And in business the second is more important.

In 2018, the authors of the project registered the trademark of Camping Park Vladivostok LLC, with which they were assisted by the Center for the Support of Entrepreneurship of Primorsky Krai. Today, the campsite is run by three people. Now the second investor has come, but according to Vitaly Yazvenko, they do not interfere in the business process.

- We open a point in Georgia with our Georgian partner. We invest $ 180 thousand, this is about 12 million rubles. I go there for two months - to control the start, start, selection of personnel and search for a manager. We will open in the middle of summer in the Mtskheta region, this is in 15 minutes from Tbilisi. There is a huge field, a lawn, mountains are visible in the distance. This is a popular tourist area at the crossroads: one way goes to Batumi, the other - to Kazbegi, the third - a wine road to the Alazani Valley with wineries. So, we have the sea, the mountains and the wine! The tourist arrives, we will arrange for him further tours, wherever he wishes. In Georgia, we called the trademark Jewelberry Camp, or abbreviated, a precious berry. She was opened to us at the House of Justice in Tbilisi in just 15 minutes, and the answer to the request, which of our selected places are available for purchase or rent, came in 4 of the day.

Glamping Park Project in Georgia

In the suburbs of the capital of Georgia, the Far East will set up a park on 0,6 hectares of 15 modular tents, of which 8 are standard tents of 30 m², and 7 are luxury ones of 50 m², with a bathroom, living room, sofa, fireplace and a full kitchen. There will also be a separate lounge space for guests with a 100-square-bar bar. Glamping will be open all year round, which is easier with the Georgian warm winter (the average temperature is –2 ° С) than in the Far East. 

Glamping Park Project in Georgia

- We also look at Kazbegi, a popular tourist area. We have already met with the mayor, he accepted us easily. But if we have beautiful places in Russia where the park cannot be set, these are nature reserves or the land of indigenous peoples, then in Georgia there is a strong religious component, many holy places. Their braces.

By the way, in the coming years, glamping with the Far Eastern history can appear in Japan, where the project has partners with land, in Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK, where investors are promised to find free sites for the park and help with a visa. But Vitaly Yazvenko and his family do not intend to leave the Far East.

- In the Far East, people are notable for their special kindness, they are ready to help you, the cry just throws - and thousands respond, - Vitaly smiles. - Maybe because I'm local here, but still a feeling of warmth arises. And as a traveler, I like the local nature. Our taiga, mountains, sea - others. The same Georgia is lagging behind in many ways. Today I explained to a friend about the Black Sea: you come, and there is just a line of water, stones, no hills, nothing. And here you go to some bay, there rocks stick out of the water, trees are on a precipice. Everything is real. And in the same Georgia you go, the field, the field, the field and the forest sticks out. Gore, however, we do not have such. But, by and large, there is everything in the Far East. Only in other countries are accessible roads being made of this, and in our country only helicopters or all-terrain vehicles make it to the best places. The only thing that I met with the European here is the Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve in Primorye, where you stomp on the wooden 5 km floorings, and this is great.

Having thrown the main resources abroad, the founders of Camping Park want to “finish off” the theme in their native land - so that international tourism would develop here too. A team remained in Khabarovsk, which is now in correspondence with the governor. Hopes are connected with the Spartak ski base, which the new owner plans to restore. Perhaps, it is in the vicinity of Khekhtsir that a park for fans of wildlife and the benefits of civilization will open in the coming months. Even the second after Georgia.
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