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Khabarovsk will raise the degree and blur the eyes

World Championship Bandy-2018: what surprises visiting sportsmen and fans outside of "Erofey"?

From 29 January on 4 February Khabarovsk for the third time will host the World Hockey Championship. The first happened in 1981 year, the second - three years ago. Teams from 8 countries - Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Kazakhstan, USA, Germany and Hungary will cross the clubs on the ice of the Yerofei arena. The Russian ball hockey team is the favorite of any tournament, and a number of its players and the head coach are from the SKA-Neftyanik Khabarovsk team. Tickets for the finals are already sold out, the hotels are booked (it is reported that there are seven of them: Sail, Verba, Versailles, Riviera, Olympique, Sopka and Khabarovsk). The safety data sheets have been developed and are in force .. Hockey, what else? What awaits the fans from other Russian cities and foreign tourists where the story ends and the mirror of the ice field of the palace and extends the rest of the "city with a five thousandth note" - with its snowdrifts and winds?

Khabarovsk will raise the degree and blur the eyes
Photo: Andrey Takashima

- Act of event tourism - we look at this from this angle. For athletes, of course, this is not tourism, for them it is an important milestone in their careers, - says the creative producer of the World Hockey Championship-2018 Roman Ovseichuk. - In general, the end of January - the beginning of February in Khabarovsk - the coldest time of the year, it would seem, what kind of tourism is there? But the very fact of traveling to the Khabarovsk Territory, that here to come in the winter cool, I declare it responsibly! Because it's cold here, but you're immersed in human warmth. In Khabarovsk, tourists do not often travel in crowds, because visitors are appreciated, they are met well. And to catch human warmth in the cold - it's worth to go here, plus hockey with a ball to look at. And again, we everywhere show warm mugs with tea, mittens, in our system of patterns in the corporate style there are earflaps, a tent, tourist things.


Given the Far East cold, a closed ice palace with a comfortable temperature is not at all convenient. The arena "Erofei" on the bank of the Amur channel is the second Russian stadium, built personally for hockey, and the most spacious indoor stadium for this sport in the world. Designed for 10 000 viewers.

But guests are looking for impressions and between matches, and then take them away with them, as fans are memorable artifacts. This game is already on another field, and the organizers are trying to earn points to create a good image of the Khabarovsk Territory. Use sports events for a story about the city - a common world practice.

Photo Shoot: 27pioneer

- The fact that every inhabitant of the Khabarovsk Territory seems to be in the order of things, for example, petroglyphs, the unique Amur bridge, Amut lake with skiing activities, all kinds of winter fishing, etc., for those who do not live in Khabarovsk Krai is a wow! In a foreign hand, the stick is always thicker. Do you think, but that we are cliffhanger, that we are using this bridge theme? Guys, when people come to us, they are delighted! We blur our eyes. Tiger and bear, it is clear that this is a very standard move, but what if these are the symbols of the edge? For example, if the symbol of Paris - the Eiffel Tower, and the symbol of Pisa - the falling Leaning Tower, they will not change them every time to something else.

The idea "I'm doing a championship" works in the same wicket Roman Ovseichuk continues. - To get impressions from the edge, you need someone to work on these impressions. Every person, every resident of the region, who does his job well, contributes to the positive impression of the guests of the tournament. We can state that anyone who contributes to the development of the region, respectively, and the World Cup as one of its segments - well done. Here is such a simple logical chain. If this person is also a fan of the national team, he is interested in hockey with the ball, everything converges!

On the official website of the championship videos about people through whom the acquaintance with the city takes place. Farmer Irina Korovina moves the idea of ​​modern agro-tourism:


- At the World Cup, guests go to cheer for their teams. You can come, stay overnight, see our beautiful sunset, eat caviar, fish our smoke. You can go for mountain fishing. Or to us on a tour to most milk the goat. I think this can be very interesting for foreign tourists. Ride your horse, pick up eggs, ask any questions that interest them about Russian farming, and at the end drink tea with jam, which we ourselves prepare, this is also agrotourism. We also have tigers and bears here, tells Irina Korovin.

Honored resident of Khabarovsk, president of the Far Eastern ice corporation Sergey Loginov has for many years created wonderful ice sculptures, representing our region including in the international arena:

- It all starts with an idea. At first it is transferred as an outline on paper. And if it suits you as an author, you begin to study it in more detail. Some moments, where you can finish, some line to bring out, and the finished composition comes out. She begins to caress the sun, blow the wind, it begins to change, some texture leaves, the sculpture begins to thin out. And the dignity will be judged by the spectator!

By the way, the snow prototypes of the mascots of the World Championship for Bandy-2018 - Erokhi and Timokhi - have been decorating the Lenin Square in Khabarovsk for several days already.


Another hero of the video and, in combination, a passionate fan of hockey with the ball - the senior master of KNAAZ Alexander Drachev:

- We went to the World Bandy Championship, which was held in 2015 in Khabarovsk. In a brief conversation with the tourists-fans of the Swedish national team we said that we are doing SU aircraft. And what was the surprise that ordinary fans, ordinary citizens of Sweden know SU-27 planes! This is a pride for our shop, for our enterprise. Generally recognized products, brand. We will support our team to become world champions again! You can compare with the production of T-50, our newest aircraft, there is no chance to make a mistake here either!


VIDEO about people making the Khabarovsk Territory comfortable, cozy and warmer.

For everyone, the action "I'm doing a championship" is held for the first time. To participate, you need to send request for an official website with a history of why you are worthy of the prize - a memorable statuette with a hologram. There are only 15. One of them went to the chef of the Amur restaurant, Roman Goryachev. Consulted with the doctors of hockey teams, he developed for each special menu, where both national gastronomic tastes and the calories needed for athletes are considered.


Another prize was in the piggy bank of Alexei Dyadkin, a fan with experience, a well-known collector of hockey attributes. Alexis is called the "walking encyclopedia" of bendi. In the days of the championship you can see his collection in the hall of the arena "Erofei". The statuette was also received by the collector of icons, envelopes and other rare paraphernalia on the theme of hockey with the ball Vladimir Mikulinsky, who collects this wealth from 13-ти years.


Anton Kondratenko - a man who gives “orange” to unfamiliar children - balls for playing hockey with a ball; Galina Sagataya, the seller, creates an infectious sports atmosphere around him. Honorary donor Viktor Sutyrin 20 has been donating blood for years and is sick of hockey with the third grade:

- In February 1981, when our players played with the Finnish team, I, the 9-year-old boy, who was at the stadium of Lenin for the first time, when he was full, was something to me! Words do not tell. The conditions were different, but from this adrenaline, when there is a good game, the frost goes to the background. Everything is now good, the "Erofei" arena is considered one of the best, if not the best, in the world, but sometimes nostalgia for open air awakens, admits Victor.


A family relic became a statuette for the Sadkov family. The mother of three sports sons Jeanne carries the elders to practice hockey with a ball five times a week:

- They all know, everyone understands about hockey with the ball, about the championship. Our family always talks about the championship, betting is already being done, the teams of Sweden, Russia are discussing who is ill for whom. One is engaged in hockey, another is keen on stories, and we constantly talk in the family about how the game will be played, who will come, how much it will be massively and enchantingly! - says Zhanna Sadkova.


All video clips about the finalists - here.

The World Hockey Championship in Khabarovsk will begin on 29 January, on Monday with a steep laser show - it will be launched in 19: 00, half an hour before the first match of the national team of Russia and Norway. To all who come to the opening, the organizers will present luminous wands with the symbols of the tournament.
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