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Khabarovsk resident restores ancient recipes

Hectare: how to arrange an apiary and produce environmentally friendly products

Khabarovsk resident restores ancient recipes
Special project Far East hectare: history
A resident of Khabarovsk Sergey Surovtsev he designed three hectares for himself and combined them into one plot. He is an entrepreneur engaged in beekeeping, and also prepares tea and other drinks from wild herbs. Sergei actively participates in the fairs of Khabarovsk, is going to go to Vladivostok. The wife develops a separate direction - natural cosmetics and household chemicals.

Since March 2017, the number of bee colonies has more than doubled: from 10 to 26. In 2018 there will be 100 of them, and in 2019, with state support, 200-300. Sergei mounted two premises on the land received in the village of Kruglikovo - for drying herbs and apiary equipment. He is going to establish a third workshop in which the bees will winter. The apiary per hectare will become the basic one. Sergei Surovtsev plans to move to nomadic beekeeping and move hives to areas with more abundant honey harvests. This will significantly increase the volume of the valuable product obtained.

For the second year in a row, the farmer is also engaged in the production of willow tea - several hundred kilograms of this plant have already been harvested this year. Sergey also collects other herbs - lemongrass leaves, wild raspberries, nettles.

“We are preparing an experimental drink based on nettle leaves. It is rich in iron and other nutrients. We “dig up” old recipes, taste drinks and see what effect they have on the body, ”shared Sergey Surovtsev. He also collects birch sap and has already launched the production of honey kvass with medicinal herbs.

With great enthusiasm, the farmer talks about the direction of his wife - the production of natural cosmetics. It is based on the principle "you cannot put on the skin what cannot be eaten." The range of products is already very wide: toothpaste, powder, lip ointment, face creams, Rescuer ointment from various skin injuries, means for preparing for sunburn and after-sun care, mosquito repellent, for washing and washing dishes in a typewriter. Everything is only natural and with a short shelf life. Sergei even had his own favorite.

"I personally won the shampoo, now I use it only. After it, the hair is not soiled for a long time, you can wash it only once a week, which affects positively on the appearance, "the farmer is surprised.

Over time, Sergei Surovtsev wants to build a small complex in a forest zone for ecological tourism. In small houses, vacationers will be able to restore vitality and undergo a recovery course, which will include the use of propolis and healing bee stings.

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