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Card payment: what is a business card for an entrepreneur

You can get round-the-clock access to funds in settlement, facilitate settlements with counterparties and get cashback using a special product from Sberbank

In the aftermath of the pandemic, an increasing number of Russians are turning away from using cash. The same trend of cashless payments in the business community. At the same time, it is now much easier for entrepreneurs to reorganize to work by bank transfer - it is enough to issue a business card. In fact, this is the same payment instrument as for individuals, only the company's account is tied to it.

Card payment: what is a business card for an entrepreneur
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Offers of business cards in the banking services market are not uncommon today. In particular, Sberbank offers two types of cards at once, connected to the Visa and Mastercard payment systems. At the same time, everything here is the same as for ordinary users: you can apply for a debit card, or you can - with a credit limit of up to one million rubles.

Both payment systems provide a number of privileges, especially for those who are focused on international cooperation. With Visa Platinum Business cards, you can receive discounts of up to 20% from key partners of the bank, use airport business lounges, and free insurance programs. The Mastercard premium class offers discounts for hotels and business taxis, additional insurance when traveling abroad, discounts when organizing business lunches and events.

All types of cards have XNUMX/XNUMX access to the account. They can be used to pay for purchases in online stores, services, other goods, and withdraw cash. But the main difference between business cards is that they allow you to reduce the operating costs of an entrepreneur. For example, a credit card has a grace period, which allows you to not pay interest at this time, unlike a traditional loan.

An entrepreneur can also save money thanks to bonuses from the bank: a free service period, discounts, promotions from partners, cashback. Now there is a special offer in Sberbank: when you issue a Visa SberBusiness debit card (digital, classic debit, premium or instant) before March 31, you can get an increased cashback from purchases. The total amount of funds planned for this action is 25 million rubles. To participate in the promotion, you need to connect to the Business Cashback program by April 15 and make purchases worth at least 30 thousand rubles.

Any legal entity can issue a business card. The only limitation is for business credit cards. This offer can be used by an entrepreneur who started his business more than a year ago. At the same time, the annual turnover should not exceed 400 million rubles, and tax deductions at the time of contacting the bank must be fully repaid.

It usually takes up to a week for registration, but there is also an option to issue an instant card, which will be issued on the day of application. All transactions with such a card can be tracked in the Sberbank Business Online mobile application. For those who do not plan to get a plastic card, a new service is offered - the issuance of a virtual digital card Digital Business. Payment through it can be made contactless using a mobile device.

For the convenience of doing business, employees of the company can also use the card. Several cards for employees can be issued to one account of a legal entity - the number of cards themselves for one account is not limited. At the same time, a limit can be set on each of them. This allows you to reduce the time for various business operations. For example, employees can buy office supplies themselves, pay travel expenses. If you have a working trip abroad, you can save time and money on currency conversion - all this can be done automatically with a business card.

In Internet Banking, employees' expenses will be displayed in the same way as those of the main user. If employees exceed the planned expenses, you can always quickly change the card limit. And if, on the contrary, the limit is not enough, you can also quickly increase it with almost one click through the mobile application.

In addition to convenience, such an organization of settlements helps to keep the company's accounting records. Online transactions are verified much faster than cash transactions. When buying a product, for example, you do not need to prepare an expense report, it is enough to receive an invoice and a waybill upon payment. At the same time, many suppliers send reports and receipts about the transaction directly to e-mail.

The annual maintenance fee for such a card depends on the selected product. When issuing an instant card, you will not have to pay at all, if the card is designed for organizing business trips, then the cost of a monthly service will be 300 rubles, and a debit card will cost 250 rubles. Therefore, each entrepreneur, depending on the goals, can choose a product under special conditions. Details about Sberbank business cards can be found at Online.

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