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Candidate minimum for Transbaikalia

Political activists of the Trans-Baikal Territory "at a low start." The pre-election race of candidates for the State Duma deputies has begun in the region.

In Transbaikalia, it began to "bake". Immediately after the party congresses in Moscow, the first "official" names of candidates for the September elections to the State Duma began to appear in the region, although in some cases everything was clear.

Candidate minimum for Transbaikalia
Photo: press service of the State Duma of Russia

Who was it all clear with?

The first to publicly lay out the cards, not really hiding the final desired picture, began "United Russia". Back in February, her political strategists began to unfold the story with the head of the Trans-Baikal Railway Alexander Skachkov and the title of the City of Labor Valor for Chita. This was their first pre-election story in 2021 in the Trans-Baikal Territory. And although its first stage was unsuccessful - the city was not awarded the title, now the second act is unfolding with the found banners and, probably, Chita will have a new award for the elections.

Alexander Skachkov initially walked through the Chita single-mandate constituency No. 43, through which he also won the primaries of United Russia and was nominated by the party for elections to the State Duma. But in the Daursky single-mandate constituency No. 44, the voting was marked by a bizarre zigzag. But in order - the winner of the primaries in this constituency was the Deputy Prime Minister of the region Andrei Gurulev. 

The second result was shown by the little-known in Transbaikalia, the head of the public ecological movement Alliance of the Greens, Alexander Zakondyrin. At the same time, he significantly overtook the current State Duma deputy, professor in the field of medicine Nikolai Govorin in votes. Due to the cosmic results of Zakondyrina, a scandal erupted in comparison with Govorin, and the former chief freelance obstetrician-gynecologist of the region Marina Mochalova demanded to check the results of the intra-party vote for cheating. 

As a result, the party congress elected the head of the executive committee of the regional branch of United Russia, which also participated in the primaries, but was not included in the top three, as a candidate for the constituency. 

Andrey Gurulev became the fourth number in the regional group No. 1, which included nine regions of the Far Eastern Federal District. The first number here is the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev, State Duma deputy Irina Yarovaya and her colleague Viktor Pinsky. 

Red Banners without Berg 

If in "United Russia", at least in the Chita district, everything was clear even before the party congress, the regional committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation fumigated, as in a fairy tale, with smoke, rumors, and nothing was known for sure. The day before the congress, the names of a member of the Trans-Baikal regional committee, Elena Titova, which the regional committee allegedly proposed to be nominated in the Daursky district, and the deputy of the Trans-Baikal legislative assembly, Roman Berg, were heard. 

Berg in Transbaikalia is a well-known personality. At the meetings of the Legislative Assembly, this deputy came in a T-shirt with an inscription against the amendments to the Constitution. He more than once went to rally on the streets of Chita. However, this was not enough to get into the party lists. Or vice versa - too much.

As a result, Titova was approved as a candidate in the Chita district, according to Daursky, the bronze medalist of the Olympics in Athens, a former State Duma deputy Dmitry Nosov, who was born in the village of Gorny near Chita, will go from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. 

The first three of the regional group looks like this: Senator, First Secretary of the Buryat Republican Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Markhaev, Elena Titova, Dmitry Nosov. 

With whom was it clear, but not quite? 

It was easiest to predict the appearance in the electoral list of the current LDPR deputy Vasilina Kuliyeva: a few months before the start of the pre-election race, she returned to more active social networks. Quite predictably, the Liberal Democrats nominated Kuliyeva in the Daursky single-mandate constituency, but she is not yet very active.

Near-political circles in the region are actively discussing the version that the United Russia party, knowing the historically strong protest sentiments in the region and how the people vote for candidates from the Liberal Democratic Party against this background, as if they agreed with the Liberal Democrats and gave them the Daurian District for the fact that they do not put up a trump candidate in Chita. It is difficult to verify the veracity of this version, but when looking at those who are going to the elections today, one can definitely say that the treaty, if there was one, can break about the reality.

The Chita district of the Liberal Democratic Party will be closed by the coordinator of the regional branch of the party and the deputy of the regional legislative assembly Georgy Shilin. 

In the regional group No. 19 from the Trans-Baikal Territory (the region entered the same group with Kaliningrad), the second number, including from the Trans-Baikal Territory, is the deputy of the State Duma of the sixth convocation, Kaliningrad resident Yegor Anisimov. The first number in the group is Vasilina Kulieva. 

United Party. A mix of unexpected people 

In February, the A Just Russia - For Truth party united A Just Russia, Pensioners of Russia and For Truth.

Perhaps the candidates from this collaboration can safely claim the title of the most unpredictable list. First of all, because in the Chita single-mandate constituency, the current deputy of the State Duma Yuri Volkov comes from her. 

In the previous elections, he was an assistant to Vasilina Kuliyeva, went to the State Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party, but soon departed from the usual image of an elected deputy. Volkov not only did not stop raising the acute problems of the region, but also actively criticized the government of Natalya Zhdanova, who was then in charge of the region, which caused displeasure both among the political elite of the region and the leadership of the regional cell of the Liberal Democratic Party, which even built the campaign for the election of Kuliyeva in conjunction with the election Zhdanova for the post of governor. 

Because of the scandal, Yuri Volkov left the party, and it was clear that he should not be expected in the LDPR in the current elections. Currently, in the Chita District, it is the most serious competitor to United Russia party Alexander Skachkov. 

In the Daursky single-mandate constituency, Yuri Grigoriev, head of the Russian North Foundation, is from Fair Russia for the Truth. 

The united group for the Irkutsk region, Buryatia, Trans-Baikal Territory and Tuva of the party was headed by the head of the Zakhar Prilepin Foundation Alexander Kazakov, the second number in it was the head of the Irkutsk branch of the party Larisa Yegorova, the third - Yuri Volkov. Among the Transbaikalians, it should be noted here the head of the Transbaikal branch of the Patriots of Russia Gennady Shchukin, who is seventh, and the deputy of the Legislative Assembly from A Just Russia, Vladimir Ivanchenko, he is the eighth. 

"New people" and new faces

An entrepreneur from the city of Nerchinsk Boris Basakin, who is the founder and general director of the companies "Wheel of Time", "Design-Zavod", NMG, "Lesrostinvest", will compete for a seat in the State Duma from this party in the Chita single-mandate district. It also became the sixth in the combined regional group, which included the Trans-Baikal, Primorsky Territories, Kamchatka, Amur, Magadan, Sakhalin Regions, the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The leader of the group is the seaside entrepreneur Rosa Chemeris. 

In the Daursky single-mandate constituency, the party candidate is Alexander Dedyukhin, a native of the city of Sretensk, Trans-Baikal Territory, two-time world champion in biathlon. He was born in 1994, in 2015 he declared himself at the junior world championship, where he became the champion in the sprint and relay race among 21-year-old athletes, where he won silver in the individual race and became the fifth in the pursuit. 

Former deputy of the Chita City Duma Viktor Sheremetyev will be elected to the State Duma from the Rodina party in the Chita single-mandate constituency No. 43. In 2017, while still a deputy, he left the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, citing the disunity of representatives of this party in the City Duma and the inactive position of the regional committee. Sheremetyev linked the split among the Trans-Baikal communists with the personality of the first secretary, Yuri Gaiduk, part of whose party members supported, and part was against him. Another reason the deputy called the low rotation of representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the regional Legislative Assembly. 

“As they were sitting 15 years ago, they are the same now, it’s difficult to smoke them out,” with these words Viktor Sheremetyev moved to Rodina. 

The head of the Uletovsky district, Alexander Sinkevich, is walking along the Daursky district from "Rodina". 

The regional party list is represented by four names. These are the deputy of the Chita City Duma Alexander Shchebenkov, businessman Vyacheslav Tambovtsev, Alexander Sinkevich and Viktor Sheremetyev. 

Well, according to tradition, when it is customary to loop the text, someone from the first act will now appear. Surprisingly, after the scandal with the voting in the primaries, where Alexander Zakondyrin in the Daursky district overtook the current deputy and well-known physician in Transbaikalia, Nikolai Govorin, instead of the United Russia party he decided to go from the Green party and now travels to the regions of the region from this party. 

Several versions are associated with its appearance among the Greens, each of which may have some basis under it. There are allegations that Zakadyrina is being run by a large metallurgical company, which is behind his nomination. They add that the United Russia did not take the risk and lead Zakadyrin under its banners because of the story with the votes in the primaries, but he was offered a compensation path through another party. Alexander Zakondyrin himself declares that he did not intend to go to the polls from United Russia, but took part in the primaries in order to enter the election race and somehow identify himself. 

Intermediate line 

Apart from some minor stories, the election campaign in Transbaikalia is generally calm. Many of the candidates work in the districts. Officially, the campaign period will begin on 23 July, but for now candidates are applying for nomination in the election commission and opening accounts. Behind the external calm lies an approaching serious dispute over single-mandate districts: both in Chita and Daursky there are those who are able to argue with the obvious leader, take the ball of this game to their field and win the fight.

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