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Kamchatka "flags" - which amazes tourists in the edge of volcanoes (photo of the day)

Multimeter "garlands" of drying linen between houses - not only the Italian custom

"Russia is big, and because of the thousands of kilometers that separate us, the inhabitants of the regions are different, and, probably, each city or region has its own" phish ", which on the spot is taken for granted, but for the city's guests, it causes only a dumb question: "Are you here at all ...?", - opinion of the photographer Dmitry Kulikov. 

Photo: Dmitry Kulikov
"For several years of regular trips to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, I was not used to this tin: to hang clothes, including underwear, to dry between high-rise buildings, or a house and a pillar, and regardless of the floor. This example is from 4. ! (but from the last floor to the last of the neighboring house is also in the order of things).
So I went out to the balcony to admire the volcanoes, and in front of my nose a gray rag appeared to the creak of a rotating roller. Everything is a curtain! By the way, yes, every self-respecting householder has a special handle on the balcony, like in a meat grinder or from a meat grinder, in order to push his clothes away from him and closer to his neighbor. Once in winter I watched foreigners who saw these Kamchatka flags over their heads, so they almost smashed the backs of their heads while they were using iPhones. I got one bruise on my tailbone. Visit Russia! Although, perhaps, I should not be so? Perhaps these are the very bonds that everyone is talking about? "- wrote the traveler Dmitri Kufaces .

The residents of Kamchatka are accustomed to the bewilderment of visitors. Throwing a rope between houses is a trifling matter, and the clothes will fit more, and there is no need to disassemble the trash on the balcony, they explain. In addition, many old buildings have no balconies or loggias at all. And the air on the Pacific coast is crystal clear and the laundry smells fresh after drying, no air conditioning is needed. 

The aesthetic side remains: on the days of "big washings" (usually on weekends), sets of bedding and even underwear sway serenely between the houses, which sincerely both amuses and outrages tourists. But over time, many begin to find such a picture even cozy.

There was also a linen precedent in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: two years ago, the city court granted the housing department's claim to dismantle the rollers on the facade of one of the houses - the tenant fixed them without permission. The man was also ordered to restore the damaged facade. But this is an exception to the rule, it is customary for the locals to negotiate with neighbors from the house opposite and, for mutual convenience, pull a double cable.   

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