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Kamchatka: the desire for financial independence

Kamchatka: the desire for financial independence

Marina Saturday

Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kamchatka Territory

Today, the Kamchatka Territory is a subsidized region of the Far East, which makes its economy vulnerable and sensitive to the slightest changes in fiscal policy. On whether there are ways to minimize dependence on the mainland and what is being done to even out the situation, said the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kamchatka Territory, Marina Sabbath.

In search of investment

Today our main goal is to attract investments into the economy of the region. In this regard, we attach great hopes to the investment forum: we would like to see here primarily those who are interested in investing in the Kamchatka Territory. This year, we had good presentations and trips, for example, we saw the interest of the Chinese partners. And today we are waiting for a fairly large delegation from this country. Great interest is also shown in Korea, the delegation from Japan also announced its intention to come. In addition, it would be nice to see the forum and our, local investors. They exist, and today they are ready to invest their money in the development of the economy. The implementation of major investment projects in Kamchatka will increase those taxes and revenues to the budget that will reduce the dependence of the region on federal aid.

Today, a major project is being considered to create a territory of priority development in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. This is quite a large area, and the implementation of this project will allow us to increase the GRP several times, the flow of regional taxes, and create new jobs. This is quite a complex, multifaceted project, now it is analyzed by representatives of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development. It is planned that by September 1, proposals on the approval of the list of TASED in the territories of the Far East will be submitted to the President of the Russian Federation.

What will the creation of the territory of advanced development give us? This means that the creation of infrastructure, creation of conditions for investors will take place with the participation of the federal budget. In this territory, certain tax privileges will be introduced, serious preferences that investors will be interested in. We already have residents who are currently working in this territory and are ready to expand. We have budgetary funds in the framework of existing state programs that will allow us to reconstruct the quays. In short, the site is quite alive and promising, and we will seriously discuss this issue at the investment forum.

Local business support

Within the framework of the imposed sanctions, the development of the agro-industrial complex is very interesting, which also needs investment. We plan to discuss with the Far Eastern regions and with investors how our region can provide for itself and how to establish interregional ties, ensure food security and independence of the Far Eastern region. Small and medium-sized businesses are ready to develop - both in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Elizovo, investment sites are being created to support it.

In Kamchatka, a legislative framework has long been developed for public-private partnership projects. One thing is missing - federal legislation. We are looking forward to it. The relevant law was passed in the first reading, the second reading will be held in the autumn session. I think after this mechanism will work. We have already considered more than one PPP project, which was not implemented solely due to the lack of federal legislation. Therefore, as soon as the law is passed, we will undertake the implementation of projects on the basis of PPP. Creating infrastructure at the expense of public funds reduces the cost of projects and reduces the time frame for their implementation.

Kamchatka is often compared to Sakhalin: they say that the phenomena that are taking place in the island's economy now will be relevant in our country in 10 years. I believe that the territory of Kamchatka is more attractive for investors because it has not yet been developed. In Primorye, in the Amur region, everything has long been established. And we still have an unplowed field, and we are open to everyone. Getting here first is a great prospect, and many foreign companies understand this. Tax incentives that we provide for investment projects today are public and quite effective. Here there is an exemption from property tax, and a reduced rate of income tax ... We have large projects in the mining industry: quite attractive reserves of resources have already been confirmed. In addition, we have a wide field of activity for geological exploration, especially in the north of Kamchatka. We have large reserves of gold - they give hope for the development of this industry. And at the investment forum, we will sign an agreement on the provision of support to the company that will implement this new project - we have recognized it as a priority.

Waiting for tourists

Great prospects for tourism: whoever comes here, everyone is fascinated by Kamchatka. It is necessary to observe the golden mean: not to touch our nature, but at the same time to build cozy hotels, to develop routes for tourists. It is clear that you need to do something with the cost of tickets. On the other hand, the more travelers will fly here, the more the cost of tickets will decrease. To provide comfort to the arriving, we have prepared a project for the reconstruction of the airport. The second gate of Kamchatka is a sea terminal. One of the agreements, which we will sign, concerns cruise ships entering here. I hope all this will help make Kamchatka a corner, which, despite its uniqueness, will be accessible to all. Then the economy will reach a serious level, which will allow us to move away from dependence on the federal budget and live our own, independent life.

We are very pleased with the approach of the Ministry of Regional Development and the Government of the Russian Federation, according to which the territories for advanced development should be in each region. In Kamchatka, the creation of infrastructure will cost more, and Minvostokrazvitiya understands this.

We offered the ministry three sites for development: the port, Paratunka as a tourist and recreational destination, and the Nagorny Park as an agro-industrial site. In principle, the approach of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East is logical: the largest platform was chosen, which will give the greatest development: both the growth of GRP, and the increase in taxes, and the attraction of investors. In addition, it is connected with the Northern Sea Route.

The third platform - the agro-industrial park "Nagorny" - we develop ourselves, make project documentation. We have residents there. As for the tourist-recreational cluster ... This platform is also ready, with it we are ready to declare through Rosturism, and in this we are supported by the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development. Today we are looking for sources for the development of Paratunsky settlement, since it is necessary to create an infrastructure there in order to develop tourism in this area.

Like everything new, the project develops not without obstacles, but still fast. The bill on TOSER (the territory of advanced socio-economic development) has already been introduced, and the president and the prime minister promised that in the autumn it should already be approved. Probably, there will be some difficulties in the implementation, because without them there is no. Nevertheless, the start is given, and everything planned will be realized.

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