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Kamchatka puts the North on edge

The forum of entrepreneurs on the peninsula was raised by the problems of "northern benefits" and dumping at the bidding of enterprises from the west of the country

Today in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky the regional forum of businessmen which will work in the capital of peninsula the next two days has opened. EastRussia watched how and about what the Kamchatka business asks authorities and invited experts from numerous "development institutions", and most importantly - what answers it receives.

Kamchatka puts the North on edge
The organizers approached the plenary session of the Kamchatka Entrepreneurs Forum seriously. The big hall of the Limonad cinema, elected for the event, was almost completely filled up - the forum brought together about 400 entrepreneurs and 50 experts. From the stage, together with the Kamchatka Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin, the forum was entrusted to the heads of the divisions of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Corporation of SMEs, the Agency for Technological Development, Delovaya Rossiya, the Russian Export Center (REC) and the Ministry of Economy. 

“I always value the opportunity of direct dialogue with business, - the Governor of Kamchatka emphasized. - I have written a report, but I will not read it. I would like us to have a frank and necessary conversation for all of us. It seems to me that we are now creating conditions for business development : legal base, platforms for discussion, infrastructure. Preferential regimes of the territory of advanced development and free port have started. But we understand that this is not enough. Kamchatka, as the national rating of the investment climate shows, is not moving forward. We are stuck for some reason, and one of the reasons, Probably, business does not know how many new mechanisms for moving forward are working now. Let's figure it out together. I can guarantee one thing: all the questions that will be raised today will be taken into account - if, of course, they can be solved at all. "

After an hour, which was taken to present to the invited experts, the hall was asked to ask questions. 

To begin with, Vladimir Ilyukhin was asked whether Kamchatka will soon be gasified to the extent expected - before the creation of a network of gas filling stations for vehicles, because at the federal level the task was to transfer up to 50% of municipal transport to gas. “Our fields do not meet our needs - there is no gas, and the Kamchatka gasification program has been signed, but is not being implemented: Gazprom carried out work to find gas reserves on the shelf, but they were not completed, huge funds are needed for geological exploration, and the company raised the issue of the suspension of the exploration license for five years, - the governor explained. - We hope that the NOVATEK project in the future will provide an opportunity to establish boil-off gas supplies. The issue of transferring municipal transport to gas is underway. But until we find additional source of gas, it will not take on a large scale. It will not happen until 2022-23. " 

Then the head of Agrotek agricultural companies group Vladimir Rubakhin asked the question that the Far Eastern business has been asking the authorities for the last several years, while preferential regimes of the TOR and the free port are being created and are starting to work: why residents-investors, usually large companies, are given preferences, thanks to which they win competition with already operating small and medium-sized enterprises that produce the same products. "And secondly, local business expects the government to resolve the issue with the" northern benefits ", which also give an additional burden and put local producers in unequal conditions," the entrepreneur added, after which the hall applauded. 

"We paid 600 million rubles to our company for 2016 year, executing the" law on the north. " And if we talk about support measures, in Russia there is a single economic space. If the state came up with these benefits, it should provide them. Give us equal conditions. In 2015, the President instructed to work out mechanisms for compensation of "northern benefits", "Rashid Shamoyan, the head of the Shamsa group of companies, supported him, and he was also applauded.

“In principle, they are created for this - to ensure advanced development,” retorted Maksim Parshin, director of the department for the development of small and medium-sized businesses and competition of the Ministry of Economy. “On the other hand, conditions for the development of small businesses have been created, the number of SMEs has increased by 3%. Much has been done, and one of the most comfortable taxation systems has been created for microbusiness in Russia: the threshold for applying the simplified taxation system is 150 million rubles, or up to $ 2,5 million is a world record. Of course, we will continue to support the development of small manufacturing business ". 

At the same time, a working group under the leadership of the State Secretary Oleg Fomichev has been set up in the Ministry of Economics, which will conduct a full audit of all benefits in the Far North and equated to them, and then develop measures to reduce the burden on small and medium-sized businesses in the North. 

"There is a problem, the problem is clear, but we need to offer only realizable solutions, we need a clear study, an understanding of the" price of the issue "- otherwise we will not be able to prove anything in the government, there are no weighted estimates and calculations, , which differ in dozens of times. "Many benefits have already become obsolete, some, on the contrary, are very in demand, and without them a qualitative human resource for the enterprises of the Far North will be problematic." I think we will find a solution together, " edstavitel ministry. 

"Colleagues, we need a law on the north where this will be written, including this, otherwise the future of such territories will be very difficult and long from the point of view of development." It is necessary to work with representatives of the authorities from Kamchatka, "Vladimir Ilyukhin added.

At the same time, part of the region's entrepreneurs are sharply against the equalization of the economic space of Kamchatka with the space of Russia in another key segment - public procurement. One of them complained that "companies from the west at the auction are dumped exactly by the value of the northern coefficient and allowances." "In developed countries, if you dropped the price by 5%, you need to prove why." Besides, logistics is complicated, "he said.

The governor of Kamchatka supported entrepreneurs, noting that "it may be embarrassing to talk, but more than two-thirds of the contracts are not being implemented." "Companies from the mainland, who do not have such loads, after winning the contest, are offered to take part in our" for three kopecks "meeting, understanding that these are initially unworkable conditions, and contracts are terminated," Vladimir Ilyukhin said. "I have a competition in Kamenskoye for the second year, we can not begin the construction of a social object." Our people do not have the opportunities, comrades from the "mainland" can not perform .The 44-FZ must take these things into account, or we in the North, and not only Kamchatka, continue to limp about implementing our construction programs, which is very important for us, "he said. 

"If you answer formally, then purchases are the competence of the Ministry of Finance." If we respond in essence, we are actively engaged in the participation of small and medium-sized businesses in public procurement, it is one of the tasks of the SME Corporation to ensure equal conditions for the participation of business entities, and on the other hand , ensure that regional features are taken into account, "Maxim Parshin assured. "We need concrete examples to work with them," he added. 

“We are faced with the fact that business itself is afraid to participate in procurement procedures: it says that it is difficult. But whoever tried and used the available tools, they understand that anyone can participate and win. Let's see specific examples, including dumping. we are ready to intervene, "said Andrey Chuev, head of the regional development directorate of the SME Corporation.

Several businessmen asked the speakers questions on specific situations, including those related to the inaction of law enforcement agencies, after which Vladimir Ilyukhin proposed to hold direct meetings with businessmen in a monthly format.

Discussions at the forum of entrepreneurs will continue today during the day and tomorrow.

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