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Kamchatka, which is always with you

Kamchatka Terra Incognita CEO Lyubov Ryseva about her homeland and brand

At the Kremlin in Moscow, on the golden beaches of Turkey and near the famous sights of Europe - a reminder of Kamchatka can now be found everywhere. This was made possible thanks to a new direction in the souvenir industry of the region - clothes with various thematic prints, which they began to make primarily for guests of the peninsula, and then it turned out that the locals, being patriots of their native land, were not averse to trying on a dress or a T-shirt with the inscription " Kamchatka, with the image of a brown bear or killer whale. About how it all began and what one idea led to, says Lyubov Ryseva, general director of Kamchatka Terra Incognita.

Kamchatka, which is always with you
- Tell me, how did you get the idea of ​​this project, how long did you have it?

- The idea actually arose for a reason, we are engaged in tourism, and the goal of promoting and popularizing Kamchatka appeared. Demonstrating the potential of our region in clothing, we reflected the main themes - killer whales, whales, of course, bears, foxes and wild salmon. All this is that part of the unique nature that we wanted, on the one hand, to show, and on the other, to preserve for other generations.
- How did the idea come to life?

- A goal arose, we were preparing for it for a very long time - we were selecting designers, looking for those who could sew for us, and when it all came together in a very strong chain of very responsible people, we decided that the time had come and we were ready to enter the market with a quality product and give people nice and comfortable clothes.

- Was it a request from your tourists?

- It was probably a necessity. Because when we come somewhere, to some corner of the world, we want to take something unique from there, while it is desirable not just to put it on a shelf, but to actively use it. And clothes are just the kind of products that, with good presentation, can be worn everywhere. We have already seen this in practice - first we launched a line of T-shirts, then a line of dresses, sweatshirts, sweatshirts. And our clothes are really in demand. It is worn both in Moscow and from Turkey we have already received photographs, and they go to work and relax in it ... It was not just bought, presented and forgotten, it was put on and gone.
- You spoke about the complex scheme of selecting those people who brought your idea to life. What difficulties did you encounter in this matter?

- We wanted to create prints that would express the uniqueness of our region and please everyone, regardless of age and gender. I think we have succeeded. With prints, after all, the situation is like this: either you immediately want to try them on and wear them, or they leave you indifferent. Therefore, I wanted our prints to have some kind of magnetism. I contacted several designers, including those in Moscow. There were a lot of options viewed. When the option appeared, which we finally settled on, it became clear: this is what we were looking for, and new stages of work began. At each subsequent stage, of course, responsible people were also required. For example, a typography that prints. We chose from several, also determined between several methods of application. We chose factories. Faced with the fact that they promised one quality, but in fact it turned out another. It was a lengthy process, but the specialists whom we eventually settled on, whom I trusted, worked great. I am very proud of our partners, they were imbued with our idea and did their job at the highest level.

- Clothes with which prints are most popular?

 - I cannot say that some prints have become our favorites, but we have rejected some. There is no such. Each print in the line comes with a specific context. Print "Bear" - with the inscription "Kamchatka is the home of the bear", print "Killer whale" - "Kamchatka is my wave", clothes with a whale are decorated with the inscription "Kamchatka - the world of whales". All prints are in demand and are in demand. Moreover, I'll tell you a secret, we are planning to expand the line.
- What is the ratio of demand for your products among residents of the region and among tourists?

- Since we have a travel company, initially our first customers were tourists, and our products became in demand. Now we are even asked to make a pick-up point in Moscow. At the same time, it so happened that we entered the local market much later. Quite recently we took part in the Yelizovskaya Autumn fair. This is a large Kamchatka project where local manufacturers are exhibited, and we presented our products at this event. The local residents were very interested. And now people come to us, looking for us, asking where they can buy our products. That is, we saw a great demand in the domestic market. Of course, we will be happy to work for our local market, because we really love our land.
- Are there any ideas for new directions?

- In fact, my enthusiasm is combined with a very great pragmatism, and this is more likely not about calculating how much we will earn, but about what will happen next. I see my project as a way of expressing great love for Kamchatka. Probably, we will make a line of modern souvenir products - these are thermoses, mugs with which you can drink tea on a hike, backpacks with which you can travel around the world. I am sure that it will be done wonderfully, it will be in demand and will become an excellent means of popularizing Kamchatka.
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