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How we caught salmon on the Kolyma

How we caught salmon on the Kolyma

Have you ever caught red fish? Atlantic or Pacific salmon? Pink salmon, coho, chum? I caught ... And I want to tell about the next fishing trip ...

Dial with a friend - we're going, let's go. Today, plans are to settle in the licensed salmon fishing area near the Oira River, at 70 kilometers from Magadan. Well, it is clear why ... We will catch pink salmon and chum salmon. In the sea. Networks. Completely officially - under license.

I am not a big fan of fishing nets. But red caviar and fish should be prepared ... Therefore, let's go. Comrade left earlier - it is necessary to stake out a plot and issue a license. I lingered a bit until I gathered my family and things.

The road to the license area passes through two passes - and then along the shore of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, past the village of Armand. On the way the weather was terrible - the fogs on the passes, it's not visible. Along the sea like a better - at least there was no drizzle. The air temperature is about 9 degrees.

Somewhere in an hour and a half they were in the place of fishing. How the license is arranged - a section is allocated on the seashore, which is spread out to the fishing grounds. The places of fishing are meters wide by 100. At the beginning of the site (not fundamentally) put a booth with the inspector. You drive up to him for a license. You are given a plot and give a catch rate. You can arrive in advance - like us. The catch rate is 10 pink salmon and 2 chum salmon. Catching is allowed by networks with a certain mesh size. The license cost is 650 rubles. It is possible to take two sites nearby - if they are free. I caught it, I did not catch it - money does not come back - this year, in general, the infernal rules of fishing. Previously, they took a license for 100 rubles - and then in fact they paid extra for the caught fish. Now, you pay everything at once. Bad.

By my arrival - comrade license has already taken. For tomorrow - today the fishing has already been completed. Therefore, we equip the camp - spend the night, and in the morning of an hour at 7 - we put networks ...

ps Two bowls are not accidental. To the left is the fish. To the right is caviar.

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