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How I spent this summer: geology students were amazed by the beauty of Yakutia

Summer practice allowed NEFU students to see the picturesque places of the republic

Geology is pure romance. Even a summer practice with geology students helps to realize this - you can see the most picturesque places inaccessible to ordinary people. Yakutian Ivan Indeyev told where future geologists visit and what unique places they visit.

How I spent this summer: geology students were amazed by the beauty of Yakutia

22-year-old Ivan Indeev began his graduation school year in September. Summer 2020, like previous seasons, the young man spent in the field - he was in the Momsky district of Yakutia, which is known for its picturesque mountainous landscape.

“I already want to go back,” Ivan admits and says that already from the first year he had the opportunity to visit different parts of his native Yakutia during educational and industrial practices.

Ivan was born in Yakutsk, in high school he learned that there are special training grounds in the republic where future geologists undergo practical training. It became interesting, and the young man entered the geological faculty of the North-Eastern Federal University.

After the first year of study, the young man discovered the Nokhtuisky training ground in the Olekminsky district, the base of which has existed for more than 30 years. The polygon is interesting in that almost four km of solid ancient sediments with an age of more than 600 million years are observed within its boundaries. This unique section reflects the history of the development of the Earth during the life of archaeocyates and trilobites with a period of 100 million years.

After the second year, Ivan went with fellow students to the Tompon training ground. For more than 45 years of the existence of the Tompon training ground of the North-Eastern Federal University, more than 2 sophomore students have undergone field geological survey practice on its basis.

“The Tompon educational geological survey site of NEFU is a unique natural object and is recognized as one of the best educational bases in Russia. This is the territory closest to Yakutsk with a mountainous relief, which has a large number of interesting geological objects characteristic of folded areas and well accessible for study, ”explains Maxim Tretyakov, Dean of the NEFU State Geological Fund.

The training grounds are quite comfortably equipped, there are the necessary premises for the comfortable life of students during the internship: these are residential buildings, a dining room, a office room for processing collected information and watching films during rest, sports grounds and even a bathhouse.

After the third year Ivan was already awaiting an industrial practice. The student chose Mirny and came to the International mine of ALROSA.

“There I plunged into all this underground romance of miners. It is very interesting in the subway, it is not forgotten, ”the young man recalls.

This summer Ivan went to pre-graduation practice. I got a job at the Polymetal company in the Momsky district.

“This year, in comparison with previous ones, the field season was held in“ wild ”conditions: tents, a fire, no communication. But it was fun. We walked tens of kilometers, crossing high mountains. We went with geologists to describe the ditches, took furrow samples from there and lowered them from the mountain on ourselves - and they weigh 20-40 kg. I liked everything very much, it is very beautiful there, ”says Ivan.

It is not complete without adventures. One day a bear attacked the group. The geologists were saved by the fact that one of the guys lit a signal fire. The beast got scared and fled into the forest.

“What I like most is that during each field season you start to appreciate any little things, even bread with mayonnaise and sausage,” laughs Ivan Indeev.

He is also confident that field practitioners develop patience, endurance and reaction. In the field, the student warns, it is often necessary to climb mountains along dangerous slopes or bypass high waterfalls, however, not only guys, but also girls successfully participate in this.

Such trips, among other things, are a good opportunity to earn money. However, Ivan draws attention, it all depends on the company in which you get on the distribution. For example, in Mirny, even novice geologists can earn 35-45 thousand rubles a month.

Now the student has to spend an academic year in the city, but his soul is already torn to freedom. The young man shares his plans: he would like to work a couple of field seasons in Africa or India.

“I think geologists are needed now, so you won’t stay poor!” The student believes.

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