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How is it safe in Khabarovsk to insure your life and make money on it?

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How is it safe in Khabarovsk to insure your life and make money on it?
1 What happened?

In the Khabarovsk Territory, the life insurance market is gaining momentum. According to experts, the fees in this segment in the region for 2018 year exceeded several billion rubles. Meanwhile, investing money in life insurance investment, customers face a number of difficulties. What are we talking about and how to avoid potential problems? And is it even possible to make money on this?

2 What is investment life insurance?

Investment Life Insurance (IZhS) - a product consisting of two parts. First, it is directly the life insurance of the client. Secondly, a financial instrument that allows you to earn income by investing part of the money contributed to various financial assets offered by the insurer (bonds or shares of various companies representing different sectors of the economy, precious metals, etc.). In simple words: you pay the insurer money, and he invests them in different assets and thus multiplies them, while he earns on the client's commission.

According to classical standards under an IH contract, money is paid to the insured or his relatives in two cases: he survives until the expiration of the contract or in case of death for any reason. Insurance premium paid: 100% of contribution paid plus investment income earned. For example, the IZhS program of Otkritie Bank, with which we wrote this material, provides for the possibility of receiving investment income from placement in stock market instruments.

3 What troubles can you face?

Experts talk, for example, about situations when a representative of an insurance company did not warn a client that in case of termination of the contract he would lose the money invested, and not just the income from them. Or when the early termination of the contract was not provided in principle, even with the commission and when the company excluded payment on the death of the insured, despite the fact that usually life insurance implies this.

4 What should I pay attention to?

First of all, very carefully read the contract when buying a policy, and, of course, contact the organizations providing the service on the most transparent terms. So, among the key advantages of individual housing stock of Otkritie Bank

  • 100% guarantee of return on investment at the end of the contract;

  • confidentiality of deposits - no need to declare the investment;

  • validity of the 24 contract per hour anywhere in the world.

And according to the terms of the bank, payments are not subject to division in case of a divorce or confiscation, and only those persons who are specified in the contract receive them. In addition, it provides for the possibility of receiving a tax deduction and preferential tax treatment, exemption from taxes on inherited payments and payments on risks.

5 Is it possible to reduce the risks and how to do it?

There are several basic recommendations. First, check before signing the contract, how much you lose in case of early termination. Most programs are rated for 3-5 years. At the same time, the client is not always warned that in case of termination of the contract, he will lose not only the investment income earned during this time, but also part of his investments.

Secondly, from time to time, record your investment income. This is an opportunity to demand a report on the amount of your investment income and, if there is income, according to your application, fix it (that is, make it fireproof and returnable at the end of the contract).

Thirdly, keep not only the insurance policy, but also the contract, and the receipt of payment. Finally, do not hide the existing serious diseases. If the diagnosis is deliberately hidden, but is found in medical records, then after the death of the insured, his heirs will receive nothing.

6 Will IZH conditions change? 

Experts call the life insurance market a fast-growing one, but they do not predict how it will change until they refrain. Carefully analyze the conditions. For example, Otkrytie Bank, within the framework of the IZhS program, offers the minimum amount of insurance against 50 thousand rubles at a time for the insurance period from 3 to 5 years. At the same time, survival until the expiration of the contract guarantees the payment of 100% of the sum insured + additional investment income. If death happens for any reason - 100% of the sum insured and additional investment income will be paid, and death due to an accident - 200% insurance amount + additional investment income.

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