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How to successfully start a business in the TOP: Sberbank experts will tell and help

For entrepreneurs who are interested in doing business in the Far East, a joint conference of Sberbank and the Corporation for the Development of the Far East (KRDV) will be held on August 5. Experts will tell you how it is better and more profitable to do business in the regions of the district, what preferences can be given by the status of a resident of the TOP or the Free Port of Vladivostok (FPV). In addition, Sberbank specialists will talk about their own products for entrepreneurs, which can simplify work in several ways.

Tatiana Astakhova, Director of the Small Business Sales Department of Far Eastern Sberbank, shared the details of the future meeting and the role of Sber in the development of the Far Eastern business.

How to successfully start a business in the TOP: Sberbank experts will tell and help
Photo: Sberbank

- Tatiana, please tell us more about the future conference. What experts are invited and what should the business representatives expect?

- The most important thing is that all entrepreneurs of the Far East can participate in the online conference. The broadcast will take place online link from 15:00 Vladivostok time (08:00 Moscow time). Conference participants only need to register in advance link.

The main focus will be on preferences for residents of priority development areas and the free port of Vladivostok. Experts of the KRDV will speak to the participants, representatives of Sberbank will tell you how to become a resident of ASEZ and FPV. Entrepreneurs will be able to figure out how these economic regimes differ and how businesses can benefit from government support. Tax incentives, requirements for projects applying for concessional lending (Government Decree No. 1818), and the procedure for obtaining subsidies will be dealt with separately.

- Have already existing residents of the ASEZ and FPV been invited to exchange experience?

- Of course, several active residents of the TOP and FPV will share case studies from their work. They will talk about their successes, share their experiences and discuss problematic issues that they encountered in the process of starting or running a business.

- The modern entrepreneur must change with time. Sometimes it's not easy. But how not to miss that moment, opportunity, or great deal? Especially when the company's own funds are not enough right now. Are there any special financial instruments from Sberbank that can help with this?

- During the pandemic, the banking sector has undergone major changes. In particular, online products and services have grown rapidly. Quarantine measures, a high alert regime - all this forced the switch to non-cash payments more and more and use technologies that simplify financial transactions.

In response to this challenge of the time, Sberbank has developed an effective product for entrepreneurs - a business credit card. It is free, it can be issued completely online in just one minute - no visit to the bank is required. Even a plastic carrier can be omitted - it is issued electronically.

This product combines several functions at once. On the one hand, this is an ordinary business card with a credit limit. But she has a nice bonus. If you connect to the "Business Cashback" program, you can return a part of the cost from any purchases. And if serviced by the bank's partners, this can be done throughout the country, then an increased interest-free period will be in effect.

- So now loans for business are fading into the background? Or are they more effective for some purposes?

- A bank loan, including for a business, is a tool for obtaining additional financing for the development of one's business or for paying the expenses of an enterprise. Entrepreneurs can apply for both targeted and non-targeted loans. In the latter case, the money received can be used to purchase raw materials for production, settlements with contractors, launch a new project or buy real estate. And when receiving a targeted loan, you must strictly observe the tasks stated when making an application.

Service considerations will also depend on these parameters. With the purpose of the loan, the client must confirm the expenses with documents: contracts, acts and invoices. And the misuse of credit funds will not require any documents.

- Ordinary users of mobile banking applications have long been attracted to the fact that the bank's products and services can be used around the clock and in just a few clicks. Are such solutions available to entrepreneurs?

- Now Sberbank is one of the few Russian banks that has developed a smart loan for individual entrepreneurs. The entire process of its registration - from submitting an application to crediting money - takes place in the mobile application completely online. No paper documents and office visits are required.

- What is a smart loan?

- This is a new product on the market that uses customer data analysis. Based on this analysis, small and micro-enterprise clients receive a pre-approved offer. All parameters are calculated individually, and money can be used to purchase goods, pay for services, purchase vehicles, equipment, real estate and other purposes.

Moreover, you can apply and receive money in Sberbank now even on weekends and holidays. Previously, the consideration of the application took more than four hours, and the transfer of money after registration on non-working days was carried out only on the next weekday. Now, the issuance procedure after approval takes from two minutes both on weekdays and on weekends.

The bank's specialists are ready to select the most suitable lending product for each client in Sberbank's offices. Detailed conditions are also posted on the Sberbank website.

- What other settlement tools does Sberbank offer now?

- You can use a business card. This is such a checking account in the pocket of the manager or key employees of the company who make money transactions. Like a regular bank card, access to money is provided online 24/7 and seven days a week. The use of such a tool is obviously more convenient than money transfers from a legal entity's account and other operations.

Time has long been an important economic category: the ability to quickly respond to market conditions and the ability to instantly make transfers and payments. Such a product allows you not to miss out on benefits.

- Are there any restrictions on Sberbank's business cards?

- This product has no particular restrictions. With the help of a business card, you can make any payments and transfers: pay for the delivered goods, the service provided by the contractor, purchases for the office. And the transfer works in the same way as the transfer between current accounts. In this case, the recipient can be both an entrepreneur and an individual. You can even withdraw cash from ATMs. At the same time, a business card may have bonuses, for example, in the form of a free service period, discounts, cashback, offers and promotions from the bank and its partners.

- What is such a card for employees? And can it be used, for example, by a company accountant?

- A business card is a tool that is convenient for both the manager and employees. For one current account, you can issue several cards, set a limit for each and transfer it to employees. Such work helps to speed up many financial and business operations in the company. In addition to business processes, with such a card it is much easier to organize a business trip for an employee, pay for tickets, a hotel. When traveling abroad with this card, you do not have to think about currency exchange - the amounts are converted automatically into the currency of the country in which payments are now being made. The manager, however, can change the established limit at any time. You can also connect an SMS notification to know about each transaction on a business card.

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