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How Free will also become comfortable

The most effective integrated city development plan for Free is to make it realistic

How Free will also become comfortable
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After the Komsomolsk-on-Amur began to develop according to a comprehensive plan (for which active Internet users have already dubbed it "the city of presidential attention"), another similar large-scale settlement in the Far East - the city of Svobodny in the Amur Region. Last week Minvostokrazvitiya Russia officially announced the development of an appropriate comprehensive plan for the development of the Amur regional center.

As noted in the release of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, a comprehensive development plan will be aimed at modernizing the city's social infrastructure. It is noteworthy that "the need to modernize which [social infrastructure, - note ER] is due to the construction in the region of Russia's largest natural gas processing enterprise - the Amur GPP with an investment volume of more than 690 billion rubles." For this, it is planned to create a territory of advanced development "Svobodnenskaya", - the ministry said.

At the moment, a set of priority measures has been developed to develop the social sphere of the city of Svobodny, which takes into account the results of a sociological survey of residents. The list includes objects of health care, sports, culture of education and housing and communal services. According to preliminary estimates, financing of these facilities will require 3 billion rubles. These measures envisage the construction of a new maternity hospital, reconstruction of a building for antenatal care, construction of a new school for 528 children, construction of a sports and recreation center, reconstruction of the railway workers' recreation center and overhaul of the Lazo recreation center, as well as modernization of the city's communal infrastructure.

Separately, a set of measures is considered for the creation of new social infrastructure facilities in the Svobodny microdistrict, being built for employees involved in the implementation of the Amur Gas Processing Plant project. Among them - the construction of a culture and leisure center, a universal sports and training complex, a polyclinic with an adult and children's departments, a kindergarten and a secondary school.

Corresponding explanations to the EastRussia correspondent about why the main planned activities included those mentioned above were given by the Deputy Minister for the Development of the Far East Arthur Niyazmetov, who oversees the development of the plan for the city of Svobodny. It is noteworthy that Arthur Niyazmetov himself is a native of this city.

“In addition to the sociological survey, a number of meetings were organized directly on the spot to solve and develop a comprehensive plan for the social and economic development of the city Free. We tried to look as detailed as possible - for example, we found out that city residents have great difficulties in using a number of medical services, in particular - maternity counseling and maternity hospital. So, the consultation is located on the top floor of the hotel in very cramped conditions, which causes discomfort for city dwellers. Another discovery is that there is not a single full-fledged gym in the city. And the existing Houses of Culture in the city, although in demand for various events, are in a rather neglected state, ”explained Arthur Niyazmetov.

At the same time, he drew the attention of a correspondent of EastRussia to the fact that special attention will be given to the road infrastructure when developing the plan. Currently, the issue of changing the methods and approaches for the distribution of road funds of the region and the city is being worked out, since earlier the distribution was based on the population and did not take into account the length of the roads.

As for the creation of a microdistrict for the future employees of the Amur Gas Processing Plant, then, according to Arthur Niyazmetov, this will require significant investments, including taking into account the requirements of seismicity of the territory on which the facilities will be built. It is quite difficult to talk about a specific cost, because different construction options are considered, from typical to individual projects.

In turn, speaking about the timeline for implementation of the plan, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the East Development noted that it is possible to make the priority things noticeable and tangible within two years. At the same time, the Ministry of Development itself aims to make, thanks to the implementation of the plan, some changes in the social sphere of the city of Svobodny visible for the residents next year. The mode of the territory of advanced development will accelerate these changes.

In response to an appeal by an EastRussia correspondent to the Government of the Amur Region about the extent to which the social infrastructure of the Free is today in need of emergency and dramatic improvement, he was told the following:

“It is no secret to anyone that the majority of social facilities in the city of Svobodny are currently in unsatisfactory condition. So, for example, now in the city there is not a single cultural facility capable of hosting tour events of federal and even regional art groups. The provision of residents with services of physical education and sports facilities is also unacceptable low. Adults and children simply have no place to study. The state of health facilities, in particular obstetrics and obstetrics, is also critical, does not meet all health standards. In the field of education, there is a congestion of schools, in the central part of the city there is a need to train children in the 3 shift! This is despite the fact that the country's leadership set the task of transferring to single-shift training. That is, the need for an integrated approach to the development of the social sphere of the town of Svobodny was long overdue, and especially it was emphasized by the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, which he gave at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in September of this year, ”said the press service of the Amur region.

According to the press service commentary, in one way or another, practically all areas of the social sphere require modernization and development in the city. But most of all - the local maternity ward. The maternity hospital is located on the territory of the hospital town of Svobodny, in a two-story brick building 1973, built - the premises do not meet the requirements of SanPiNs, building wear is 65,0%. The building makes a depressing impression: the windows are deformed, the roof is unsatisfactory. Since the building has no basement - all communications are on the first floor.

At the same time, with regard to new social infrastructure facilities, according to the press service of the Amur Region Government, the city needs new cultural and leisure facilities, it is not enough sports halls to practice mobile sports.

“The plan of comprehensive socio-economic development is the necessary measure that will unite all already implemented in the territory of the city of Svobodny and the measures proposed for the first time. On the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District, we will become the second subject after the Khabarovsk Territory, the significance of the development of the municipal formation of which is emphasized both by a separate instruction of the President and later by a separate regulatory act of the Russian Government. This status will significantly contribute to our work with federal authorities on the inclusion of social facilities in various government programs of the Russian Federation. In addition, the plan combines in itself both the construction of a new residential settlement to provide for the accommodation of workers of the SOR Svobodnenskaya enterprises and the modernization of the existing social and communal infrastructure in the territory of Svobodny. The consistency of these two parts of the plan, given the high level of functional and technological equipment of social infrastructure facilities planned in the framework of the residential settlement “Svobodnenskaya” compared with residents of the "Northern" neighborhood, - noted in the press service of the Government of the Amur region.

Finally, according to the press service's comment, there is confidence that the most effective comprehensive development plan should make it realistic. "This means that we do not build air locks, we do not plan for something impossible. All items of the plan have been worked out by us with the Administration of the city of Svobodny, from Minvostokrazvitiya of Russia, with the branch federal ministries for the existence of a specific mechanism for implementing the proposed measures, the source of funding, "the press service added.

Meanwhile, in the expert community, they are more comfortable with the plan being developed. Thus, State Duma deputy Ivan Abramov believes that in many respects the success of the implementation of the plan will depend on how the control over the spending of budgetary funds will be implemented within its framework.

"The developed plan will effectively affect the development of the social infrastructure of the city of Svobodniy mainly by means of the corresponding financing, since whatever content it possesses, the results of its implementation in the hands of the mayor of the city and the authorities of the region," says Ivan Abramov. Efficiency can be achieved by controlling the spending of budgetary funds, and also by ensuring that during the implementation of the plan, officials pursue not personal gain, but be attracted by caring for the city. To improve it so that its residents really notice it, because now it often turns out that for all its good purposes and allocation of certain funds to the Russian regions - everything seems to be good for the document, but as a result of the margin that it takes itself One or another official, objects, the creation and modernization of which is stipulated in the document, at the exit - substandard.For example, when moving to the same new housing people still remain unhappy. That is, the problem, in fact, remains unresolved. "

As an example, the deputy cited the following example: "At one time, Gazprom provided funds for the creation of a number of facilities on the Svobodnenskaya highway. Several tens of millions of rubles were started and invested without full preparation. As a result, they came to the conclusion that wrong place and wrong conditions. "

At the same time, in the expert community, the EastRussia correspondent was concerned that the developed plan, with all its advantages, may have a deficit in financing.

"Pay attention to the fact that the Far Eastern program is now very poorly funded," Natalya Zubarevich, director of the regional program of the Independent Institute for Social Policy, comments to the EastRussia correspondent. "The reason for this is simple - there are no funds in the federal budget. No, not only for the Far Eastern program, but also for many others - at present, many state programs are financed by only 30-40%. Therefore, the probability that the financing of the development plan for Svobodny will be incomplete is definitely there. Moreover, it is growing, since the situation with the federal budget does not improve. ”, - noted Natalia Zubarevich.

Thus, today there are two trends that can not but rejoice: the Minsk region has actively started to engage in such an instrument of the development of the Far East as comprehensive plans for the social and economic development of individual cities, and also pay more attention to the social sphere of this region. On the other hand, one can not but notice the fact that the impetus for engaging in social issues now does not directly meet the needs of the population of the Far East, the severity of which is great, but the need to accompany the coming industries with social infrastructure. In other words, it turns out that the so-called social network in the Far East today is more a concern for production than for people. Of course, the result is important in itself, rather than what results in it. But still.

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Financing of the comprehensive development plan of the Free will be carried out from several state programs. To ensure its provision, the Presidential Plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Labor has been instructed to include funds for the implementation of the plan's activities in the "Far Eastern" sections of the State Programs. At the same time, in order to fully ensure the financing plan, the commission was instructed to consider the possibility of attracting for its activities the funds of the nonprofit organization "Monocities Development Fund", since the city of Svobodny is one of them.
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