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How to become a broker and not lose money

"In Sberbank there are professionals whose recommendations can be skillfully used!"

"Two-digit" income with minimal risks: Sberbank's customers now have the opportunity to earn with the help of a personal brokerage account. The free mobile application "Sberbank Investor" gives users access to market information, and experienced experts help them navigate the exchange.

How to become a broker and not lose money
Many Russian banks and brokerage firms are offering to open their own brokerage account today. And the first thing that customers face is the minimum amount of start-up capital, without which it is impossible to start trading. There are no restrictions on entering the market in Sberbank; everything depends on the investor himself and on what securities he wants to buy. You can go to financial freedom by forming your own securities portfolio even with very modest initial investments.

At the initial stage, customers are also afraid of unfamiliar specific terms, as well as the possible red tape with the documents and the risk of being burned out and losing both the investment and the money earned. Natalya Piven from Khabarovsk, for the first time, opened a brokerage account in Sberbank as a natural person for the first time in the company Transelektro-Territorial Shopping Area The company sells electrical and cable products and Natalia plans to open another brokerage account, but already as a legal entity.

- We have been with Sberbank for 10 years for sure, this is a reliable bank, we like everything, - Natalia Piven shares. - Therefore, the question did not even arise which broker we would be. Initially, we used the data of the Moscow exchange for analytical purposes, to draw parallels between our activities and what is happening on the market as a whole, to watch the dynamics, activity, etc. Then we decided to make our financial dreams come true, to work on the stock exchange. Business cannot be stopped, it is constantly taking on new forms, and the task of an entrepreneur is to constantly develop and maintain the dynamics of the chosen directions. We had no doubts or fears, because we knew what we would do. Our main goal of working on the exchange is to form a balanced portfolio so that it brings us good dividends every year.

Opening a brokerage account with Sberbank is quite simple. The most convenient and simple way is the Sberbank Online mobile application, where additional documents are not required. It is possible to open a brokerage account at the Sberbank office. To do this, the client needs to have a passport of a citizen of Russia, it is advisable to know the number of his account on a deposit or bank card. It is to this account that funds will be received from the client's brokerage account. It is also necessary to provide an e-mail address and phone number to which SMS messages will be received when entering the Quik program, designed to view and analyze stock quotes, and execute transactions. The paperwork process takes no more than 10 minutes. Employees of brokerage departments will acquaint you with the terms of service and answer all your questions.

For legal entities to conclude a brokerage service agreement, it is necessary to present a package of documents similar to that presented for opening a current account.
“In Sberbank, through the Sberbank Investor mobile app, you can get access to the investment ideas of the best Sberbank analysts, who will tell you where to invest money in order to reduce risk and earn income,” said Natalia.

The Sberbank Investor mobile application makes it possible to monitor quotes on the stock and foreign exchange market in real time and to act promptly, make purchase and sale transactions, track open positions and the result of them. The application helps newbie investors earn on the stock exchange, save and increase, develop their own competent investment tactics. Also available is the FAQ function (answers to frequently asked questions) and announcements of new services and services.

Since March of this year, the currency section of the Moscow Exchange has become available to Sberbank clients. Its members can buy currency at "live" prices that differ from the usual bank rates. It is enough to open a brokerage account, add rubles to it, buy currency and withdraw it back by bank transfer. The minimum transaction amount is one thousand US dollars or an equal amount in another currency traded on the exchange. The average brokerage commission is 0,3% of the turnover. Sberbank clients can open an account, register in the system and install the necessary software for free. The bank does not take a commission for withdrawing funds and does not act as a tax agent.

You can open an individual investment account (SIS) in Sberbank. This is a brokerage account option that allows you to increase investment income to 52 thousand rubles per year thanks to a tax deduction that is provided by the state. 

- When transferring funds to the IIS, the client gets the right not only to a possible income from trading, but also to one of two types of tax deductions that significantly increase the efficiency of investments. Using one of them, you can either get 13% on the deposited funds (in the amount of no more than 400 thousand rubles) from the previously paid personal income tax, or completely exempt from taxation of investment income received through trading through the IIS. You can replenish an investment account throughout the calendar year within 1 million rubles, explains Yuri Dyatlov, director of the Global Markets Department of the Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank PJSC.

The taxpayer can take advantage of the deduction by presenting declarations and documents on the transfer of funds to the IMS to the tax service and writing an application for a tax refund. You can choose the option of exemption from payment of income tax received from operations in the stock market under an individual investment account. A tax deduction will be provided at the end of the contract to maintain the investment account. If you close the IIS in less than three years, the right to benefit will be lost. It is impossible to choose both options for deduction - for contributions and for income at the same time.

You can learn more on the official website of Sberbank in the section of investment brokerage services.
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