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How will crab auctions?

The expert predicts that the crab auctions will have a lot of questions about fairness and transparency

How will crab auctions?

Alexander Saveliev

Head of the Fisheries Information Agency
The risks and consequences of the crab auctions were reported to the media regularly for a year and a half, while there was talk of breaking the basic, historical principle of the Russian fishing legislation. Since 12 in May, crab auctions have become the legislative norm and now it remains to observe the onset of these effects, which absolutely all market participants warned about.

Wait is not long. The Federal Agency for Fisheries reported that the first crab auctions will be held before 1 this September.

True, it is still necessary to issue regulatory legal acts provided for by the law on crab auctions. Some of them are already exposed for public comment on the portal. It is envisaged that the term of the contract is 15 years. If the auction will be held before November 1, the deadline is set from January 1 of the next year, and after November 1 - from January 1 of the second year following the auction year.

The budget of the Russian Federation for 2019 for the year of the crab auctions has already laid income in the amount of 40,9 billion rubles, in 2020 year - 41 billion rubles. That is the motive to hurry is essential.

Based on the text of the project, the winners of the auction are planned to impose obligations for the construction of ships. To conclude an agreement on securing and giving them a quota share, you will need a copy of the agreement with the shipyard, agreed with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, as well as the project schedule for the construction of the investment object.

An approximate form of an agreement on securing and granting a quota share has been proposed. At the same time, if the law says that mining rights are granted for 15 years, then for some reason, the period in 10 years remains in approximate form.

However, all this is nothing compared to what awaits us directly on the electronic trading platform. We have already witnessed more than once when information security experts discovered and proved in the course of the investigations in the Federal Antimonopoly Service the facts of deliberate violation of auction rules by the owners of these same electronic trading platforms. On the basis of the revealed facts, it is fit to write an anthology of “unfair play”. This is the inability of the user to enter the site under his account, and the inability to enter the security code from the robot, the inability to click on the purchase button, and the change in the interface of the site system compared to previous successful bidding - the absence of some page elements, etc. the inability to change the password, and the lack of response of the electronic system to the actions of the bidder.

Will Rosrybolovstvo work the first time as it should? And will the industry agree on exactly how this system works the first time? We will follow the issue.
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