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How to build a fishing fleet in Russia by one amendment

You will not build, the fisherman, in Russia the fleet till 1 January 2025 year - you will not catch a fish

How to build a fishing fleet in Russia by one amendment

Andrey Krainiy

Ex-head of Rosrybolovstva, State Secretary of the Eurasian Development Bank

Former head of the Federal Agency for Fishery, Andrei Krainy After all, how is the main task formulated? We need to build new ships, and exclusively on Russian ropes. How long will it take? 8-10 years. And then, under the constructed ships, these, so to speak, new keels give the company additional quotas. To do this, you do not have to turn inside out the Fisheries Act, you don’t need to be wise at all. I suggest a ready-made wording: with the use of fishing fleet vessels flying under the State flag of the Russian Federation, fishing vessels built in the Russian Federation, fishing vessels built beyond the limits of mi of the Russian Federation before 16 January 3.1 of the year by order of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs specified in the 1 part of this article. ” The 2019 part of the 3 article comes into effect on January 3.1 of the 16 year. Everything. The task is completely solved in the terms planned by the officials, without special normative balancing act.

After all, look at what Rosrybolovstvo offers today: 32-page work with explanations on 18 sheets, plus a list of normative acts necessary for passing the law - on 15 sheets. In addition, it is planned to adopt an 31 decree and one decree of the RF Government, 6 orders of the Ministry of Agriculture. It is necessary to change and recognize departmental acts, decrees and orders of the Government of the Russian Federation - as few as 11 documents. The present revolution of the legislation on fisheries and in the fisheries of the country as a whole. What is the point? In my opinion, this short amendment suffices.

Let me remind you that the law on fishing in 2004 was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This decision ensured the establishment of order in the fishing industry, an increase in fish catch by 1 million tons, up to 4.2 million tons per year and an increase in the consumption of fish products up to 22 kg per year per one inhabitant of Russia. Life has proven that the Fisheries Law has worked, and the industry has taken an even keel, economic indicators confirm this. Yes, time moves forward and sets new frontiers. Renewal of the fishing fleet is the number one task. In addition, there are the goals of developing processing, returning Russia to the distant regions of the World Ocean, reducing the cost of fish production, increasing competitiveness, and ensuring the availability of fish for the inhabitants of the country. But, without a doubt, the fleet is the basis for solving all the listed tasks. It is he who provides the catch and the main production of fish products. Actually, this main task must be solved.

Today, fishermen do not see a clear solution to the main problem, they do not understand the bill, they do not know who will have whom and how many resources they will get and who will get everything. This is a fever in the industry. In my opinion, obviously overloaded texts of normative ideas are not worth it. It makes sense to carefully look at the current version of the Law on Fisheries in order to find the answer to the questions posed. There is a basis in the branch law, and if it is necessary to develop the Russian fish industry, then on the basis of the existing Law, it is possible to solve all new tasks, including stimulating the domestic shipbuilding.

The short amendment to the Law, which I mentioned, stimulates the inflow of private capital, to the creation of modern shipbuilding facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation, the attraction of new industrial technologies for the construction of the Russian fishing fleet. And this is already more than fishing shipbuilding, it is an influx of investments and new, as they say, technological competencies. We have the basis of civil shipbuilding, in the Far East, in the North, in the West, in the central part of the country. Private shipyards, not loaded with defense orders, are ready today to provide their sites for industrial cooperation and investment. Banks and leasing companies will also understand that the program for the re-equipment of fixed assets in the fishing industry is regulated by the Fisheries Law in a short and understandable manner: “if you cannot build a fisherman, you will not be able to fish in Russia before January 1, 2025”. Tough, but fair.

At the same time, this approach does not affect the volume of raw materials for the current work of enterprises, it excludes administrative factors, including the corrupt influence on the process of user access to aquatic bioresources under the pretext of “as if encouraging” shipbuilding. Such conditions of fleet renewal do not require state support in any form, exclude the options for officials to draw up various “lists of enterprises”, “approvals” and “commission approval” of the right to receive quotas of state support, exclude anyone lobbying interests of companies close to the state bureaucracy. This provision stimulates transparent market mechanisms for re-equipment of the industry, and places the overall responsibility for the construction of ships on shipowners. Take my word for it, the majority of fish producers are ready to build a fleet in Russia on such conditions, at their own expense, and at their own risk. They ask and beg only one thing - not to touch the quota of the annual allowable catch of aquatic biological resources approved by the industry regulator’s orders, because these volumes are the basis of their work, including the planning of investment programs for the construction of new vessels in Russia.

So, if you do not solve the problem of ensuring a bright financial future for a narrow circle of privileged fishing companies, as it happens today, do not try to rewrite the Law on Fisheries under them, then the problem is solved simply. Just a few lines of Article 16 of the Fishing Law and the goal set by the President of the Russian Federation will be achieved - to build a Russian fishing fleet at home in Russia. "

Comment EastRussia: 21 April, the Ministry of Agriculture urgently convenes a representative working group to implement the instructions of the President of Russia to improve the legislation on fishing. Urgently - because we all heard how during the Direct Line, Vladimir Putin expressed his belief that amendments to the fishing legislation would be made already in the spring session. 

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