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How to help drivers of the tourism industry DFO

Today, unfortunately, we can not yet point to any Russian region as an unconditional example of the development of tourism

However, we can confidently say that Russia has accumulated considerable successful experience of individual tourism projects. Moreover, in the Urals and in Eastern Russia there are successful projects that, due to similar conditions, can be replicated or be the basis for copying effective solutions in the tourist sphere of the Far East.

How to help drivers of the tourism industry DFO

Vladislav Shulaev

Co-Chairman of the RASO Committee for Branding and Promotion of Territories, Director for Promotion of the Territories of the AGT Communications Agency

One of the conditions for the rapid growth of the tourist sphere of the DFO is the development of driver projects, which in the next step will help advance the tourist sphere of the whole region. And here the balance between standard solutions guaranteeing a positive result, including in money terms, and individual developments, which, on the one hand, can potentially provide breakthrough results, but, on the other hand, carry the serious risks of an unsuccessful outcome, is important.

The experience of the regions shows that there are a certain number of formats of self-supporting projects that are successful for Russia, which are effectively implemented with a large number of attempts in various subjects, including serving the cause of territory advancement. This applies to historical fairs, half-marathons, New Year's estates, and so on. Analyzing the applicability of this experience to a specific territory is a separate work.

But there are unified solutions. As one of the fastest-selling, one can name the organization of official souvenir stalls with local products on the airport territory (local delicacies, tea, etc.). This "move" will be positively received by travelers, the tourism industry, local producers, the media, and experts. An example of effective implementation of this standard is Krasnoyarsk airport Emelyanovo. Almost ideally this issue is settled in the Caspian capital - shops with Astrakhan fish work both at the local airport and at the airport of Krasnodar.

It should be noted that on arrival in the Far East, tourists often have the need for warm clothes - hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters. Given the temperature difference, especially in the autumn-winter time, such products should be in demand. But none of the airports, this topic is not disclosed. As a good model (albeit not in the arrival hall) - a yurt with souvenirs in Taltsy near Irkutsk.

Another promising idea - the sale of souvenirs that show healing properties - is implemented so far in the Altai and Crimea. But investment in this industry requires first quality research and design.

Promotion of the main attractions is one of the priority measures for the development of tourism. In this regard, it is difficult to explain the rare mention even in official documents of the Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, both Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories are modestly silent. World practice shows that such a high status of attractions is usually placed on the main pages of sites and the first covers of booklets. Other Far Eastern regions, which have UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Lake Baikal, the Volcanoes of Kamchatka nature park, the Lena Pillars nature reserve), do the same: they provide information support, organize events, make routes and think over logistics.

In the DFO regions an incredible number of beautiful reserves, parks and reserves, and in 2017 - the Year of Protected Areas - you can implement many interesting projects based on them, but I would recommend for Khabarovsk Territory and Primorye to focus on Sikhote-Alin during this period . This will be a good test of the ability to effectively concentrate resources in a key area.

Yes, there are tourist destinations in the Far Eastern Federal District, for which there are no flawless analogues in Russia. As, for example, for the gambling zone "Primorye" of Vladivostok. And here it is necessary to move by trial and error with an eye to the normally poorly broadcast foreign experience. In a similar situation, gastronomic tourism, among the Russian leaders of which were the cuisine and restaurants of Vladivostok, as well as original national Yakut dishes. If the tour includes visiting the three best Yakut national restaurants - "Chochur Muran", "Mahtal", "Muus Khaya", then it's right to go to the capital of the republic to study gastronomic tourism to colleagues from neighboring regions.

At the same time, an excellent tourist product is the annual Diamond Week in Yakutsk, during which jewelry is sold at a discount, and a number of bright events take place in the city - obviously can not scale accordingly. The project can potentially attract several times more tourists from all over the world.

In 2014, Vladivostok was included in the rating of National Geographic magazine “Top-10 cities located on the ocean”. The recognized international oceanic accent of the capital of Primorye needs to be further targeted further. And what if we meet with tourists from Asia New Year in the easternmost ice-free port of continental Eurasia? The new year can arrive on the ship, and the live TV broadcast can be carried out from already ordinary drones. In order to use the benefit of tourism that has expanded after the construction of magnificent bridges of the inner water area of ​​Vladivostok, one should turn to the experience of St. Petersburg. In particular, the experience of the graduate celebration of the scarlet sails would be very useful.

One of the world's leading publishing houses of guidebooks, Lonely Planet, called the Trans-Siberian Railway "the king of Leviathan railway travels" and included it in the top five best routes on Earth for traveling by train. As a rule, the route Moscow - Vladivostok is called popular. However, due to the growing demand for a land tourist route from Asia to Europe, it is time to call the Trans-Siberian Railway Vladivostok-Moscow more often.

Great prospects for travel Vladivostok connects with the Primorsky Oceanarium. And here it would be very useful experience of similar Russian objects that received world recognition. According to the global portal TripAdvisor, the zoo of Novosibirsk takes 9 place in the ranking of the best zoos in Europe and the 18 place in the world, the aquarium of Voronezh - 8 place in Europe and 22 place among the best aquariums in the world, zoos in Nizhny Novgorod (" Limpopo ") and Izhevsk are included in the top 25 zoos in Europe.

The development of the industry is impossible without the creation of tourist routes and packages (besides, of course, improving the service and improving the skills of staff). Therefore, it is important, for example, immediately imagine a children's and family tours to Vladivostok, the main trump cards which can be the Oceanarium and Safari Park. And is there an appropriate amusement park, a puppet and children's theater, a water park? What about the Pacific version of Santa Claus, a cafe with children's areas, entertainment rooms and grounds on the territory of hotels?

Mountain-skiing complexes of the Far East as a model can be taken universally recognized successful projects of the Urals and Siberia - "Abzakovo", "Zavyalikha", the Krasnoyarsk fanpark "Bobrovy Log." But to focus on Sheregesh is complicated. Counting its impressive growth this ski resort leads from the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR 1981 year. Therefore, the goal of overtaking and surpassing the resort "Sheregesh" can be set only for the future - also at least 30 years, that is, for 2046 year. And it is desirable together with the project of reception of mountain-skiing competitions of level not below the Universiade.

For the domestic beach holiday, we do not have a lot of potential accommodation areas. Beaches of Primorye can become one of such directions. The Black Sea coast was developed by vacationers for more than 100 years, so it is worth to rely on more recent successful examples. For example, the development of the resort area of ​​Lake Baikal. However, the recent rapid transformation of Gelendzhik can also serve as a guiding star for the new beach resorts in Russia.

Considering the world and Russian trend of steady growth in the popularity of river cruise routes, the potential of Amur cruises is obvious. For Amur ship routes, the experience of primarily Yakutia with Lena cruises, the number of which has not decreased even after doubling the price of air tickets to Yakutsk, is relevant. The experience of continuing to gain momentum routes along the Volga and the Volga-Baltic waterway is still worth exploring, even though it is a densely populated European part of Russia.

Sea cruises to the easternmost point of Eurasia and Wrangel Island, impressive waves for surfing, a kaleidoscope of local events and festivals of regions, cities and nationalities, museums telling about the history of Pacific Russia almost unknown beyond the Urals - these growth points also require an individual development and promotion plan . In my opinion, with the support of the experience primarily of the Ural, Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts.

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