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By WEF on all sails

How many regattas will be held in Vladivostok during the forum, counted EastRussia

Perfection of a sailing yacht with raised white sails is a fascinating sight. An ideal combination of grace and power in the design of ships impress even those who are far from maritime romance. Vladivostok is a city of ports, ships and regattas, but even city dwellers do not always manage to look at the splendor and drive of sailing races, so viewers of such competitions are called lucky ones. In the days of the Eastern Economic Forum, the capital of Primorye will immediately receive four regattas - different, but all extremely beautiful and hazardous.

By WEF on all sails
Photo: Igor Novikov, Press Service of the Primorsky Territory Administration
The fight for the WEF Cup

Regatta is a competition on sailing yachts, consisting of a series of races. Participants need to go through a given distance, according to certain rules. In order to win the main cup of the regatta, this must be done soonest. The distance of short races, which will be the most for the WEF, consists of several loops or triangles that circle the buoys that mark the route. The length of the route is usually from a few cable to a few miles. Such a race is short, and therefore interesting, above all, by the tactical struggle of the crews.

In Vladivostok 12-13 September 3-I regatta for the "Cup of the Roscongress Fund in the Platu 25 class" will be held. 15 yachts will compete in short races in Ajax Bay as close to the shore as possible, so spectators who come to see the competitions will be able to enjoy the spectacle in full measure at close range.

- The main part of the participants will be coastal crews, two or three more will come from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Two days will be a series of six or seven short races, - said a member of the presidium of the Primorsky Federation of sailing Ilya Ermakov.

Class Platu 25 designed the legendary Bruce Farr in 1995 as a sports racing yacht. It is fast and at the same time easy to operate and set up a boat, ideal for a crew of five to six people. Now there are several thousand Platu 25 in the world, and in Russia until recently a full-fledged fleet for various competitions in this class existed only in Primorsky Krai, where all yachts of this class are symbolically named after Russian and foreign rock bands.

Some of the crews include girls. They are full members of mixed teams, and sometimes female crews make up a solid male competition and become winners and prize-winners of competitions.

During the WEF Cup, participants from the Primorsky Territory will have the opportunity to prepare for the next stage of the National Sailing League, which starts in Vladivostok a week after the forum.

As from a fairy tale

One of the most beautiful events of September in Primorye will be the "GFR Far Eastern Regatta of Sailing Ship 2018". It will be held in Vladivostok for the first time. This is one of the most prestigious sailing events in the world, in which the training sailboats of the whole world compete. On the way from port to port they compete in their own class, and the winner is determined in absolute classification.

In the regatta, sailboats and yachts longer than nine meters will take part, but this year the organizers decided to allow vessels that are a little over seven meters in length. The starting point of the regatta will be the South Korean port of Yeosu. The sailing ships will start on 1 September, and already 9 will be in Vladivostok.

- In the Amur Bay 11 September, if the wind conditions are favorable, there will be a race and a parade of large sailboats. Simultaneously, for cruising yachts up to 15 meters, short races will be held near the shore of Sportivnaya harbor, we expect more than 60-ti participants. It will be a great holiday of the beauty of sailing on the water, - Ilya Ermakov noted.

Seven training sailboats from Indonesia, Japan, Russia and South Korea will take part in the regatta. The most famous Russian sailing ships - the pride of Vladivostok - frigates "Nadezhda" and "Pallada". The latter is considered one of the fastest sailing ships in the world. During the 2007-2008 circumnavigation of the world, the Pallada set a world speed record of 18,8 knots.

The ship "Hope" was launched in 1991 year, and "Pallas" two years earlier. Both training sailboats were produced in the Polish Gdansk shipyard. "Hope" the ship was named after a sailing ship on board which 200 years ago Russian sailors under the command of Ivan Kruzenshtern and Yuri Lisyansky for the first time in the history of the Russian fleet circumnavigated the world. And Pallas was given a name in honor of the famous Russian ship, which in 1852 went from Kronstadt to Japan through three oceans with a diplomatic mission.

Dreams Come True

From 1 on 24 September another competition among yachts will take place - the international sailing regatta "Far East Cup 2018" (Far East Cup 2018). Two years in a row, it was held on the route Qingdao - Mokpo - Qingdao, but the organizers and participants have always dreamed of bringing these competitions to Vladivostok. This year the dream came true: 1 September Beneteu 40 class yachts will depart from Qingdao to the capital of Primorye. They must arrive there on 9 September. Parking for these vessels is organized in the Golden Horn Bay.

Depending on the weather 12 or 13 September yachts will hold short races in Vladivostok, and already 14 September will go on a further route Mokpo-Qingdao. The total length of the whole regatta will be 2 200 miles. Participation in it will take eight yachts: three Russian crews, three Chinese, and also one team from Korea and South Africa.

Format regatta involves port and offshore racing. Two years in a row, the Russian crew from Vladivostok with Ilya Yermakov on the handlebars won a victory in these sailboat competitions. The team does not plan to violate this tradition even this year.

Young Captains

10-11 will host a children's and youth regatta for the Olympic classes "Optimist", "Cadet", "Laser", "420" within the framework of the "GFR Far Eastern Regatta of Training Sailboats" 150-XNUMX. Organizers expect more XNUMX young participants from the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, as well as the Sakhalin Region. They will compete on the standard short Olympic distance.

Such competitions require young participants to have courage, the will to win and mastery. And if the crews compete on big ships, then in this regatta every participant for the captain, navigator and sailor - there is no team, the races are single. The organizers note that it is in such competitions that character is tempered, since the young sailor himself takes all decisions and emerges from difficult situations. The audience will also be able to see these competitions from the shore.

- Our task is to make all the races accessible to residents and visitors of the city, so that strolling along the Sports Embankment, which is located in the center of Vladivostok, could watch what is happening on the water. Of course, most viewers do not particularly understand the rules of sailing races and do not know the features of the regattas, first of all, they are attracted by a beautiful spectacle. But it is worth noting that every year more races are watching the races, which are interesting to watch the fight and who are already knowledgeable about the situation, "the representative of the federation said.
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