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Changes for the better: Sakhalin has raised indicators in various areas

Creating comfortable living conditions for islanders becomes the main goal of officials in the region

Valery Limarenko has been the Governor of the Sakhalin Region since September 12, 2019. On the occasion of the anniversary of the management of the difficult, only island region in the country, today in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a report was given on what the governor's team managed to achieve over the past period.

Changes for the better: Sakhalin has raised indicators in various areas

However, the formation of the team as such did not proceed as quickly as we would like. The process of its formation still continues. Both the leaders and the executive authorities themselves are changing. But in general, the mechanism of regional governance is tuned and solves the tasks set by the governor. Valeriy Limarenko told about what exactly we managed to decide, what to achieve and what still needs to be worked on.

The Governor began his communication with Sakhalin politicians and public figures in the audience and the audience during a live broadcast on Youtube and Instagram with a quote from Sakhalin, which sounded at one of his meetings with the population: “Everything that people say is true”. It is worth noting that, introducing this simple idea as an epigraph to his speech, Limarenko once again emphasized that he intends to listen to people sensitively, hear everyone and build his work based on the assessments, wishes and initiatives of the residents of the region. At the same time, he did not remind about his initiative - a new format for working with citizens' appeals.

In accordance with the order of the governor, island officials are now obliged to respond and respond not only to appeals received through official channels within the time limits established by law, but also to all messages and discussions on social networks, official chats and instant messengers. And answer in 24 hours. Those who have fallen out of this tough time period are being watched by automated systems and specially trained people in the government. State and municipal employees, who were at first weighed by the incredible workloads, gradually adapted and even almost never break the deadlines for their responses. But people understood - they are heard and are trying to help. And all the wishes and initiatives of the region's residents, as Valery Limarenko said at the beginning of his speech, “became the basis for plans for the development of Sakhalin and the Kuriles and for solving the most important issues”.

The governor said that the main goal of his work and the work of his entire team was the creation of comfortable living conditions for the islanders. In his understanding, this is the availability of health care and transport, quality education, good housing on ecologically clean islands, high-paying jobs, prospects for the younger generation and for families with children. Then Limarenko, step by step, began to reveal every component of Sakhalin comfort and what he managed to achieve in one area or another.

The governor put health care in the first place in this list. According to him, this was not done by accident. This is what worried people the most when they first met him. Therefore, a full-scale health care reform has begun in the region. Limarenko made a short excursion into the recent past and recalled the night queues to the dentist, the catastrophic shortage of narrow specialists, especially in remote areas. Even today they are not enough everywhere, but nevertheless, the situation has been changed for the better.

As an asset of his achievements, Limarenko recorded the construction of feldsher-obstetric centers, the revival of medical aviation, the acquisition of mobile medical complexes and the most modern medical equipment, which made it possible to conduct high-tech operations and video consultations with specialists from regional and federal clinics in the most remote areas of the region. The shortage of personnel has significantly decreased, and the Lean Clinic project has been introduced. As a result, the waiting time for a doctor's appointment has been significantly reduced. People called 2/3 of polyclinics accessible. The Governor set a task to make all the polyclinics of the region the same by the end of the year.

The main indicator of work in health care Limarenko called the decrease in mortality on the islands. And his region managed to achieve. This year, doctors saved 387 more people from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, pneumonia than in the same period of 2019.

Speaking about the COVID-19 pandemic, the head of the region drew attention to the fact that "the region is one of the few in the country where there is not a single death due to coronavirus." And this is a real indicator of the improvement in the island health system.

The governor also praised the region's handling of the pandemic, calling it "a serious test of professionalism and efficiency for our healthcare system." In a short time, the work of infectious diseases hospitals was organized, a large number of studies were carried out to identify diseases. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 270 thousand tests for coronavirus, 340 thousand studies of computed tomography of the lungs have been carried out. According to Limarenko, only tomography turned out to be an effective mechanism for the diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus. The region bought so much of this technique that, as a percentage of one inhabitant, this indicator turned out to be more than in any country in the world. This, in his opinion, was the reason for the high detection rate - more than five thousand cases. Today, 1 people continue to receive treatment in the region.

Valery Limarenko named the next sphere on which the level of comfortable life of Sakhalin and Kuril residents directly depends on transport. The isolation from the mainland is not only an economic, but also a big psychological problem for the inhabitants of the islands. The feeling of being able to leave them or return to them at any time is an important factor influencing the settledness of local residents. The head of the region emphasized that thanks to timely decisions, he managed to resolve the traditional crisis of air transportation at the end of summer, achieve an additional flight to Moscow, increase the number of interregional tariffs, maintain a flat tariff, and eliminate the problem of lack of air tickets.

Breakthroughs are also noticeable in the field of sea transportation. A fourfold increase in freight and passenger turnover will be provided by new ferries, which will start operating in 2022. Sea trials have also begun on two new ice-class vessels for the Kuril Islands, which will be commissioned in 2021. This will ensure a threefold increase in traffic in this direction. The governor also mentioned the completed alteration of the old Japanese railway to the Russian standard, which made it possible to qualitatively update the rolling stock of the Sakhalin railway, including thanks to the financing of the region.

Valeriy Limarenko devoted a lot of time to the construction of road infrastructure. Here, one of the victories of the governor is the agreement with the federal center on the transfer of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Okha highway to federal ownership. The process has been launched this year, and its completion is planned for the end of the year. As a result, the construction of the Trans-Sakhalin highway will be funded by federal funds. (For reference: Sakhalin still does not have an asphalt road between the south and north of the island). The regional authorities estimate the construction of the remaining unpaved section of the road at 24 billion rubles, which will have to be mastered over the next five years. More than one billion rubles will be allocated every year for the maintenance of the highway. The federal road will be serviced to a higher standard. And the funds that were previously spent on it will be directed to municipal roads.

In total, according to Limarenko, only 1/3 of municipal roads in the region have a hard surface. While in Russia this figure is about 60%. To reach the average Russian level, it is necessary to double the length of paved roads. This will require the region to build about 700 km of roads and spend over 100 billion rubles.

The head of the region named housing as the next priority area in his work. He said that in the course of communicating with people, he realized that the problem is that people do not understand exactly when their problems will be solved, when they will be resettled, how the government intends to resolve this issue and in what time frame. A more thorough inventory of the housing stock, carried out at the initiative of Limarenko, revealed the fact that the volumes were understated by more than two times. A lot of unaccounted for emergency housing was revealed. There were 226 thousand square meters. meters, and after rediscounting more than 500 thousand. According to the governor, in total in the region as a result of continuing work with the emergency housing stock can be recognized as such about a million apartments. In addition, during the meetings, people complained about the poor quality of the new houses for the displaced persons and their poor quality of service.

Limarenko also announced the pace of housing construction: a record 430 thousand square meters have been built this year. meters of housing, which is 100 thousand more than in the past. A reserve of 500 thousand was made next year.

Another example of feedback from the population, the governor called the request of people to participate in the acceptance of their new housing. The wish was embodied in the corresponding document. As a result, the quality of rented houses began to improve. The Governor also spoke about new mechanisms for mortgage lending, certificates for young families and other categories of the population, which make it possible to significantly simplify the solution of Sakhalin and Kuril residents to improve their living conditions.

Valeriy Limarenko links the issue of housing construction with the creation of a comfortable urban environment - the construction of playgrounds, pedestrian zones, new parks and squares. He briefly listed several districts of the region, in which similar objects of improvement have recently appeared.

“It is important not only to build housing, but also to make a courtyard, a playground, and landscaping. We do not accept without comprehensive home improvement. This is a clear rule, and it works, ”the governor stressed.

Valentina Lyapina and her family lived for 30 years in a dilapidated barrack in Korsakov. For a long time, they did not want to recognize him as an emergency. And this year they received a three-room apartment in the city center.

“If they hadn't looked after the hut, it would have collapsed on our heads long ago. At our own expense, we insulated the walls on both sides, poured concrete into the floor, and brought in water. And now, at last, we have moved and we are not overjoyed. Comfortable, spacious, everything is close by. We have a large family - two daughters, three granddaughters and one grandson. The first-grader granddaughter on September 1 went to a new school from a new home, ”shared Valentina Viktorovna.

Clean water is another priority for the governor. Limarenko spoke about how a water purification plant could not be launched in Poronaysk for six years. Today the station is working, the water is clean, people are grateful for solving the problem. The next step is the Kholmsky district. In his opinion, the problem of poor-quality water is in old worn-out engineering networks. More than half of them are in urgent need of replacement. The governor sets aside five years for a comprehensive solution of the problem.

The ecological purity of the islands is also a matter of concern to Valery Limarenko. This year, on his initiative, an unprecedented cleaning of unauthorized dumps was carried out. A huge amount of garbage was removed from 2 such objects. Their search was carried out not only by recording citizens' appeals, but also for the first time using unmanned aerial vehicles.

In order to prevent the formation of new landfills, the region has finalized the rules for handling solid municipal waste - created clear conditions for waste disposal. In addition, we launched a service - an eco-cargo taxi. The new service will allow the islanders to legally remove construction waste.

In September, the islands are to complete the repair of all container yards and replace containers for all apartment buildings.

In the coming year, the region will start introducing waste sorting technology and its further disposal. It is planned to commission a modern landfill in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

“Of course, a huge amount of work has been done. However, we would like our fellow countrymen to be more careful with nature, - said Tatyana Vyshkovskaya, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia. - I will also note the decision that has been made today on the separate waste project, it is wonderful. It's good, in the right direction. "

Sakhalin, which supplies gas to the neighboring Far Eastern regions, still has problems with gasification. In his report on his work, Valeriy Limarenko spoke about plans for the construction of new gas distribution stations, thousands of new gas consumers, determined the period within which, according to his estimates, the region should be fully gasified - five years. Moreover, remote areas and islands where it is impossible to deliver pipeline gas will be gasified using LNG (liquefied natural gas).

For this, another mini-plant for its production will soon be added to the mini-plant already built in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - in Poronaysk. The head of the region also spoke about plans to gasify vehicles and build new gas filling stations. In particular, it became known that the authorities no longer intend to buy gasoline cars, and all residents of the region are guaranteed large benefits for the transfer of personal vehicles to gas engine fuel.

Valeriy Limarenko considers high prices to be an important problem that seriously affects the feeling of the comfort of life on the islands. It is clear that islands are always expensive. The transport component inevitably raises prices for everything and everyone. But in these conditions, people with a modest income become unbearable to live, which ultimately affects the decision of many Sakhalin residents to move to the mainland, where, say, the same pensioner will feel much more comfortable. Statistics are clear confirmation of this, the outflow of the population continues.

But here, too, Valery Limarenko does not intend to let the situation take its course. Since the beginning of the year, the number of outlets of the corporate network of social stores and retail outlets has increased by 34 objects. Trade turnover in economy format has grown by 17% compared to last year and is now 24%, almost a quarter of all island trade. At the same time, the difference in prices in social and ordinary stores for the same groups of goods reaches 19%. Daily price monitoring is carried out. While in test mode, the "Affordable Prices of the Russian Federation" pricing platform has already been launched, using which people can quickly find the right product at the best price.

Also, for residents of the region, the transport tax has been significantly reduced (by 30%). Considering that almost every family on Sakhalin is motorized, this is a help for the family budget, as well as reducing costs when using gas-powered vehicles, for which the regional government creates all the conditions.

The sharp drop in world oil prices is forcing the region, whose revenues are based mainly on revenues from hydrocarbon production, to seek alternative sources of income. The stake is placed on the development of non-resource industries and business development, the inflow of investments, and the creation of new jobs. This is facilitated by the reduction of administrative barriers, a reduction in the period for issuing construction permits, registration of enterprises, and cadastral registration. The investment council works on a regular basis. The Internet platform "Business.Sakhalin.Online", the center for the provision of services "My Business" was launched. As a result, the region got into the top 30 of the national rating of investment attractiveness over the year (up 13 points). Valeriy Limarenko sets an ambitious task - to enter the top 10 of this rating.

Further, the governor dwelled on the most promising objects and what it will give the residents of the region. For example, the Sakhalin oil and gas industrial park will increase the localization of oil services by five times, while creating 1 high-tech jobs. The planned creation of a transport and logistics hub in the port of Korsakov should provide 300 jobs. The Industrial and Construction Park will produce building materials, which is very important in the context of the increasing pace of construction. The largest number of potential jobs is planned here - 1.

The Governor said that 400 enterprises were created in the Sakhalin Region this year, the number of employees in the field of small and medium-sized businesses, despite the difficult economic situation, has grown by more than two thousand people.

“Undoubtedly, investment projects related to infrastructure deserve a positive assessment - this is the construction of new and reconstruction of old ports, in particular Korsakov and Shakhtersk. This is the right policy and a big step forward. The planned development of the tourism sector and the creation of industrial parks will also bear great fruit. An important initiative of the governor is the conversion of cars to gas as a vehicle fuel, this will give both an economic effect and improve the environmental situation. I cannot but note that the regional government is doing a lot to digitalize the economy. As a person who has been in business for a long time, I fully support this, ”said Oleg Misevra, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Mining Company.

Valery Limarenko graduated with plans for the future. For example, Sakhalin youth should become competitive and have the opportunity to get a good education without leaving the region. To this end, on the initiative of the governor, a Far Eastern multi-university is being created on the basis of Sakhalin State University, designed to raise education to the level of international standards. At the first stage, a double degree program was launched. Its meaning is that upon admission to budgetary places there is an opportunity to get a second specialty in one of the prestigious universities in Russia. Also in 2024, Sakhalin plans to host the WorldSkills Asia international championship, which should become a serious incentive for the development of secondary vocational education on the islands.

“I decided to stay on Sakhalin and enter SakhSU just after I learned about the double degree program. Our university cooperates with the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Health in St. Petersburg and the Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports in Omsk, which makes it possible to get the diploma I need without leaving my native region. I want to become a trainer in the bullet shooting department of a sports school, which I myself graduated from, ”said Olga Averkina, a 1st year student at SakhSU.

Valery Limarenko thanked the Sakhalin deputies, members of the Public Chamber, volunteers for the fruitful joint work, and the residents of the region for their active life position, and once again stressed the important role of communication in social networks.

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