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From Madona to Magadan

On Kolyma actively resettled residents of unpromising settlements

From Madona to Magadan

The Kolyma authorities are implementing the Intraregional Migration program. In 2014, about 40 families were relocated from unpromising places of residence to villages with developed infrastructure and to Magadan.

In the Magadan Region there are several dozens of unpromising villages: once near to them gold was mined, and now the reserves are depleted.

Alexander Boev moved the last things from the village of Madaun to his new apartment in Magadan. Here he had already got a job and was expecting his wife from day to day: she was expecting a child and it was no longer possible to delay the move. “There is no work, no kindergarten, no school in Madown - nothing. We will have a baby very soon. A city is a city, and there are no hospitals, no doctors, nothing, ”he said.

The family of Alexander Boev, like dozens of others, bought an apartment with money allocated from the regional budget under the “Intraregional Migration” program. The village of Madaun, the birthplace of Alexander Boev, has long been recognized as unpromising. Eighty people live there. At the same time, there are not even public utilities, not a single management company wished to work in Madown.

“There is no management company. There is no one to look after him, watch. And you perfectly understand what happens to the housing stock when they are not engaged. This is the situation when people want to live here, but cannot, because the conditions are not very good. There is no school, no kindergarten, ”said Maria Chabrova, head of the Madoun village administration.

Madoun - the village is fully subsidized. There are no enterprises, there are prospects for their appearance too. The cost of maintaining the village of Madoun a year - almost 65 million rubles. Mostly this money goes for the import of coal for the boiler and diesel fuel. Electricity is supplied to the village by its own diesel power station. That's why Madoun - one of the first in the list for resettlement. Now several more families are preparing to move there.

On Kolyma there are also such villages, in which only a few families live. For example, the village of Kolyma in the Srednekansky district was frozen about ten years ago. In winter the boiler room stopped. In the frosts, at fifty, all communications were frozen. But six people still live there. Victor Shokhin is one of the few residents of Kolyma. He was not able to transfer money to the district budget. Now the administration brings him coal, firewood and water.

“We constantly need to control everything: the stove, water, firewood, so that the snow does not cover everything here, otherwise the water truck will not drive up. In general, life is quite difficult, ”said Viktor Shokhin. He and five of his fellow villagers are included in the list of those in need of urgent resettlement. As part of the intraregional migration program, their housing will be repaired in the neighboring regional center of Seimchan. And the village of Kolymskoye will finally be officially closed.

There are three thousand people in the region who want to move, but stay to live in Kolyma. To close all unpromising settlements, according to the calculations of the regional authorities, one billion rubles is required. So far we have started small, but from year to year they plan to relocate more and more residents. “Last year, the regional budget provided for about 50 million rubles for the implementation of this program. Twelve municipalities participate in it, that is, the money is distributed in accordance with the program between them, "- said Dmitry Khnykin, Deputy Minister of Housing and Communal Services of the Government of the Magadan Region.

The practice of work, the officials explain, is the following: the family receives money to purchase housing, the amount is usually only enough for an apartment in other villages in the region. However, if the family has its own savings, they can add and buy an apartment in Magadan. Later, residents can sell their housing in the region and move to the central regions of the country.

In 2015, they plan to increase the rate of settlement in order to close at least one or two villages completely. “We are preparing to offer people one of the options: either this is new housing in Magadan, in regional centers - in Ola, in Palatka. Or at the choice of residents through a certificate it will be possible to purchase such housing. Of course, the allocated funds are not enough to quickly solve this problem. And I hope that the current federal law on closing settlements will still be a serious help, ”explained Vladimir Pechenyi, Governor of the Magadan Region.

The intraregional migration program is expensive. But the closure of the villages, which have no jobs, schools and shops, in the future will result in huge savings not only on the delivery of fuel. The regional authorities believe that the implementation of the intraregional migration program will also solve an important task - to stop the outflow of the population and qualitatively improve the living conditions of people by relocating them to settlements where there is work, social infrastructure and development prospects. In addition, the program will help the development of those municipalities where the Kolyma residents will move. Many of them have vacancies in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, in the housing and utilities sectors, and are ready to accept pensioners. There are also no problems with employment in Magadan - many enterprises of the city need workers.


The authorities of the Magadan region are also preparing documents to apply to the government of the country for recognition at the federal level as closing 11 villages in the region. According to Federal Law N125 "On housing subsidies to citizens leaving the regions of the Far North and equivalent localities", five settlements have been almost completely settled since 2005 (the village of Kulu, Tenkinsky district, settlement Spornoye, the villages of Elgen and Taskan, Yagodninsky district, Ust-Srednekan Srednekansky district). 789 families (1665 people) were awarded certificates. A pilot project for social restructuring of the Far North, carried out in the period from 2002 to 2006 with the assistance of the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development, allowed 4 527 families - more than 10 thousand people to be resettled in the Susumansky District of the Magadan Region.

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