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From pharmacists to travelers

Yakutianka Darina Fedorova hitchhiked half the world and opened her own tourism project in her hometown

A resident of Yakutia Darina Fedorova weaned as a pharmacist, hitchhiked half the world. As a result, she returned to her hometown and opened her own tourism project.

From pharmacists to travelers

Hitchhiker in Europe

Darina Fedorova recalls that until the age of 21 she didn’t travel much, and once she went with her mother and sister to Egypt on an all-inclusive tour, and after that she forever refused such sorties - it’s very boring.

“I grew up on adventure shows and books, read how to hitchhike, I was always interested in driving a savage. Once I decided - why not? Firstly, I didn’t have much money then, and secondly, I love adventure. My first hitchhiking experience was in Russia. Then I traveled to the CIS countries, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, ”says Darina.

Parents at first did not approve of her daughter's new hobby, so sometimes she did not even tell them that she was going to travel in this way. And then she simply confronted the fact. Now they relate to this normally.

“Sometimes I travel alone, sometimes together with someone. And in fact, and in another case, there are pros and cons. As a rule, those who stand alone on the track are picked up faster, that is, you move faster along the route. And when traveling in a couple, you are a little slower, but you can sleep while your companion is talking with the driver. In addition, it is always nice to share the excitement of visiting some cool place with someone else, ”said Darina.

According to her, on the road it is very important to communicate with drivers - this is the first rule. People stop to chat with a fellow traveler and have fun on the road. In addition, the driver will not fall asleep while driving.

“Another rule that I always follow on the road: remember karma. She works! You have to do good deeds, give more than receive, and all this will definitely come back to you. If I meet people who are comfortable with me along the way, I can go with them and visit the places they proposed. ”

Darin’s route is simple: assigns a final destination and moves along the routes that are. She never had any dangerous situations while traveling, only dogs attacked under Neryungri. Escaped with scratches.

“I like to visit authentic places where there are not many tourists. I cannot say that I do not like Europe, but there are many laws that must be observed when traveling by hitchhiking. For example, you cannot put up a tent where you like, but you must find special places for camping, ”the traveler shares.

Her longest journey lasted 3,5 months. Darina traveled to Belarus, then went to the Caucasus, and then to the Middle East. Now he notes that he really liked Kazakhstan: the inhabitants of the country are similar to the Yakuts both externally and mentally. At the same time, unlike the Yakuts, they make contact easier, they will always come to the rescue if necessary. Conquered and very beautiful nature.


Darina Fedorova - member of the Russian Geographical Society. Four years ago, she participated in the Floating University project, traveled to Tiksi, and also went on the expedition “Following Obruchev's Traces” to the Tompon and Oymyakon districts of Yakutia.

“My native republic surprises me. The Bulunsky district, for example, is very different from everything that I saw: it is the tundra, in the summer the sun does not set there at all. I have a positive attitude towards domestic tourism. I have a lot of easy-going friends in Yakutsk, they all go in for sports, mountain climbing. Recently, for example, we drove to East Khandyga in our cars, ”says the traveler.

Those who are interested in tourism in Yakutia, Darina advises to visit the Kangalassky and Tabaginsky capes, which are located near Yakutsk. Also recommends a trip to Elanka, rafting on the rivers Ketame and Kengkem.

“In principle, all of Yakutia is very beautiful. She attracts those who love wild and unexplored places. This summer, I think, inter-regional tourism will develop. For example, you can go to the Altai Mountains, go hiking there, it will be easy and inexpensive, especially if you have your own equipment. There are no mosquitoes and infrastructure. I can also advise Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Vladivostok, the entire Far East. I am sure that tourism is in the head, and it does not depend on the economic situation, ”Darina Fedorova believes.


Now Darina is 29 years old, she graduated from the medical school of NEFU with a degree in Pharmacist. After working for several months, I realized that it wasn’t her: I wanted to help people, but in reality it turned out that the pharmacy was not at all the place for such a purpose.

Now the girl is organizing extreme and wild tourism, hiking, helps travelers find like-minded people, is developing a new project - “School of Tourism”. This is not a travel agency or “walkers” in the usual sense, but something more - a group that unites people who are easy to climb.

“I started developing the project recently, but before the pandemic, it was of a different format. I planned to carry people around Central Asia, but now, taking into account the situation in the world, I decided to go in for tourism in Yakutia. As soon as all the doors open, I will definitely show people Kamchatka, Altai, Central Asia. I am madly in love with these places and I want people to see all this with their own eyes, ”Darina admits.

The girl notes that she is interested in the discoverer of tourism in Yakutia: many routes have been little explored, and she wants to be one of the first to see them.

“I used to want to move from Yakutia, but after I started traveling, including around my native republic, I began to fall in love with it more and more. I love Yakutsk - my whole family is here, my friends. I love to travel, but after that return to my hometown. There is everything I need here, ”concludes the traveler.

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