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From the seats are planted experience-2

Plenipotentiary Yury Trutnev recalled the need for rotation in the civil service

Last week, at a meeting of the joint board of the Prosecutor General's Office and Minskostokzvitiya, the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev dropped an idea that many had left unnoticed. And meanwhile, it concerns the most important thing that civil servants have - their posts: Mr. Trutnev hinted that some heads of departments of federal authorities in the Far East would have to go through a rotation. EastRussia continues to analyze, under whom could the chairs stagger, if the words of Yury Trutnev turn into personnel decisions. In the first part of the series, biographies of the heads of the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Prosecutor's Office and the supervisory authorities were examined.

From the seats are planted experience-2
Как уже Wrote EastRussia, Opening the meeting of the collegium of the Prosecutor General's Office and Minskostokzvitiya, dedicated to the protection of investors' rights, the Deputy Prime Minister and the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev saidthat "it is wrong when the principle of rotation is violated, and the supervisory and law-enforcement authorities have held their positions for more than 10 years." “It’s common knowledge that in this case a person acquires connections and risks losing the basic professional qualities - objectivity and impartiality,” said Yury Trutnev.

EastRussia analyzed the biographies of key Far Eastern law enforcers in the previous article "From the seats are planted experience", And then decided to look at the problem more broadly.

The requirement for mandatory regular rotation of cadres in the civil service is not easy to carry out wherever a long-established team works. And in the administrations of the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District, as a rule, it is - governors work with those who are well-known. At least some of their deputies often hold their posts even longer than the head himself.

В the government of Kamchatka, For example, the First Vice-Governor Irina Leonidovna Untilova she has been working in senior positions since 2011 of the year: at first she was deputy chairman, from 2014 of the year - just vice-governor, from October 2015 of the year - she took the current position. But the vice-governor of Kamchatka Dmitry Yuryevich Latyshev In his post formally from October 2015 year, but over the years he managed to visit all ranks, including the first vice-governor, and the Kamchatka office in Moscow (in various positions) in fact heads from 2007 year, that is already about 10 years.

Since 2008, the government of Kamchatka has been running the government's deputy chairman Alexey Yuryevich Voitov (Acting since May, the full-fledged leader became in September). Since August 2008, the Minister of Fisheries of the Vladimir Mikhailovich Galitsyn, Also managed to grow in these years in the rank to the deputy chairman, supervising the resource block, and then to decline to the vice-minister. Since 2008 year he is the deputy chairman of the government of Kamchatka Valery N. Karpenko. Supervising from the 2012 year the block of economy is the deputy chairman Marina Anatolievna Saturday Has grown from the post of Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Trade, which she held since 2009. Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kamchatka Sergey Ivanovich Khabarov He served as the minister of special programs of the Kamchatka Territory since October of the year 2008.

В Administration of Primorsky Krai With its traditionally active rotation (and periodic replacement of bureaucrats by deputies of the Legislative Assembly and vice versa), vice-governors - long-livers are no longer there. All of them are appointed in the middle of 2010-ies and later. In December of 2016, under the house arrest, the curator of the fishing sector, Sergei Petrovich Sidorenko, was placed, who submitted his resignation after a criminal case against him. He was the most experienced at the time deputy Vladimir Miklushevsky - served as vice-governor since April 2012.

At the moment, the vice-governor of Primorye can boast the greatest experience Pavel Yurevich Serebryakov - He has been in the post since December 2013. Another deputy governor, now the first vice-governor Vasily Ivanovich Usoltsev, oversees construction since January 2014.

An interesting situation has developed in two subjects of the Far-Eastern Federal District, where the change of governors took place not long ago: the Amur region and the Sakhalin region — from the first to the second, we recall the head of the region, Oleg Kozhemyako.

The current Chairman Sakhalin government Vera Georgievna Shcherbina Accompanied Oleg Kozhemyako in all the regions where he worked - starting in Primorye. Formally, her vice-governor's seniority in Sakhalin counts from September 2015, when she was appointed deputy chairman of the regional government. But in fact the vice-governor's post under Oleg Kozhemyako, Mrs. Scherbina, was first received in 2007 when she became the vice-governor of the Koryak Autonomous Okrug - the head of the finance department. Then, after a short break to work in the office of the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District at 2008-2015, she was deputy chairman and first deputy chairman of the government of the Amur region.

Another Sakhalin Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Mikhailovich Zhitkov Came to the region as minister in April 2015, and in the same month was promoted. Meanwhile, the deputy governor of the government of the Amur region, he was the first time in December 2008 and was that until moving to Sakhalin - with a short break in 2009, when he served as an adviser to the first deputy chairman of the regional government.

Finally, since 2011, the vice-president of the Sakhalin government has been working Sergey Anatolyevich Podolyan.

В Government of the Amur RegionMeanwhile, the new governor, Alexander Kozlov, got a few proven personnel - both from the “old team” and from his work in the executive branch. For example, the current first deputy chairman Marina Vladimirovna Dediushko In the vice-governor's rank from the year 2012, but the Minister of Economic Development has been working since January 2009. And one more deputy Dmitry Dmitrievich Tetenkin Mr. Kozlov accompanies his entire career - from 2006, he worked in Amur Coal LLC, then in the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the region, the Blagoveshchensk city hall and now in the regional government.

Special situation in the government of the Khabarovsk Territory - a record for the number of vice-governor's rates in the staffing table.

Many associates in the rank of deputy chairmen have accompanied Vyacheslav Shport since 2009, when he became head of the region. The current first deputy chairman of the regional government Maxim Leonidovich Peshin, the head of the regional office in Moscow, has been doing this in the deputy chair since July of the year 2009. Vice-Governor Sergey Veniaminovich Shchetnev Has been in office since November 2009.

Also in the Khabarovsk government is represented by the “cohort” of ministers from the time of Viktor Ishaev. The undoubted chief old-timer among them is the deputy chairman of the regional government - the Minister of Finance of the region Alexander Stanislavovich Katsuba. The official became the head of the financial department of the Khabarovsk regional executive committee in 1990, and since then has been steadily heading the main financial departments of the region, whatever they may be called. Alexander Katsuba, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Khabarovsk Territory, was for the first time in January 2000. Even if we consider his vice-gubernatorial experience from this date, it will turn out 17 years, and from 1990, 27 years.

First Deputy Chairman Vasily Mikhailovich Shikhalev appointed post in May 2015, but since 2002, he oversees the resource block of the Khabarovsk Territory - first as Minister of the Forest Industry, and then as Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of the Region (actual experience is 15 years). Deputy Chairman Alexander V. Fedosov He has been working as a Minister of Culture since 2005 (he received the status of deputy chairman only in 2015, but the actual experience, taking into account ministerial experience, is 12 years). Anatoly Alekseevich Litvinchuk Was appointed Minister of Housing and Communal Services in June 2009 year, the status of deputy chairman, overseeing the same industry, was received in 2014 year (taking into account the ministerial past, the actual experience is 8 years). Deputy Minister of Economic Development Viktor Dmitrievich Kalashnikov Occupies a post since September 2009 year (experience - almost 8 years). Minister of Health Alexander Valentinovich Vitko Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory has never been, but he has been in office since March 2007 of the year - more than 10 years. In June, 2009 was appointed Minister of Social Protection of the Khabarovsk Territory Nikolai Ivanovich Tsilyurik.

In the Magadan Region, many deputy heads have been working since the first half of the 2010-ies. For example, the First Deputy Chairman the government of the Magadan region Tatyana Aleksandrovna Isaeva Began a vice-governor's career in November of the year 2011. The deputy Andrey Nikolaevich Belozertsev He has been the Deputy Governor since March 2011. The career of the current head of the region’s representative office in Moscow has been interesting. Stepan Armenakovich Aznauryan was deputy governor of the Magadan region, head of the representative office, at 1997-2000, then went into business, but returned to the office in 2004. In December 2013, the official was again appointed deputy governor of the region - head of the mission.

In the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the deputy heads of the subject of the Russian Federation, Yegor Borisov, work in the administration head and government, government is a separate structure, that is, the positions of deputy chairmen of the government and deputy heads of the region are separated. The head of administration Fedor Mikhailovich Borisov appointed in 2016 year.

Prime Minister of Yakutia Evgeny Alekseevich Chekin appointed in October 2016 of the year, in the executive bodies of the republic worked with 2011 of the year. First Deputy Chairman Alexey Zadesymovich Kolodeznikov in the post from June 2016 year (before that, from 2011, he was the Minister of Housing and Communal Services). Another first deputy chairman Petr Nikolaevich Alekseev From 2013, he was Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration and the Government of Yakutia, appointed to the current post in 2016. First Deputy Chairman Alexey Alexandrovich Struchkov also works in this rank from 2016 year, but in the top management of the Yakut government since 2005 (he was the head of the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy, in 2010-2-13 years the first deputy chairman, then the head of the Moscow office). Three simple vice-presidents are appointed in 2014-2016 years.

In small and young government EAO vice-governor Alexey Nikolaevich Kurenkov appointed to office in May 2016, before that he worked in business. All other simple deputy directors are appointed in 2016-2017, except for one. Elena Valerievna Lagoshina For a long time worked in the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, where the governor of the autonomy Alexander Levintal previously worked, but reached a maximum of a deputy minister there. In the post of the Deputy Prime Minister of the EAO it has been since September 2015.

Finally, in The government of Chukotka all deputy chairmen of the governor, Roman Kopin, who has occupied this post since 2008, make a career progressively. They are assigned to 2013-2016.

To be continued.

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