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Giant projects of Muravyinaya Bay

Tourist and recreational cluster "Primorye" in Muravyinaya Bay is filled with new content

Lockdowns come and go, development never stops. The pandemic could not but affect the projects of the integrated entertainment resort "Primorye", but the Primorsky Territory Development Corporation and all the participants implementing the tourism and recreation cluster responded to this global challenge with a regrouping of forces.

Giant projects of Muravyinaya Bay
Photo: JSC "Corporation for the Development of Primorsky Krai"

Pandemics despite

Understanding the prospects and relevance of the resort, even in the difficult 2020, did not reduce its attractiveness. The Shambhala casino opened on October 16, 2020. 

Shambala casino
Photo: CJSC "Shambala"

It became the second, after the hotel and entertainment complex "Tigre de Cristal", the operating object of the gaming zone, the investors of which - the Hong Kong company Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd. - in their turn started the implementation of the second stage of their project. The development of design estimates and technical documentation for expanding the boundaries of the existing complex began.

Development phases of the "Tigre de Cristal"
Photo: JSC "Corporation for the Development of Primorsky Krai"

"Tigre de Cristal" -2 is 14 billion rubles of investments in non-gaming entertainment facilities. Another hotel with 350 rooms will be built next to the already operating casino hotel, new restaurants, bars, conference halls and entertainment zones will appear. Plans also include a large shopping mall with a food court and a family area with a transparent dome pool and rainforest ambience. 

3D visualization of the project of the hotel, casino and water park "Naga Vladivostok"
Image courtesy of Primorsky Krai Development Corporation

  Cambodian investor Naga Corp ltd., Which is building a hotel complex with a casino and a water park Naga Vladivostok, has adjusted its plans, abandoned foreign labor and resumed construction with a Russian contractor. Three more investors of the gaming zone under the concluded agreements are at the design stage.

Not a single tape measure

In 2020, the first agreement on the development of the non-gaming sector was signed, involving the creation of a 36-hole golf club, a training complex and a training center. The South Korean company Family Golf is ready to invest about 7 billion rubles in total. Already in May 2021, a solemn ceremony was held on the occasion of the opening of the construction site, speaking at which Olga Sun-zhayu, General Director of the Primorsky Krai Development Corporation, stressed: “Golf courses will become the“ locomotive ”for the development of the territory adjacent to the Primorye gambling zone ”. From the experience of world practice, the simultaneous development of the gaming and entertainment sector gives a powerful impetus to the development of tourism and the economy, which will improve the quality of life of the local population by creating jobs, landscaping, creating new high-class places for recreation and sports. I am sure that in two years Muravyinaya Bay will become a center of attraction for tourists from all over Russia, thanks to the participation of experienced developers and competent development of the territories. "

Olga Sun-jayu
General Director of Primorsky Krai Development Corporation
Photo: JSC "Corporation for the Development of Primorsky Krai" 

The golf club project implies a comprehensive development: a training station and tennis courts will appear on the western section of the golf course, and bicycle paths up to 5 kilometers long and a health trail will appear on the territory. From the northern part of the courses, a golf hotel and apartments for 350 rooms are provided. The estimated volume of investments is 3,5 billion rubles. Further, there will be quarters for the construction of housing with a total area of ​​90 thousand square meters, which will provide employees of the tourism cluster with more than 2 thousand apartments. It is also planned to build a school for 240 children and a kindergarten for 220 children. And this is only the first stage. The investor's plans for the next seven years are the creation of a water entertainment center, a theme park, a public and business center, and guest houses. The total volume of investments during this period may amount to more than 7 billion rubles.

The importance of an integrated approach to the organization of an integrated resort and the entire cluster was noted by the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Zarina Doguzova. “Tourists should come to the gambling zone not only for the sake of gambling, but it is also important to provide for entertainment facilities: a year-round swimming pool, landscaping of the beach area, Turtle Lake, construction of golf courses, recreational and walking areas, as well as places for family recreation. Operators of entertainment complexes can pay special attention to the architectural concept of buildings so that there are truly iconic and recognizable tourist sites in Primorye, "she said during her visit to Primorsky Krai in May 2021.

Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Zarina Doguzova during a trip to the Primorsky Territory
Photo: JSC "Corporation for the Development of Primorsky Krai"  

In parallel with the implementation of gigantic projects, the vital interests of the residents and guests of the region, namely the improvement of the beach area in Muravyina Bay, are not ignored. This is a favorite vacation spot for residents of Vladivostok, Artem and other settlements of the region. People come here for ordinary relaxation in nature, and for active recreation - kiteboarding, windsurfing and SUP walks. Back in 2009, the beach area became part of the Primorye gambling zone project, due to which the beach area should be landscaped in accordance with the concept of developing a tourist resort according to high international standards. In 2021, a project for the first stage of beach improvement will be developed, financing is planned to be carried out at the expense of private investors and regional subsidies.

On the way to the goal

The implementation of the projects of the tourist and recreational cluster requires from its developer - "Corporation for the Development of Primorsky Territory" an integrated approach, constant readiness of operational assistance to investors in all matters - from administrative and legal, to the installation of transport and engineering infrastructure. Now roads and communications lead to investment sites for investors whose projects are in the design and construction phase. In total, on the territory of the Primorye gambling zone, the territory planning project provides for 10 sectors of the highway with a total length of almost 12,4 km. A ring road will appear here - the construction of the last two sections will be completed in 2022, and this will provide access roads to all investment sites for existing and future investors.

The importance of the project was noted at the federal level by the Department of Rostourism, as a result of which the project was included in the target program "Economic Development and Innovative Economy".

“So far, 11 investment agreements have been concluded with investors with a total investment of 72,8 billion rubles,” said Igor Trofimov, executive director of KRPK JSC. Two operating objects - casinos "Shambala" and "Tigre de Cristal" have already recouped 1,93 billion rubles from the state budget, invested in the development of almost 620 hectares on the coast of Muravyinaya Bay in the Ussuri Bay. 

Igor Trofimov
Executive Director of Primorsky Krai Development Corporation
Photo: JSC "Corporation for the Development of Primorsky Krai" 

By the end of 2021, from these two complexes alone, the total amount of tax and other deductions for the entire period will reach more than two billion rubles, of which more than 1,6 billion goes directly to the budget of Primorye.

According to the Primorsky Territory Development Corporation, in the first three months of 2021, the attendance of the Primorye gambling zone increased by 44% compared to 2020 for the same period. During the first quarter of the non-tourist season, 92 people visited the two operating complexes Tigre de Cristal and Shambala, of which 843 were foreign guests, 10 were Russians. Against the background of 532 million tourists a year expected in Primorye in 82, the current figures may seem modest, but as the ancient Chinese expression says: "The path of a thousand li begins with the first step."
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