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Hippotherapy for conscience

The Far East may lose the only state stables with a hippodrome

The only state stable with a hippodrome in Chita in the Far East can be given to private owners. In this case, the 107-year-old history of breeding the Trans-Baikal horse breed, preserving the unique gene pool in horse breeding, and victories in competitions can sink into oblivion.

Hippotherapy for conscience
Photo: from the archive of the Chita State Stable

Save can not be given

According to Yulia Tsydenova, director of the state stable with the Hosaen Khakimov hippodrome, today Transbaikalia has its own accredited hippodrome. This is a classic circle of 1 meters with the correct radii, slopes and a host of other requirements. Qualified judges work there, a warning system and sound accompaniment are in place. During the competition, all the necessary safety requirements are observed; a medical team of doctors works.

In the 90s there were 40-50 thousand horses in the Chita Region, and today, according to official figures, there are more than 100 thousand horses in the Transbaikalia. The horse breeding industry has become the fastest growing in terms of livestock numbers. However, over the past ten years, funding has not increased significantly, there have been only reductions, mainly for the purchase of oats. At the same time, the cost of maintaining a hippodrome is increasing every year.

Yulia Tsydenova notes that periodically in the authorities there are people who believe that everything should be transferred to the private trader. In her opinion, this is an incompetent and superficial understanding of the system of pedigree and breeding work in horse breeding.

“The private owner is making profit on the first line. He is interested in having his horses in prizes at competitions, have a good gene pool. But the private trader will not create a livestock breeding system, he will not send pedigree horses to the regions to improve their pedigree qualities, that is, to carry out the work that the Chita State Stable is doing today, ”the head notes.

According to her, a state regulator is needed that manages the entire system: breeding, breeding, and equestrian competitions. Today this role in Transbaikalia is played by the State Institution “Stable with the Hippodrome named after Khosaena Khakimova ”in partnership with the Equestrian Association of the Trans-Baikal Territory, representing horse owners.


In the new year - new plans

Despite all the difficulties, the Chita State stable is doing a lot of work to breed horses of the local native Transbaikal breed. Preservation of the gene pool of animals, their most valuable adaptive qualities, such as unpretentiousness to food and climate conditions, endurance, as well as the cultivation of suits of horses of the Transbaikal breed (for example, astrakhan), which are rarely found in the breed, is the main goal of work in the field of horse breeding. In addition, horse riding and trotting horses are being tested at the state stable hippodrome, and equestrian competitions are being organized. Every year, more than 100 heads of horse and trotter breeds are tested at the Chita State Stable Racecourse, spending three or four running days, playing about 45 traditional and nominal prizes totaling more than one million rubles. The agility of trotting and riding horses is quite high and according to the results of the Chita Hippodrome the best in the zone of Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

Specialists also work on the conservation of endangered breeds of horses, such as the Donskaya, the Soviet heavy truck, the indigenous Karakulevaya. According to Yulia Viktorovna, in 2020 the company is going with big plans. Work has already begun aimed at holding the FEFD Cup, also this year they plan to establish starting boxes at the hippodrome, which will increase the entertainment of horse racing and help exclude false starts. The main problems of the enterprise today are updating the fleet. It is necessary to purchase a new KAMAZ for transporting hay and horses. New tractors are needed for haymaking. Acting today have long worked out their resources and are outdated morally and technically. A new fence of the hippodrome is also necessary, wooden poles have decayed from time to time and failed. Ideally, you need to build an indoor playpen, which is what the stable workers dream of.

“How much we could attract boys and girls for equestrian sports throughout the year, I really want to be supported. We would really like the region’s authorities to pay attention to us and help restore the former glory of the Chita Hippodrome, all the more so since there are all the prerequisites for this, ”said Yulia Tsydenova.


Promise to support

Trans-Baikal officials about the possible transfer to private hands of the only state stable in the Far East cannot say anything specifically. According to the Minister of Agriculture of Transbaikalia Denis Bochkarev, the state institution “Chita State Stable with the Hippodrome named after Khosaena Khakimova ”carries out important work and performs a social function in teaching children how to ride a horse and conducting therapeutic classes for children with cerebral palsy.

“The Ministry this year and in subsequent years will provide all kinds of support to the Chita State Stable. Undoubtedly, the work on the development of this institution will bring significant results to the region in various sectors of life: both in the agricultural sector, and in education, and in sports, ”the minister said.

The president of the equestrian sport association of the Trans-Baikal Territory Vladimir Zabelin notes that thanks to the patriotism and the efforts of the state stable team, it was possible to preserve everything valuable that had been accumulated earlier and create a basis for ongoing development. The horse breeding industry in Transbaikalia is developing successfully, there is support from the authorities, so selling to individuals is not the best solution. According to Zabelin, the state stable in Chita remained the only institution in the Far East where all conditions for breeding and breeding work are created.

However, in the neighboring region there is already sad experience in this area. At the end of last year, the Irkutsk factory stable with a hippodrome, which was declared bankrupt in April 2018, was put up for auction. At the end of last year, after the rising public outcry, the “Russian auction house” canceled bidding for the sale of 100% of the company.

Earlier, the Federal Property Management Agency, together with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, was considering the issue of selling the shares of this company to a strategic investor with conditions that would allow it to maintain the organization of equestrian, equestrian, tourist and scientific activities of the enterprise, as well as existing jobs while improving staff skills. At the same time, the issue of the need for reconstruction of the hippodrome was considered.

RAD put up for auction 100% of the shares of the "Irkutsk factory stables with a hippodrome" in November last year. The initial price of the company amounted to 117 million rubles. Nevertheless, Pavel Prudkiy, the bankruptcy manager of the Irkutsk factory stables with a hippodrome, said that the price of shares was understated tenfold. According to information from the Public Cadastral Map, the cadastral value of one of the sections of the Irkutsk Factory Stable with a Hippodrome, covering more than 20 hectares in Irkutsk, where the hippodrome itself is located, is more than 1,1 billion rubles. The fate of this enterprise, like the stables in Chita, has not yet been determined.

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