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A different approach

Magadan Oblast needs special criteria for the establishment of TOSER

A different approach
Special project TORA and Free Port

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev arrived in the Magadan Region on a working visit. He held several meetings devoted to the creation of priority socio-economic development territories (TASED) and the implementation of investment projects in the Magadan region.

In particular, they talked about the development of the Yano-Kolyma gold province and the creation of the largest gold mining center in Russia. The first stage of the project involves the construction of a mining and metallurgical complex based on the Pavlik, Pavlik-2 and Rodionovskoye gold deposits in the Tenkinsky District.

In the Magadan Region, as in other regions of the Far East, there will be areas of advanced development, but the approach to Kolyma projects should be non-standard, other criteria are needed here, said Yuri Trutnev, the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District. He explained: the development of the Kolyma today largely depends on the subsoil users, accordingly, the projects that will be implemented in the region are focused on the mining industry, the formation of transport and energy infrastructure.

“In Magadan, it is impossible to create a territory of advanced social and economic development according to the same principles as in Khabarovsk or Primorye. If one investor is easily replaced by others on the TOP site, then this will not happen in Kolyma. Today only monoprojects are possible here. Of course, we need confidence that each budget ruble will be invested meaningfully. And therefore we are ready to support projects important for the territory, subject to the obligations assigned to investors: we provide financing for infrastructure facilities, the investor assumes obligations to implement the developed project. If he violates his obligations, he returns the money spent by the state to the budget of the Russian Federation, ”Trutnev explained.

First of all, this concerns a promising but expensive project to create the Omsukchan coal cluster. It provides for the development of several coal mines with a total capacity of over 3 million tons of coal per year and the improvement of transport logistics and energy infrastructure of the region: a seaport and an export coal terminal will be built in the Pestraya Dresva Bay, the Omsukchan-Galimy road will be reconstructed, and the Galimy-Galimy Bay road will be built. ... Anthracite concentrate and natural thermoanthracites of the Omsukchan coal basin are valuable for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, suitable for the production of electrodes, ferroalloys, process fuel, and carbon-graphite products. The project requires more than 22 billion rubles, and it will reach its design capacity in 2017. The investor is Vostochnaya Mining Company, the co-investor is Polymetal.

The ICT group of companies has experience in creating coal clusters in Sakhalin. OJSC Polymetal (its subsidiary Serebro Magadan) intends to engage in exploration work within the ASEZ in 2015, and in the future (in 2019-2020) - to actively develop the Halali and Teploe deposits.

It is planned to create additional 1100 jobs in the Omsukchan district. In addition, both companies are interested in laying the road from Omsukchan to the coast with a total length of 141,7 km.

The Governor of the Magadan Region Vladimir Pechenyi proposed to include the construction of the Omsukchan-Pestraya Dresva highway in the project of the Kolyma-Omsukchan-Omolon-Bilibino-Komsomolsky-Anadyr federal highway, which will complete the formation of a new motor transport corridor connecting the Far Eastern territories and Eastern Siberia. “This project is being implemented within the framework of the federal target program“ Development of the transport infrastructure of the Russian Federation ”, - Pechenyi explained, - and 140 km from Omsukchan to the coast are directly adjacent to the federal highway.” Yuri Trutnev agreed with the feasibility of such a solution to the problem, subject to the development of deposits and the construction of all facilities planned by investors.

The development of the Yano-Kolyma gold ore province is another topic of the meeting led by Trutnev. In late March - early April, it is planned to start gold mining at the Pavlik mine in the Tenkinsky District. Start-up and commissioning works at the gold recovery plant are now being completed. In 2016, after reaching the design capacity, gold production will amount to 6,15 tons per year. With the launch of the GOK at Pavlik, the gold ore company of the same name will begin construction of mining and metallurgical enterprises at the Pavlik-2 and Rodionovskoye deposits.

“Gold production from these deposits is projected at 12,3 tons by 2019. By 2018, it is necessary to provide here the supply of 45 MW of electricity per year, - said Vasily Makarov, General Director of Pavlik Gold Mining Company. - This requires the construction of a two-circuit high-voltage line 220/110 kv Ust-Omchug-Rodionovskoe-Pavlik-Omchak with substations "Omchak-Novaya".

The required planned volume of budgetary investments is 10,542 billion rubles. The number of jobs created is 2310.

The Far Eastern Energy Management Company (DVEUK) is ready to start designing and then constructing the line, said Dmitry Selyutin, Deputy General Director for Investments and Development of DVEUK OJSC. But for this, power engineers consider it necessary to include the facility in the federal target program.

“To start design work, we need permission from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, but it can only be obtained if the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East confirms the inclusion of the facility in the federal target program,” said Dmitry Selyutin. “For more than 2 years we have been holding funds for the development of design and estimate documentation, but everything froze without movement.”

Yuri Trutnev was discouraged by this approach. “Some kind of distorted business of power engineers. Kolyma is an energy surplus region. Selling electricity in Russia is a business. Why should the state be engaged in the construction of new power lines? ”, - said the plenipotentiary.

In his opinion, DVEUK can independently calculate the payback of the project. “In principle, we are ready to consider the mechanisms of its support, to finance some taxes that will arise from the implementation of the project. But why do you want to shift the burden from your shoulders to others? A strange approach to doing business. On Tuesday I will meet with the Minister of Energy of Russia Alexander Novak, we will discuss whether we should develop the Far East, or replace incompetent people, ”Trutnev said categorically.

He suggested that representatives of the authorities and enterprises prepare the necessary documents and submit them to the Government Commission.

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