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Everyone plays: tigers, governors ... hedgehogs

Vyacheslav Shport checked the readiness of the "Erofei" arena for the Bandi World Championship-2018

29 January in Khabarovsk starts the World Hockey Championship World Cup - the regional capital will take such an event for the third time in its history. The organizers of the World Cup tried to make sure that the guests of the city had something to do between matches. However, the pulse of the championship will still beat on the ice field - in the magnificent arena "Erofei", the second largest stadium for bandy in Russia. On the eve of the opening of the Championship, the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Vyacheslav Shport inspected the main place of events, having visited not only the arena, but also got into the backstage. EastRussia was near.

Everyone plays: tigers, governors ... hedgehogs
Photo: Andrey Takashima
Khabarovsk governor at the entrance to the ticket office of the arena "Erofei" met in a royal way. As soon as he opened the door, he found himself in the arms of the mascots of the Bundi World Championships-2018-Erokhi and Timokhi, who immediately became photographed with unceremonious plush friendliness. Several deputy chairmen of the government responsible for various aspects of the championship preparation, representatives of the directorate and the Khabarovsk mayor Alexander Sokolov, waiting for the head of the region, looked at it, seemingly, with impatience - they knew that Vyacheslav Shport still had a lot of surprises ahead of him. 

The first thing the governor got into the hardware, hidden in the depths of the building - there is a security center. Vyacheslav Shport was shown a system that, according to data from video cameras installed throughout the "Erofei", can recognize the person being wanted. Then he went into the room where the privileges of the privileged guests of the championship hang, "whose data has already been thrown through the security guards and transferred to the FSB": organizers, teams, duty officers, certified by the Federation of Judges, - only 9 categories. "We, Vyacheslav Ivanovich, have already prepared for you," the governor said. "Oh!" He said, "Give it to me!" 

So Vyacheslav Shport, without waiting, became the first owner of the accreditation of the FM-2018 with a red VIP strip. "Now you can go here!" - the deputy chairman on culture Alexander Fedosov told the governor with a laugh. Honorable guests can indeed move around the arena, confirmed to Vyacheslav Shport (but the team hockey players, for example, only leave the locker rooms on the ice). 

After that, Vyacheslav Shport climbed up the elevator - into the arena hall, where he was met by the famous TV presenter Valentina Oleksenko. She started with the right words: "The territory of the fans begins here." The concept of the Championship: Khabarovsk Krai is the territory of hospitality. " "I read it in the newspaper." If you want to go to heaven, come to Khabarovsk Krai, "the governor demonstrated. "Tickets are enclosed?" Valentina Oleksenko was not at a loss. "" No? We must do it, let's go. " "The newspaper will not lie," - joked one of the deputies. "Who came to the Khabarovsk Territory, he came ..." - began to correct the course of the speech of the mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov.

The governor meanwhile promptly introduced the "territory of the fan."

The first stop was made by Vyacheslav Shport near the zone of games - he was a gambler, it was inevitable. Near each attraction was a volunteer. Organizers of the World Cup approached the theme of games wisely: no electronics, only wood and natural materials. Near the first game - four square depressions with chips, lined with a square as well - the governor was told what to do: with the help of a rubber band fixed in the corner of each bowl, toss the chips to rivals. Especially nobody Vyacheslav Shport did not resist - and pleasantly something in something, I thought, looking at this, to be the governor. "Is it politically important to lose or win?" - asked Valentina Oleksenko, desperately playing. But the head of the region coped with the task faster - won (happy gubernatorial rubber, just in case, at the bottom left, if you look from the entrance to the zone of games) and went into a rage: "Good game. Turns! What else? With balls?".

Immediately, Vyacheslav Shport was shown a game in which you need to use small chopsticks to put small balls on a loose structure from large ones (the one who drops the ball first falls, wins - who puts more balls), and then "Dutch billiards" (there you need to throw chips on a long box so as to get into four compartments giving different glasses). The first game ended quickly - the balls fell and the governor, and Valentina Oleksenko, who had volunteered to compete with him. The second captured Vyacheslav Shport seriously. 

The player is given ten chips. The first he missed - tried on. The second finished off. The third one drove two at once, and did not calm down, until he threw everything into "pockets". "You go, I'll play here." Super! " - under the encouraging exclamations of accompanying spoke Vyacheslav Shport. For the victory in the games give chips that can be exchanged for prizes - branded products, which everyone, as the organizers are sure, will want to keep to themselves the memory of the FM-2018. I imagined the queue of those who want to play before the matches: obviously, they will be able to sell individual tickets, because the games, despite their plainness, really drag out.

In the intervals between the games, the heated fans on the first day of the Championship will be able to pay off a special stamp with an envelope and send a message through the "Mail of Russia" - this is a traditional event for big events. "This will happen on the opening day, in 18: 45, 3 thousands of free envelopes have been procured," Valentina Oleksenko said. Nearby already ready trays with souvenir products - where without it. On the way to the trading platform guests can get acquainted with the past, present and future of the Khabarovsk Territory. Epochs are represented both by the exposition of the Grodekovsky Museum of Local History, and by the collections of fans that they collect all their lives. The badges of FM-2018, by the way, are already included in the exhibits. 

Further, the organizers decided to present the region with a face - a whole string of young guys, "who knows the whole country" - the winners of all sorts of competitions - looking at the guests from stands tall in human growth. Near the entire wall hangs a map of the Khabarovsk Territory with illumination - the lamps burn where there are settlements. "This is your idea," Valentina Oleksenko reminded the governor. "I told you, the globe's edge," the governor objected. So far, grieved him, there will be a map, but next to it - an interactive quiz on the knowledge of the history of the region. Vyacheslav Shport immediately corrected: "We are in Khabarovsk, we are in Khabarovsk, we can make a bigger bulb and make it play with green light." 

Then the fans can immerse themselves in the brand book of the Championship - take pictures. For example, with the stick put out over the ball, holding on to which, the person is like a rower in a boat ("It's according to Anyuya, Vyacheslav Ivanovich, as if going", - joked Alexander Fedosov while the governor was photographed), with a wall picture of a grinning tiger, lotus, with a giant ball, skate or stick. 

A little further, they will be awaited by an attraction familiar to visitors to the stands of the Khabarovsk Territory at the Eastern Economic Forum and the Days of the Far East in Moscow - a screen with an image of a Sukhoi SuperJet aircraft produced in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, which can be "dressed" in any livery: the system scans that that the visitor draws on the model of the plane, and sends the liner in flight. The internal radio of the World Cup 2018, organized by the directorate of the championship and Avtoradio, will also add interactivity. The governor was met in the open studio by the editor-in-chief of the Khabarovsk Avtoradio Yegor Kozorez, who invited him to live broadcasts during the championship.

Finally, plenty on the picture, you can get into the "shopping arcade", where the governor came. Masters in traditional costumes will tell the guests what the handicrafts consist of and sell them. Vyacheslav Shport, for example, to his great astonishment, was informed that 2018 year on the Slavonic calendar will be the Year of the Hedgehog, and gave the hedgehog-hockey player "for luck" - a toy with the symbols of the World Cup-2018. "The hedgehogs quickly fly apart, although their whole basket," the seller said proudly. "We even have hedgehogs playing hockey," said Alexander Sokolov with humor, flavored with patriotism.

Then Vyacheslav Shport went up to the headquarters of the volunteers, who told him where they came from (even from St. Petersburg) and what they were doing. Headquarters starts at 7 in the morning and ends at one in the morning. Volunteers get to Khabarovsk at their own expense; here they are provided only with form and food. Total 250 volunteers. Vyacheslav Shport called them "the soul of any event" and said that he himself, if he was a volunteer, "would have chosen some kind of living direction." "Just not to feed and not exactly the office. For example, to tell about the Championship, to welcome guests - I prefer it." I imagined how great it would be if all the guests of the Championship, at least at the final or on the first day, were met by Vyacheslav Shport. But now he has a red VIP-badge, so we can hardly see it.

Accepting the 2018 World Cup jacket as a gift from the volunteers, Vyacheslav Shport told the audience a story from the last Championship - from 2015: “Ours lost 1: 3 to the Swedes. And when we walked, I’ll tell you a secret, with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, I suggested : “Let's put on white jackets.” “Maybe we won't, and so we’re losing,” he said. “Let's put on, we’ll be like everyone else,” I said. Put it on, although the protocol service said “don’t, six minutes left until We went out. They announced that the Prime Minister came to the match. And ours, as come on - one after another! And we won 5: 3. Literally six minutes ago, the Swedes were the champions, and at the end of the match were just Swedes. So the form is of great importance! " “We have memorized the recipe, take care of your form until the final,” the volunteers told him. 

After that, Vyacheslav Shport was presented with a bright backpack with the symbols of the World Cup, with which the governor promised to go to the hardware meetings, and took him photographed in the arena bowl. Already there, almost on the ice, Valentina Oleksenko showed the head of the region what the opening ceremony would look like with a laser show, and she said that all the fans would be given soft glowing wands to arrange a grand light show. 10 movements to thousands of spectators will show 50 choreographers, and it should turn out very beautifully, Valentina Oleksenko promised.

On the way from the bowl the governor still had time to look into the locker room, where the hockey players of the Russian team were - our team will conduct final training at 23 January on the site of future battles. "We checked the volunteer readiness, the service, the technical, everything is ready," he told the athletes, wishing them good luck and a "normal, good" victory. "When you play well, it's easier for us to achieve preferences for holding a championship here," he added.

To the governor, therefore, it should have seemed: he did everything he could. 

The next step is for the Russian team.
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