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Game on a grand scale: when?

EastRussia has studied the state and prospects of the gambling zone "Primorye"

The integrated entertainment resort Primorje was to become the largest gambling zone in the country. Initially, "Primorye" was planned to open in 2011 year. But the first casino, Tigre de Cristal, earned only in November 2015. Now Tigre de Cristal - the largest hotel and entertainment complex, will soon be presented its second turn. At the same time, the owner of Tigre de Cristal, the company "G1 Interaction", is still the only resident of Primorye, who realized their plans. The rest have so far "all in the process" - at least seven years. Will it not turn out that resident investors generally will abandon their plans altogether, as has already happened more than once in the recent history of the Far East, and that now occurs in the gambling zone "Primorye" - in the material EastRussia.

Game on a grand scale: when?
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"Cambodian company Naga Corporation laid the foundation of the hotel in the entertainment resort" Primorye "- about it recently сообщили in the administration of Primorsky Krai. The same message says that a new facility of the Tigre de Cristal complex will soon be presented. The latter can be called over-the-top: the annual budget revenues from its activities amount to about 500 million rubles, and the net profit of G1 Interaction, which implements the project, as it says in the company, reached 1,7 billion rubles over the past year.

This year, the hotel and entertainment complex Tigre de Cristal Hotel & Resort received the international award World Travel Awards-2018, which is called the tourist "Oscar". The prize was awarded in the nomination "Leading Russian resort 2018". The merits of the company were also noted in the development of the tourism industry of the Far East.

In the future, such complexes as Tigre de Cristal - including not only gaming halls, but also high-class hotels, restaurants and bars, sports and entertainment facilities - should appear throughout the territory of the Primorsky Kray. The area of ​​the play zone is 640 hectares, the largest of the five existing in Russia: in addition to Primorye, it is Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi, Azov-City in the Krasnodar Territory, Yantarnaya in the Kaliningrad Region, Siberian Coin in Altai Territory. It was Primorye that was supposed to open first, back in 2011. Now the Primorsky Territory Development Corporation (KRPK) refers to other terms of the project: the first stage is 2016 year (the beginning of active work of Tigre de Cristal), the second stage - 2019, the third - 2022 year.

The reason for the delay is not exactly in the money. KRPC undertook to attract 55,6 billion rubles for the construction of investment projects. The area of ​​responsibility of the corporation is design and construction of engineering, transport and social infrastructure. As of 2018 year, according to the corporation, the amount of investment in the IGC project is 15,9 billion rubles, taking into account budget investments. At the same time, the amount of investment under concluded investment agreements is 65,7 billion rubles, and after the delivery of all free land plots it will increase to 123 billion rubles.

Now, they assure the Primorsky Territory administration, work is underway on the projects of all investors without exception. But they are at different stages of readiness.

EastRussia help. The general developer of the project is JSC Development Corporation of Primorsky Krai. The company attracts investors, provides design and construction of engineering, transport and social infrastructure. 20 thousand new jobs directly in the implementation of the project plus 30 thousand jobs in related areas - another expected outcome of the IGC "Primorye". The amount of tax deductions from the gambling tax on the results of the project will amount to 3,4 billion rubles annually, while the consolidated tax will be about 8 billion rubles a year. The expected increase in inbound tourism after the beginning of the full-scale operation of the gambling zone will be about 8 million people.


"At the moment, the residents are five companies, all of them are working on their objects within the framework of the second phase of the project. According to the approved plan, in the active stage of construction today are Naga Vladivostok and Selena. The owner of Tigre de Cristal is preparing to present the design of the new building, two more investors - Russian companies Gaming Group Primorje and Shambala - will soon move from design to construction, says general director of the corporation Igor Trofimov. According to him, to 2020 year, when objects Naga Vladivostok (11-storey hotel complex with water park and casino) and Selena (hotel on 295 numbers, casino on 100 gaming tables, 500 machines) will be opened, attendance of the gambling zone of Primorye will increase from the current 400 thousand to 1,2 million people per year.

In addition, he said, the Russian side is negotiating with companies from South Korea, China, and Europe. A number of them showed interest in the implementation of their projects in the Primorsky Kray.

All planned projects will work, Andrei Sazonov, General Director of Gaming Group Primorje, one of the residents of the IGC, is also confident.

- Now we are completing the design stage, the project is on examination, we are waiting for a positive conclusion from day to day. The Primorsky Territory Development Corporation, for its part, has already agreed upon the project. We are planning to enter the construction site in September. Under investment contracts, the project will be fully implemented by the middle of 2022. Of course, we calculated the return from it. Specific figures, I'm not ready to call, but I will only say that the investments will be repaid in the shortest possible time, "says Andrei Sazonov.

Why not before? About the reasons for which the timing of the launch of the game zone has shifted, he says restrainedly:

- The move, indeed, was serious, for several years. Terms have moved not only here, but also for all investors. I note that this happened by mutual agreement with our developer and counterparty, that is, a corporation. There were a number of points related to the infrastructure, - explains Sazonov.

Recall, the infrastructure of the IRK is responsible for the state.


While the prospects of the integrated entertainment resort Primorje, as well as how realistic were the initial plans related to the gambling zone, can be judged by the activities of the only resident resident - Tigre de Cristal.

When creating the game zone "Primorye" a serious stake was made on the fact that tourists, players from Asian countries will come to it, thanks to the territorial proximity.

As explained in the company "J1 Interaction" EastRussia, the flow of tourists from abroad really is. At the moment, foreign customers account for about a third of the total. Accordingly, two-thirds - Russian tourists. At the same time, not all who visit the gambling establishments of Tigre de Cristal are wealthy people. In this case, you can rather talk about mass tourism.

Now, as it was already said, the objects of the hotel and entertainment complex take about 400 thousand people a year. In "G1 Interference" hope that this number will increase significantly after the introduction of a new facility, the presentation of which will be held at the fourth Eastern Economic Forum in September this year. It is about the construction of another hotel and entertainment complex with an area of ​​100 thousand square meters (located near the first), designed for 500 rooms. Restaurants, bars, the largest shopping center in the region, exhibition and conference halls will also be built. Thanks to this project, J1 Interteinment will open about 2 thousand jobs.

It should be noted that at the moment the investment of G1 International in the project, acting in the IGC, according to the company itself, is about $ 800 million. According to KRPC, the total amount of investments for the future will be more than $ 500 million, while the investor invested $ 217 million
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