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Ideas for millions

How in Yakutia start production on venture investments

The first direct and venture investment fund in the Far East is located in Yakutia. The venture company Yakutia, established five years ago, is a co-investor in innovative projects with significant economic and social potential, is engaged in enhancing the business environment in the region. About how and how much venture financing of projects has taken root in the northernmost region of Russia - read the East Russia review.

Ideas for millions
Photo: Vadim Scriabin
Today, VK Yakutia is proud of not the quantity, but the quality of portfolio companies. For five years - thanks to a whole range of technologies for searching for projects - they have a very solid portfolio of promising projects: during the period of the beginning of investment activity, VC Yakutia received more than 760 applications, about 170 became applications. Each project goes through a three-stage selection and review system. For 2013-2016 40 projects were approved for an investment of 419 million rubles. 11 of them have already given results. “The invested projects are unique in their kind and are often the only existing product or service in Yakutia in their segment,” says Evgeny Nogovitsyn, General Director of VK Yakutia.


The first swallow of the Yakut venture company was the project “Biga” to create a thermal insulation lacquer coating. In them, Yakutia VK invested 10 million rubles in 2013 a year. With these funds, German production and laboratory equipment was purchased, the company's employees underwent training in Germany. The very same paint production technology is being developed in Yakutsk.

This project, as they say, does not require much imagination. However, enterprising young people played on the desire of large companies to save. “We have received an analogue of heat insulating paint for use in the conditions of the Far North. Using this paint in construction will help reduce heat loss. We prepare them with local raw materials, with modern equipment, so the quality of paints is not inferior to European products. Since 2012, we have been tracking objects where our materials are used, we are improving technologies, ”says Andrey Neustroyev, General Director of Bige LLC.

Three years after its appearance on the market, the Yakut manufacturer of acrylic paints has taken a confident position in the domestic market, producing new innovative paints and varnishes - if in the first year it produced 100 tons, now the company produces 700-800 tons. Over the years of production "Biget" were able to obtain two patents for their developments: thermal insulation coating and thermal insulation facade paint. The effectiveness of the material has been proven in numerous tests. "A five-millimeter layer of our paint is equal in terms of heat-insulating properties to a five-centimeter layer of expanded polystyrene or glass wool," the entrepreneurs cite the figures.

Sell ​​heat

Extreme North, climatic features, long winter ... Yakut exotic becomes the "trump card" for the authors of business projects. In a republic in which only 92 settlements from around 600 are available (only in 10 from 36 districts) natural gas is provided, the issue of heating residential and social facilities is extremely acute: the residents of Yakutia have to “keep their hearth warm” for almost seven months a year .

The republic connects its future not only with the extraction and transportation of raw materials, but also with the creation of high-tech industries, which are located in the Industrial Park Kangalasy.

VK "Yakutia" became an investor of three large residents of the park. One of them is Sakhalipsnell, which began to promote the idea of ​​long-burning boilers since 2015. They received funding in the amount of 30 million rubles.

In this case, there was no need to “reinvent the wheel”: it was only necessary to adapt the idea to regional peculiarities. “The principle of operation is simple: the combustion process is directed from top to bottom, with the help of the regulated air supply, the combustion rate of the fuel and the boiler temperature can be set. “The lower the temperature, the slower the fuel burns,” says the technical director of the company Igor Zhirkov, showing the neat boilers installed at the plant itself. - People who have installed our boilers are already saving on fuel - wood, coal, almost 2-2,5 times. One load of firewood at 50 degrees below zero was enough for 18 hours, and coal for two days. When, as before, they used up this fuel for a maximum of 1,5-2 hours. "

In the survey of the profitability of the project, colleagues from the North-Eastern Federal University - Small Innovative Enterprise "Teplokomfort", engaged in the improvement of housing. For a typical rural resident, this has become a real know-how. The need for people and businesses in the economy helped propel the idea in the early years: sold about 700 boilers of different types and capacities. Now boilers are heated almost all areas of Yakutia. For 50 more than a year there can not reach the gas. Boilers - could in three years.

Now Sakhalipsnele is working in partnership with a Lithuanian manufacturer. They signed an agreement on the use of a patent and the right to sell in the republic. Within two years, entrepreneurs made their own changes to the design - they increased the thickness of the inner wall, changed the air distributor and the grate. All this could take into account the features of the Yakut fuel.

Young Yakut businessmen have a dream: for ordinary residents, for example, veterans, large families, through government subsidies, programs to use the opportunity to connect boilers to their homes for free. “It is very expensive to supply entire villages with gas. And long-burning boilers will be able to become a real and economically viable alternative, since gas will not get cheaper in the near future for sure, "Sakhalipsnel is sure.

Heat is also "traded" by the company "Vector" - a factory for the production of environmentally friendly insulation based on cellulose. In this project VC "Yakutia" invested 2015 million rubles in January 15.

Waste to income - it is according to this scheme in "Vector" make a new material from recycled waste paper with the use of antiseptics and fire retardant. The material of the Yakut plant is suitable for all climatic conditions and is effective not only for the thermal insulation of residential buildings, but also for industrial buildings. Two years of implementation showed that it is taken mainly for low-rise construction and frame houses.

The company expects that the cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, low thermal conductivity, high fire resistance of the material will generate good demand in the future. For a year and a half of production, the workshop reached a volume of two tons per shift, having established a continuous production process. “There is demand, production is not worth it - private construction is well developed in Yakutia. The standard of living is increasing, people are trying to acquire their own land and a house, ”says Dmitry Soldatov, Director of Vector LLC. - As they say, there is no other way back. Our investors and, most importantly, our customers believed in us. 15 million, which were allocated to us by VC Yakutia, allowed us to reach the production capacities necessary for the sustainable development of the company. " Now the company plans not only to increase volumes, but also to modernize equipment, to start producing new types of products.

Local - does not mean substandard

The key priority of the region's development by the head of Yakutia, Yegor Borisov, is development of local production - food, processing industry. "Projects based on the use of local raw materials for the production of final products will actually contribute to the substitution of a number of goods imported from outside the republic," said General Director Yevgeny Nogovitsyn.

The projects financed by the company show that nothing is impossible in establishing the release of their own, republican goods for domestic consumption and external sales.

In August, 2015, Yakutia VC, invested more than 18 million rubles in a berry processing project, Yakutia Berry implements juice and syrup from Yakut lingonberries under the brand name KYN (from the Yakut word “kun”, which means “sun”).

The trump card of the project is in its naturalness and environmental friendliness - the company buys the raw materials from local residents of the Yakutia regions for 150 rubles per kilogram.

Now the stocks of berries in Yakutia are used only on 1,5-1,6%. So, the prospects for the production of such drinks are almost unlimited. Due to the low cost of production, use of local raw materials, the project was able to realize its capabilities in a short time. "It is more convenient for urban residents to purchase ready-made syrup for preparing Morse or other dishes, rather than to ride berries in the summer and store them all winter. We did not come up with something new, we just took the cultural tradition on the basis, and presented it beautifully and qualitatively, "says Arthur Arzhakov, the company's CEO.

Last fall, entrepreneurs took about 30 tons of cranberries, which are sold through a retail network, not only in the capital of the republic, but also nearby villages. The fast rate of sales allowed Yakutia Berry to get 24 million in revenue for 2016 year.

The difficult situation with northern delivery in remote areas of Yakutia has become, to some extent, an "inspiration" for young entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, in Yakutia in spring and summer there is no transport connection with remote villages, so vital cargo is delivered in winter along the ice of rivers and lakes. Another problem was that in subzero temperatures vegetables and fruits did not always retain their quality.

Young farmers, who had previously been engaged in milk procurement and processing in their village, gave their answer to solving many problems related to the quality of nutrition of the rural population for the whole year. In 2013, they presented their project for the production of quick-frozen vegetables in the conditions of Yakutia to the republican competition "Young Farmer". Two years after the idea, they started production. The Yakutia Venture Company has allocated 8 million rubles. These funds were used to purchase equipment for shock freezing of vegetables. The workshop productivity is up to 30 tons per month. During the first production year in 2016, about 150 tons of potatoes, 120 tons of carrots and beets, 110 tons of cabbage were harvested.

“We calculated that per capita consumption is 76 kg per year. These are small numbers for agricultural enterprises in Yakutia. However, the problem was precisely that they could not deliver products all year round. In addition, the market was filled with imported products - the same frozen, canned vegetables, ”says Yegor Ammosov, director of the Samartai agricultural production complex.

The workshop is located 60 kilometers from the capital - in the small village of I Zhemkon, Khangalassky district of Yakutia. "Samartai" produces five types of "freezing", supplies products to the markets of the region and sends on order to the northern regions.

"In the near future, we plan to continue investing in cost-effective projects that improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Yakutia. Nevertheless, a strategically important area for us will be investing in knowledge-intensive and IT projects that have a high potential for capitalization growth, "adds Yevgeny Nogovitsyn.
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