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And the installer, and the skyscraper!

Igor Makhin, a specialist in the installation of steel and reinforced concrete structures of the branch "SU № 701" Dalspetsstroy

28 April 05.01 Moscow time from the Vostochny launch site launched the first launch of the Soyuz-2.1 launch vehicle. For specialists of Spetsstroy of Russia, who built the most modern spaceport in the remote Amur taiga, this day became a real holiday. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the builders of the cosmodrome and space industry specialists on the successful launch. "I want to congratulate you. There is something to be proud of ... Everything that needs to be done on your part, done - and done at the highest level, "- said the President, referring to the builders of the East after the first launch of the launch vehicle.

We continue the series of reports about the builders of the spaceport Vostochny, who were awarded high state awards for their contribution to the construction of the space harbor.

And the installer, and the skyscraper!
Photo: Photo provided by Special Forces of Russia

At the peak moments of the construction of the cosmodrome, more than 8 000 people were involved in the facilities. Particularly distinguished of them were awarded the medal of the Order for Services to the Fatherland 2 degree. One of them, Igor Makhin, a specialist in the installation of steel and reinforced concrete structures of the SU branch number 701 of Dalspetsstroy, says that he was just lucky to get into the construction of one of the most important objects of modern Russia - the Vostochny cosmodrome.

Igor Valeryevich Makhin was born in the then Soviet city of Balkhash (now it is the Republic of Kazakhstan). Most of his life he lived at the station. Srednebelaya of the Amur region, he graduated from the Sverbel'e secondary school and at the age of eighteen began his labor path as a worker. Then, having mastered the profession of the collector of metal structures, he worked at enterprises in Primorsky Krai - he built bridges and ships, and in 2013 he came to work in the Far Eastern chapter of the Special Construction of Russia.

11 February 2013, Igor Makhin arrived at the cosmodrome in the Amur Region as a fitter of the Dalspetsstroy branch of SU No. XXUMX. A team of installers, in which Igor worked, erected objects of an industrial construction and operational base, a technical complex. The building area of ​​the technical complex amounted to almost 701 thousand square meters, the amount of work is enormous! During the creation of this zone, Dalspetsstroi built the hull of a spacecraft and a launch vehicle connected to each other by a transborder gallery, through which, using two transborders and crane equipment, the components of the launch vehicle and spacecraft are redirected to the assembly and test parts of the assembly and test buildings for further assembly.

The most difficult and interesting was the work on the refueling station of the spacecraft, the upper stage and the head components (ZNS KA, RB and KGCH) - an object without which it is impossible to prepare for launch. The technologically complex erection of metal structures was carried out in a period of especially severe frost, when the hands literally froze to metal and penetrated the icy wind. But the specificity of the work is such that, rising to a height (which is about 30 meters), the installer cannot come down at any time to warm himself. And when sandwich panels were being installed on objects, they generally had to work with thin gloves, since the bolts that were used for fasteners were small and it was difficult to even hold them in hands.

"The work of the installer of steel and reinforced concrete structures on any site is complex and very responsible. But we are working on a particularly complex facility, the buildings and structures of the cosmodrome are under enormous pressure, both during preparation and when launching missiles. This means only one thing - our work must be done with the highest quality and a huge margin of safety! Performing technological operations, there is only one thing in the head - the fulfillment of the task of state importance depends on the work of each of us. Therefore, at the construction site, the ability to work in a team is especially valued, when 100% is required for every specialist, and in case of production necessity - the ability to replace a colleague during any operation! "- shares Mahin.

Speaking about his work at the East, Igor admits that over the years he received additional training, mastered several related specialties, along with engineers understands the drawings: “But how different? At any time I should be able to check the drawings, control the accuracy of each operation, this is a necessary condition for the construction of ground-based space infrastructure facilities. Of course, I'm not an engineer, but I'm a good installer! If necessary, I can be an alpinist and a welder. ”

Almost four years, Igor Valeryevich Mahin is working in the ranks of Dal'spetsstroevtsev - builders of the cosmodrome, during which time the company's management has repeatedly noted his conscientious attitude to the performance of his duties, his perseverance in achieving the best result, and high professionalism. It is difficult to name exact figures, but according to approximate calculations it can be said that thanks to Igor Makhin more than 3 thousand tons of metal structures were erected, approximately 2 thousand square meters of wall panels were installed.

Colleagues, speak of Mahina as a good comrade, who deservedly enjoys authority. "Our team is not limited to working hours. We work together, together we live in hostels and so from year to year, here everyone is visible. We are at home much less time, for example, I have a month to go to the family for four days ", - says Igor.

Two hundred kilometers from the cosmodrome, in Blagoveshchensk, Igor Makhnin, the family is waiting: Inna's wife and five-month-old daughter Yana. As Igor shared, when the date of the first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome was announced, he and his wife laughed and said that the daughter would be born on that day, and the pope would have a double holiday! But the baby was born a day later - 1 May 2016 year - than did not upset her parents. And in general 2016 year turned out to be "fruitful" for good events - Dal'spetsstroevets, a highly qualified specialist, became a father and was awarded a government award.

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