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Governor of Okha

Governor of Okha

Andrey Kalachinsky - about the attitude of Sakhalin residents to the arrest of the head of the region:

- The arrest of the head of the Sakhalin region for the residents of the island was a surprise. Unpleasant.

Oil. Gas. A fish. And also in the plans: a bridge to the mainland and an "energy bridge" to Hokkaido. That's all - Sakhalin today.

Chekhov's dream came true: thanks to the free labor of the descendants of former convicts, the convict island turned into, well, you won’t believe it, into New Zealand. But if in the Southern Hemisphere it is quiet, peaceful, boring and even wolves do not disturb the sheep herds, then on Sakhalin everything is boiling, raging, building. And only one man in shackles (sorry, in handcuffs) was taken from Sakhalin to Moscow - Governor Khoroshavin.

Local people even after the scandalous details about the seizure of a billion cash in cash and kilograms of jewelry during the searches of Khoroshavin's coffers are puzzled: why did the indicative crackdown on corrupt officials start with Sakhalin? Why from the governor, in which the island area received a tremendous boost in development and became one of the most if not prosperous, then prosperous regions of the country?

Sakhalin social networks sounded like a refrain: they put a hood over his head from court reporters, but he himself did not hide his face and his gaze was “like a captured eagle - proud and fierce”. Another thing sounded: the "eagle" stood up, flew high - it hurts to fall.

Suggested circumstances

The formal reason for the detention was the charges of Khoroshavin of taking bribes from the company in concluding contracts for the construction of the 4 power unit of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya CHP plant-1. Khoroshavin said that he was talked about by dislike.

On the island, this formal charge is calm. And the motive of dislike is believed. The contractor of the very construction was the company of Nikolai Crane. This man on Sakhalin for whatever he undertook, was able to attract the attention of the accusatory public. Having handed over the power unit, Kran tried to get a tax deduction from the budget in the amount of 270 million rubles. Could the Crane be friendly to the Governor who withdrew the region's money from his bank?

The relationship between government and business in the region is now built on envy. Business believes that the government "sits on wealth" and does not give anything to anyone. And the authorities believe that business is investing a ruble in order to pump ten from the territory and take everything with them. Since these relations are involved in selfishness, the state arranged auctions. Legal: if you spend less government funds, you will get a contract. But since businessmen are measured by wealth, not by the modesty of their appetites, another illegal auction takes place between them and the authorities: if you want to get a contract, show how much money you can give.

It's a mechanism. System. Alpha and Omega. And every lover of truth and liberal who vowed not to take or give, sitting in a chair, sees what a fool he was, making such stupid promises. The most honest governors set up a "territory development fund" and, by contributions to it, estimate who to give in a contract. And the most sober ones no longer distinguish their wallet from the regional one.

The reasons for a sudden arrest are therefore sought elsewhere - in the system of relations between local and federal authorities. The most popular version on the island: new unwritten rules for the performance indicators of governors are being built. They line up the way a blind man parks by ear: he hit the front car, backed up, hit another and, finally, found a free space by the sound of broken headlights. That is, "we put a couple of governors in prison - the rest will understand how to behave."

Origin - own

Khoroshavin is a man of “old Rosneft”. A native of the second Sakhalin oil capital - Okhi, where he was the mayor of a small town, barely 25 thousand people. In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where there are almost 200 thousand inhabitants, "Okhintsy" are considered almost like "northern barbarians". In 2007 he became acting. Governor by decree of President Putin, after the resignation of Governor Ivan Malakhov, who did not effectively cope with the help of the victims of the earthquake in Nevelsk. In 2011, Khoroshavin was nominated for a second term at the suggestion of President Medvedev.

That is, Alexander Vadimovich has never been elected, which means that he did not pass the crucible of harsh pre-election criticism. And if in the north of the region they knew him well, in the south they got used to it for a long time. In September 2015, there should be elections for the governor, Khoroshavin was not officially nominated, but unofficially everyone knew that he would go. And now, after being accused of corruption, it is unlikely.

Although the people behind the eyes consider all governors to be born "corrupt officials", after the arrest of Khoroshavin "for a bribe" there is a lot of bewilderment among the comments on the Sakhalin forums: "... I will say about his personality. My mother grew up with him, they were almost one year old, and we are the same age as his son. Huber came from a simple family with one mother who gave birth to him early, and they lived extremely modestly. He achieved everything himself! He has no pomposity, arrogance, it is easy to work with him! He has no crown! And all this hype, apparently, did not please the authorities, so they decided to show people a show ”.

Even a small group of the public, a man at 50, self-organized, sent a letter to the president with a naive question: why, they say, the wine of Khoroshavin has not been proven yet, and he has already been convicted on all federal channels?

Khoroshavin is his own. And this is very important for the Far East. Everyone is terribly annoyed against the "Moscow Varangians". It is believed that upon arriving, they count down the days until their departure, the whole business is redrawn under the "Muscovites" and do everything to grab more with them back to Moscow. But "his", he knew in childhood the value of the green oak fortress of apples and Chinese tangerines, which the locals saw only for the New Year. Knows that saury in banks should be taken with the production date "autumn". And in general he "pushed around" and "sipped", as we all here. This is a kind of Far Eastern whiney pride. Therefore, a lot is forgiven to "his own" if he "did not get drunk".

Khoroshavin is an exemplary Far East in this regard. Born in the Amur Region, studied in Vladivostok at the Polytechnic. I went to Sakhalin to Okha as an electrician. And then, along the Komsomol line, he became a boss and, as is customary with big leaders, even became a doctor of economic sciences.

Sakhalin, however, was not helped by the doctor, but circumstances: lucky that part of the profits from mining operations legally go to the territory.

Primorye also has an amazing natural resource: non-freezing sea water near the coast. Ports and customs give huge revenues to the state treasury. So, in 2012, the Far Eastern Customs ensured the receipt of 197,05 billion rubles in the federal budget - this is actually the total income of the Khabarovsk, Primorsky Territories and the Amur Region. If at least some of this money were left in place, then the dream of Hong Kong or Singapore, which got rich on the transshipment of goods, would become a reality for Vladivostok. Alas. But on Sakhalin, dreams have come true: the consolidated budget revenues for 2013-2014 increased by more than 60 percent - from 95 to 155 billion rubles. So much money was received that the region could not schedule it for projects and spend. At the end of 2014, Sakhalin's budget surplus reached 23 billion rubles.

Who threw the hood over the governor?

How so? Sakhalin is bathed in money, while nine-tenths of the country's regions stand with an outstretched hand at the federal treasury. The plenipotentiary of the president in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev 26 December 2014 year during the press conference abruptly went through the Sakhalin authorities, and now all these words recall:

“The budget of the Sakhalin Region is surplus. You are trying to hide it, but, in fact, it is in surplus. This is the result of the work of the offshore projects under the PSA. And thank God - that's what they were created for. But now the budgetary provision of the region's residents is the highest in the country. Residents of the region should live like in the United Arab Emirates. But, coming here, I don't see it. And just recently, I told your leaders: you must provide a program in which you do not smear funds, but make a qualitative breakthrough. Then I support her with all my capabilities. If not, then the option of redistributing funds is not excluded. "

The key phrase here is "you are trying to hide it." Formally, Trutnev's “you” was addressed to the Sakhalin journalists, who, of course, on the contrary, would like to reveal all financial secrets. In fact, he "deflated", of course, into the governor.

Sakhalin pranksters immediately offered to bring camels, Bedouins and guest workers from India and the Philippines to the island so that the transformation into the Arab Emirates would happen faster. Still, they understand that if in the Middle East oil has been in full swing for a hundred years, then on Sakhalin the first oil was obtained in 1999, and the gas liquefaction plant started working only in 2009. Trutnev, of course, went too far: Sakhalin has been bathed in money for the past few years, and before that, under the production sharing law, he got only crumbs from the table of oil companies. And the local officials "before that" were not particularly flamboyant.

It is interesting that Khoroshavin put his income tax return on the official website of the region in the most conspicuous place. She, one might say, hit me in the eye. According to it, in 2013, his income amounted to 8800 thousand rubles. The wife has 112 thousand. The governor has two cars GAZ 21, Lexus LX 570 and his wife has the same jeep. The apartment is 56 meters, but my wife's 100 meters. And that's all. And now they say - three apartments in elite houses in Moscow, a house in the Moscow region, a gold pen with diamonds and packs of five-thousandth bills for a billion. By the way, it would not be bad to ask the Sakhalin prosecutor about the origin of all this - the governor's declaration must have been checked by his department ...

The sad example of Horoshavin, by the way, caused a wave of parallels among the Far East: the widespread ostentatious poverty of governors, they share with each other in social networks, indicates that they understand their doom. You can not earn much on the sovereign's post. It remains only to snatch, hapnut, hide, take out.

In a similar situation with the search and seizure of documents, Primorye Governor Sergei Darkin found himself in his time before the forced resignation. He, too, according to the declarations was naked as a falcon, and all the wealth belonged to his wife. He should be in jail. But Sergei Mikhailovich "for medical reasons" managed to fly to Moscow and sit there until the breeders at the top agree among themselves - who will get what. For Darkin, in the end, it all ended not in a criminal case, but in resignation and further work in the ministry.

They remember this not by chance: a message has already flashed that Khoroshavin is actively cooperating with the investigation. You need to understand it this way: it will be difficult to prove a bribe. And given the fact that Khoroshavin can tell a lot about such people, whose position may become "worse than the governor's", the ending of the story with his transfer to Moscow is open. Nobody knows what and how the ending will turn out.

There is something to remember

Before their arrest, Sakhalin governor Alexander Khoroshavin was frightened (frowned), respected, proud and at home called Ho or, by initials, Hav, which especially cheered the Sakhalin Koreans with their monosyllabic surnames. After the arrest, everyone was shocked, offended, Khoroshavin recalled all the bad things. But it turned out a little bad.

How did the Sakhalin people remember him? Of course, the influx of money into the region. In 2012, the regional budget received 61 billion rubles in tax and non-tax revenues, which is 23,4 billion more than in 2011. In 2014 - 143,5 billion rubles - 59 billion rubles more than in 2013. Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) payments are received once a year in April. In 2014, they amounted to 75 billion rubles. What this money was spent on was seen by all residents.

In the oblast, queues for kindergartens have been virtually eliminated. From 45 to 50 thousand rubles the salary of the teacher.

The average salary of doctors in Sakhalin is 80 thousand. But they are not enough. The chief physician of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city hospital says that every year he tries to lure graduates from the medical universities of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk to him. Lifting - 800 thousand rubles, there is even housing. But young doctors dream of getting a dermatovenous dispensary in order to become cosmetologists later, and do not rush to "islands". To attract highly qualified doctors, a special bonus program is provided. For example, an annual surcharge of 1 million rubles for a special certificate for the purchase of housing in other regions of the country.

With a kind word, Sakhalin residents will remember the gasification of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk CHPP-1. Construction of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Okha highway: 860 km, the asphalt at Khoroshavin reached the village of Smirnykh - this is about 370 km. A kilometer on the island costs 100 million rubles (swamps, spawning rivers, mountains). 10 billion are allocated annually for this.

Ice Palace in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Now Sakhalin residents are arguing about how to name it: in honor of the famous hockey coach Anatoly Tarasov or in honor of Nevelsk native CSKA goalkeeper Yevgeny Belosheykin?

That Khoroshavin did not have time? Build a bridge to the mainland, an "energy bridge" to Japan and transfer Sakhalin public transport and utilities to gas. By the way, an agreement on the construction of a filling station network has already been signed with Gazprom.

Of the bad.

In 2009, the media unearthed that the Sakhalin administration was holding a tender for Burundian drummers to participate in the Governor's New Year's reception for talented youth. Khoroshavin irritated the initiators of the invitation, canceled the tender, but Burundi Drummers had already penetrated into public opinion and firmly settled there.

In 2010, Khoroshavin, the first governor in the history of Sakhalin, was summoned to court by a witness in connection with the case of the regional health minister, who was accused of fraud in the purchase of tomographs.

In 2013, the co-chairman of the central headquarters of the All-Russian Popular Front, Alexander Brechalov, told the president at the ONF conference that the head of the Sakhalin region had spent 680 million rubles on “improving the image of the governor”. Of course, it was a black mark. But such "tags" were then distributed to local leaders across the country in batches. Last week, for example, it reached the Moscow region.

There was also a sculptural "joint" behind Khoroshavin. Just as Luzhkov could be forgiven by intelligent Muscovites for a cap, hives, a patent for kulebyak and kefir, but not for the installation of Columbus-Peter Tsereteli on an artificial island in the middle of the Moscow River, so the Sakhalin intelligentsia was outraged by the octahedral prism 42 meters high, surrounded by the emblems of municipalities and the price of 26 million rubles. The unnamed Sakhalin poet of the Derzhavin school wrote lines that instantly flew to the people:

Ripped off rags from the obelisk,

Removed overweight forests

Ascended concrete peep * ska

To the glory of the first person!

Strangely enough, not a single Sakhalin governor in the history of new Russia left his post of his own free will: one died in a helicopter crash, others were forced to write letters of resignation. Khoroshavin is another in this row. And something suggests, hardly the last ...

A source:

Ogonyok magazine № 10 from 16.03.2015, page 20

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