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The governor in the subway, and the Chinese on the bridge

Rumors of the Far East. Issue 4. What is audible in the Far East corridors, the lobby, whatsapp-ah and telegram-ah - collects EastRussia

The governor in the subway, and the Chinese on the bridge
Far Eastern officials have been discussing the upcoming visit to the macroregion of President Vladimir Putin all last week. Allegedly, he should appear here in early August. The head of state, according to rumors, will definitely look into the Amur Region (where a large investment construction project will start), and then he can go, as they say, either to Buryatia or to Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Considering that since the last settlement was declared a "city of presidential attention" the president has not yet visited it, the step looks logical. And then potential investors are already asking themselves questions: is Komsomolsk-on-Amur really so important for the head of state?

According to other sources, Vladimir Putin may appear in Komsomolsk-on-Amur right after the Eastern Economic Forum, in September. The expected purpose of the visit is clear: an inspection of the objects that are being built within the framework of the long-term plan for the integrated development of the city. The document was adopted by the Russian government in April last year after the president in December 2015-th referred to Komsomolsk-on-Amur in a message to the Federal Assembly. The idea for the message, as they say, was thrown into the presidential administration by the plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev, and even that was suggested by Khabarovsk governor Vyacheslav Shport, a native of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The previous time Vladimir Putin visited Komsomolsk-on-Amur in February 2012, but then did not even go to the local aircraft factory - he sat down on his field and flew away from him. And then he was waiting for a lot.

DEVELOPMENT megabytes do not reach to the north
People complain that the site of JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" - the managing company for all the territories of advanced development (TOP) and the free port of Vladivostok (SPV) does not open in Chukotka. The main page loads for a very long time, and all this time the user is given a rotating circle on a white screen. The page is not really suitable for slow Internet: the modern design only works when the photo content is fully loaded, and the total page weight is 5,6 MB. For the Chukchi Internet - at least 10 minutes of waiting.

Meanwhile, despite the powerful design, the complexity of the structure and the severity of the content, the KRIA website lags far behind reality. For example, only 13 TOPs are represented on the map, although at the moment they are created in the Far East 17 - there is not enough "Petrochemical", "Free", "Nikolaevsk" and "South Yakutia". Among the published government decrees there is no document on the creation of the TOP "Free".

But in Vladivostok discuss the creative approach of three new residents of the SPV, 22 June received from the "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" residents' certificates under the serial numbers 222, 223 and 224. The recipients of tax benefits have striking similarities. Not only that their legal names are consonant - OOO Dmitrovskoe, OOO Petrovskoye and OOO Vladimirskoye. So all three are also registered in the neighboring offices at the same address (offices 316, 317 and 315 in Vladivostok, Vyselkovaya street, 39 - the shopping center "Kitai Gorod." Headed by the companies Antioff Dmitry Henrykhovich (Dmitrovskoye) Chudinov Vladimir Ivanovich (Vladimirsky) and Petrov Vladimir Eduardovich (Petrovskoye) Residents are registered in the same Federal Tax Service Inspectorate, their OGRNs differ literally in the latest figures.

If all three companies did not have the same contact email address (, One could seriously think that companies are not affiliated with each other. All three residents are going to build residential and non-residential buildings in a free port. And by the way, Vladimir Eduardovich Petrov - already twice resident of the free port. The Primrazvitie LLC, which he headed, registered all at the same address in the shopping center "Kitai Gorod", only on the 4 floor (415 office), received the status of a resident of the SPN 29 May 2017. The company intends to engage in retail sales of gas for refueling cars "in specialized stores.

In near-government circles in Yakutia they are discussing a recent round of talks with the Chinese Power China. It is on this possible investor that the main hopes are now placed on building a bridge across the Lena River. According to rumors, the negotiations were more than successful, and the Chinese side declared its readiness to proceed with the construction of the bridge as early as May 2018. The approximate cost of the project is 75 billion rubles. In the meantime, the only obstacle to the construction is supposedly the position of the federal center, which is not very happy with the infrastructure expansion of Chinese companies in the Far East. If the parties manage to overcome all the delays, the long-awaited bridge can pass by the year 2023.

On Sakhalin, over the past week, discussions have continued on where the authorities intend to build two new health facilities in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk: an ambulance station and a children's regional hospital. About the last said that it will be erected right in front of the local cemetery. But at the hearings about amendments to the regional budget, the Minister of Health of Sakhalin Aleksey Pak reassured everyone: they want to build a hospital along the Elanka River.

Is the spinning oscillation in time frame?
In the Magadan Region, meanwhile, a new wave of discussion of the fate of the Natalka deposit, the development of which is led by the "daughter" of the "Polus" - "Matrosov Mine". The company has invested tens of billions of rubles in the development of the deposit and has been working on the project for many years, but so far Natalka has not been launched.

Solemnly launch the GOK on Natalka, recall, in Minskostokrazvitiya promise to the Eastern Economic Forum. But in the "Pole" this summer it was repeated that at full capacity the object will be released only to 2019 year. To GOKu only it is necessary to construct for 9,9 billion rubles of federal means 135 km of power transmission line "Ust-Omchug-Omchak". Against this background, rumors are circulating on the Kolyma that the Kerimov brothers can abandon Natalka as an asset, and this will mean that the project is likely to "fail" again in terms of "right". Although its indicative launch under the WEF in September, it would seem that nothing prevents.

The governor of the Amur region, Alexander Kozlov, blew up the social network, having published in the instagram a photo from the Moscow metro. A photo with the description of "Moscow Metro." In my opinion, this is the most acceptable transport for the capital "collected over 2 thousand of likes and three dozen comments." In the region thought about where and where the governor was going from - the car is clearly half empty, Either in the weekend or in the evening. The governor is dressed in the casual style, but does not smile and does not look relaxed in the photo.Despite the fact that on the day of the publication Alexander Alexandrovich was already opening the drag racing competitions in Blagoveshchensk, the publication looks like a home-made piece. given ear №1 in today's ranking rumors, many are beginning to mystify, what is really needed such publication.

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