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Citizen of the world with Khabarovsk registration

Travel blogger Dmitry Kulikov about traveling and that Khabarovsk does not oppress

Sunrises in Alaska, lunch in New Zealand, a walk through the volcanoes of Kamchatka, sunsets in Japan. The most popular travel blogger of the Far East - Khabarovsk Dmitry Kulikov visited more 50 countries and made a tour around the world with his wife - all the inhabited continents visited the 77 days. For many, such a lifestyle is a dream, and for Dmitry it is a favorite hobby with a clear plan.

Citizen of the world with Khabarovsk registration

A dream is to see a rhino

Recently, Dmitry Kulikov returned from South Africa. A trip to this region is a long-time dream of a travel blogger. He had already visited the black continent, but the traveler had his own reason for returning.

- South Africa was in our top 5 upcoming trips. They arise not from the appearance of hot tours or offers from tour operators, but from the list of dreams that we make up with our spouse. We already went on a safari in Kenya during our world tour in the winter of 2016-2017, but then we didn’t meet the rhino, which was one of our dreams, like visiting Cape Town and one of the most beautiful deserts of the world - Namib. They planned to visit South Africa for the last couple of years, but South Africa was a visa country for Russians. It was necessary to apply for a visa in Moscow personally, and it was a pity to lose a week because of this. As a result, the visa was canceled last spring, and we immediately began to plan a trip for the new season. Since in the southern hemisphere of the relative northern all seasons are the opposite - we flew in September, finding a blooming spring. In addition to South Africa, we visited Namibia.


Rhinos were seen three times, and the other participants of the so-called Big Five safaris: buffalo, lion, leopard and elephant. Of course, without hippos, crocodiles and giraffes, too, has not done. Most of all, the traveler was struck by close contact with wildlife. In recognition of a travel blogger, such communication with animals inspires and immerses oneself in childhood.

“It seems to me that these are the best lessons in geography and biology, much more useful for development, when parents take out children every year not to Thailand, but at least once to a real safari. It is better to show children real natural nature than to drive them to zoos and circuses, because the conditions in which animals are kept only cause sadness.

As it should be in traveling, especially in Africa, it wasn’t without adventures - several times there were moments when animals wanted to scare tourists. For example, an elephant went to the car during a safari rather rudely, flapping ears. By this he made it clear to people that he was displeased with their presence and would like them to leave his domain.

- It turned out that the elephant cleared the way for a little baby elephant. They had to cross the road, and she considered that we were too close to their path. We just passed a few meters back, skipping them. When you are aware of such habits, you should not worry much. If you know the basic rules, then nothing will happen to you.


Despite the rather impressive list of countries he has seen, Dmitry is absolutely not against returning to places he has already visited. The favorite country of Kulikovs is Japan, where they were more than ten times, and the most beloved region of Russia is Kamchatka, they went there eight times. Travelers do not mind being in Thailand. This country, thanks to its climate and tourist infrastructure, helps them out when you just need to reboot and unwind.

- We will definitely return to Africa. Now we are planning a trip and we think it will be Uganda or Rwanda. We want to watch the gorillas, it is in the mountains of these countries that these unique primates are found.

Two coins

Traveler Dmitry Kulikov appeared in childhood. The fateful role was played by two coins donated by my mother - one from Czechoslovakia, the other - a family heirloom - a penny of the imperial times. After that, little Dima began collecting coins. He started a notebook and began to write down which country, which monetary units, which coins and with which denomination were issued, how one or another currency appeared.

- Opening a blank contour map, I could put all the names of the countries, their capital. Acquiring the next coin to the collection, the country from which I have a coin hatched on this contour map. When I looked at them, I thought about what hands she had visited, as a result, having overcome great distances, she came to me, for which she could pay. All this sent me thoughts of virtual travel. As a child, I couldn’t afford to travel abroad, but I adored the TV programs “Club of Travelers”, “In the world of animals” and from ten years went on trips with a tourist club. But when I grew up and had the opportunity to travel, I began to visit those countries from which I had coins as a child.

Studying at the institute, the future traveler realized that he did not want to sit out in the office, but wanted to live a full life full of adventures and discoveries. For this, I read books on success, attended master classes, and clearly understood for myself that life is the same business process that needs to be planned and then managed. And in order for life to be really interesting, you need to constantly fill it with new impressions. The basic exercise for moving forward was to compile a list of 100 dreams and desires. As it turned out later, this list almost completely coincided with the dreams of his future wife, Olga. Most of them are related to travel.


- Before going somewhere, we look at the season and plan where to go, for example, in the winter it is better to go to the southern hemisphere, in the summer to Iceland or Norway. We always have the top 10 countries that we want to visit the most. On this basis, we plan our trips, weighing our capabilities in time and resources. We will arrange everything in advance to save money and find the best options. In the organization of independent travels - we are already real luminaries. Therefore, they began to teach this skill to people. For example, we can take a standard safari tour offered by Russian travel companies and teach how to organize the same or better price at two to three times cheaper. Already dozens of people went on cruise trips, having learned from us how to do this for literally thirty thousand rubles.

In travels, the Kulikovs spend a total of six months a year. Dmitry was always engaged in an independent business, so he could organize his time without looking at his superiors. Olga the first years of their life together worked in a bank and was limited only by her vacation. At first, they learned how to divide 36 vacation days into four parts per year, connecting with holidays. And then Olga left the bank altogether, starting to provide Internet marketing services at an outsourcing. There was a period when Olga received the same money in the same bank, only as an external specialist, and not tied to her office "staffer". Thanks to the Internet, you can now do your work from anywhere in the world.

Love from the first frame

Photos from Dmitry Kulikov's travels and stories from trips appear not only on the traveler’s blog and social networks, but also in various publications. For many years, a travel blogger has worked with the Khabarovsk and All-Russian magazine Dear Pleasure, leads the author’s heading in the Ukrainian magazine World of Tourism, periodically published in the on-board magazines of the airlines Aurora and Yakutia, makes postcards for Russian Post projects. And still Khabarovsk holds photo exhibitions, and their geography has long gone beyond the framework of the Far East and Russia.


- On my first trip abroad, it was Japan in 2000, I realized that I wanted to take pictures. With the incident travel time began to happen more often. In the 2013 year, my wife and I flew to Australia, began posting pictures on Facebook, friends and subscribers began to write that they are very beautiful photos and you need to do an exhibition after returning to Khabarovsk. Friends provided a room in a cafe, helped print photos. In the end, he organized a party, and timed it to his birthday. More 100 people came, everyone liked it. I didn’t really appreciate my photos, but I realized that since such a resonance had arisen, then it’s worth working in this direction.

After this exhibition, Dmitry was invited to hold a master class on travel photography. He did it with ease, the audience responded to such an extent that a blogger traveled all over the Far East with this master class - he explained how to take beautiful pictures without special education and professional equipment.   

- I understood that the audience responds, it likes my pictures, my stories - I manage to explain complex things in simple language. Once I was certified as a business coach and used these skills. Then my wife and I began to “pack” our travel knowledge - we already have an online school “Let's Travel”, where we tell you how to fulfill your dreams, thanks to travel, without spending a lot of effort and money on it.

In the 2012 year, the Kulikovs got Instagram, then there was little Russian content, so the audience grew every day. As a result, a year later it reached 15 thousand - for 2013, a very large figure. Now Dmitry has more 150 thousand subscribers in this social network, and Olga has about 85 thousand more.

we are in travel-1.jpg

The blogger did not go to special courses on photography - he subscribed to the world's leading travel photographers, read several books on photography and regularly hones his skills in practice. However, novice travelers with cameras advises at least a little to learn from the courses.

- We can say that I am a little ashamed of the photos I took with little or no experience. I understand that I could have better photo content from the countries I visited before. But I am not very worried about this - there will be a reason to return.

The Desire for Change

Traveling blogging for Dmitriy is mostly a hobby, although it does bring some dividends. The main activity is the development and launch of new business projects. As acknowledged by a business traveler, he likes to deal not with finances and personnel management, but with the development of goods and services, packaging, its launch into the market, and the increase in customer loyalty.

- I really am a lazy person and a person who does not like to do what he doesn’t like - very picky and selective. I have been like this since childhood, and I remain so now, so I only do what I like and inspire me. And when something touches you, you give yourself to it completely, with more energy and creativity.

The first project was the city Internet portal Together with his partner, Dmitry launched it in 2000 year. Then it was an innovation. The future travel blogger was engaged in this project for about ten years, and then he realized that he was bored and began to engage in supporting youth entrepreneurship and the restaurant business.

- As a young businessman, I was invited to various events with young people and, communicating, ideas began to come in how to make the process of engaging in entrepreneurship more efficient. Together with the mayor’s office of Khabarovsk, they began to make a series of annual youth business forums. We spent them six years in a row until last year. They were devoted to a certain topic, for example, last year agriculture, because this is an uptrend in our market.

Now Dmitry Kulikov is engaged in the development of two “green” projects - a residential building built according to green standards, “Culture” and a city-farm “Zeeland”, where they grow greens and strawberries using modern technologies. The house and its marketing concept have become unique to the entire market. Last year, he received three federal awards in the areas of marketing, PR and "green building". And the apartments in the house were sold long before putting it into operation.


- I like to launch new, innovative projects. When a new developer entered the Khabarovsk market, they called me to the team. Then the project was at the zero stage, it was just the earth, and it was necessary to do something. The guys had the idea of ​​a “green” home and I suggested that they strengthen this with emotional characteristics - to create a home-community where the brightest and most interesting personalities of the city would settle. This story is shot. We made mini-films about our interesting inhabitants - about aeronauts, yachtsmen, rescuers. Regularly organized events for them: trips to the cinema, picnics, master classes. They created a certain areola of romanticism, chosenness, and friendliness, and people reached out for us. According to our estimates, at least 15% of co-investors were led by the first apartment buyers, because they wanted to share this atmosphere with friends.

This project has been very successful, and now the developer plans to distribute it throughout the Far East. Next year the company intends to enter Vladivostok, and in Khabarovsk it will build another similar project. The site has already been chosen for it.

- I can deal with business projects from anywhere in the world, constantly not tied to a place, I can afford to leave even for three months, returning to some significant events, like the launch of a new project.

In response to the question, “Can we say that I have embodied the dream of millions - to travel, do what I love and earn?”, Dmitry laughs and admits that he did not think about it.

“But sometimes, seeing off a sunset on Easter Island or photographing rhinos at dawn in Africa, it slips the thought that a few years ago I could only dream about it. In the process of life you do not think about it. I do not live in a fairy tale, there are also some domestic problems. For example, he came back from Africa, and they tried to steal my car - they broke the lock, the dashboard. Ten years ago, perhaps, ideally, I imagined such a life, but then it seemed to me that the path to this was much more difficult. In fact, everything was much easier.

Khabarovsk does not reject

Kulikovs favorite point in the Far East is Kamchatka, but they are not averse to discovering other places. A new dream of travel bloggers is to visit Wrangel Island in Chukotka. There they want to shoot polar bears and walrus. And travelers plan to return to the Shantar Islands in the summer.

“I discovered the bowhead whales last summer. As it turned out, he was the first to visit Shantara on a sapboard, and Olya and I took the whales so romantically that now the whole country, according to Instagram reports, wants to go there.


The bays of the Okhotsk Sea, chosen by whales, which made such a strong impression, are located in the native Khabarovsk region. And the blogger does not plan to leave him for good - there is no feeling of provincialism or backwardness of the region, as many say who leave him. Moreover, trips around the world help to distract, if the views of the streets of the Far Eastern capital become boring.

- I stay in Khabarovsk, because here I have business projects, relatives and friends, the house "Culture" in which we plan to live. There are no reasons and reasons to move somewhere. I am a citizen of the world, I have no attachment to the city. If the objective circumstances turn out to be so that I need to move, I think there will be no particular problems, but now, like the last 20 years, Khabarovsk is fine with me in everything. It is cozy and comfortable, there are no huge traffic jams, but there is a lot of sun and good people. I have traveled to many cities in Russia, and I can say that Khabarovsk will easily enter the top 7 cities.

According to the blogger, people are leaving the Far East due to the fact that they have no opportunity to go somewhere to rest as easily as, for example, from Moscow. Now, according to Dmitry, this situation is changing in Vladivostok with their prices for flights to Korea and Japan.

- I hope that with the construction of a new terminal in Khabarovsk in a year and a half, we will have the same situation. If the “Open Sky” regime and policies favorable to airlines are introduced in Khabarovsk, we will get many foreign flights and an additional outlet.

Copy aplace4.jpg

The traveler notes that it is important for young people to have the opportunity to travel, visit beautiful and high-quality establishments and buy clothes of fashion brands. According to him, in this regard Vladivostok is going in the right direction - there they create all the conditions for attracting popular brands.

- If all this was in Khabarovsk, the youth would be less eager to leave here. There are not enough popular international brands of clothes, cafes. And the second reason for the outflow of youth is professional lack of implementation. So far, there is nowhere to go. But if we aim not at the Moscow market, but at the development of our relations with Asia, then we can come up with interesting projects, realize all our creative abilities not for the small Far Eastern market of several million people, but for the hundreds of millions of people in Asia.

In early November, the Kulikovs will go on a new journey - this time they will visit the Arabian Peninsula. There are three countries in the itinerary: United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman. From this trip, travel bloggers will surely bring many beautiful photos, videos and a little inspiration to other travelers.

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