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Literate Gilfin

Residents of the Khabarovsk Territory were told about solving financial issues related to real estate

Experts of the information portal Zhilfin.rf (within the framework of the project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia on financial literacy) in Khabarovsk spoke about the intricacies of paying utility bills, renting an apartment and maintaining common property. They held a seminar to tell the owners how to avoid problems that may arise in the process of living in an apartment building.

Literate Gilfin
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Special project Financial literacy

In case of an accident

Participants were told what to do if an accident occurred in the house, and someone else’s property was damaged, whom to make complaints and where to go.

“More difficult situations are when accidents occur in rental housing, because, as a rule, neighbors do not file lawsuits against tenants, but file lawsuits against owners. And this is logical, because it is on the owner that the burden of maintaining the property lies. But he can shift the responsibility to the tenant, ”explained Lolla Kirillova.

According to her, in such cases it is important to find out what caused this accident - due to improper use of property by tenants or due to the poor condition of this property. If the tenant has damaged someone else’s property, then it can be claimed for reimbursement of paid expenses. However, if the accident occurred due to deterioration of communications, then only the owner will have to answer for it.

The expert advises to call management representatives in the house when a public accident occurs, as well as to attract specialists who will determine its cause: deterioration of communications, improper installation or operation.

“For example, if the equipment in the house was changed with the help of a contractor or an organization with which there was a contractual relationship and the tenant has documents to replace the equipment, then he is more or less protected in this case, because in the future he can blame the contractor and force compensate for his loss. As a rule, the courts defend such persons, ”said Lolla Kirillova.

In the struggle for technology

Situations when equipment breaks down in rented housing also become problematic. In this case, it is important to know that the tenant is not responsible for the breakdown if it occurred for reasons beyond its control. However, it is important to obtain an expert opinion on the fact of a breakdown.

“Whenever housing is leased, it is necessary to describe the property transferred to the tenant. If the things specified in the act of transfer and acceptance are lost, the tenant pays for them. Also, the owner can hold the tenant responsible for the death of things not specified in the act, then this document can be presented as evidence that it was no vase or TV, ”the expert noted.

Common property

They told the meeting participants about the management of common property of apartment buildings. For example, what to do if in the houses built before 1990, part of the non-residential premises was taken by the city administration and gets profit from it by leasing it. According to experts, last year the Supreme Court put an end to such disputes, recognizing that such property can not be transferred to the city authorities, since it is communal. Owners had to give their consent to the transfer of such premises, since they could receive profit, not the municipality.

Common property in an apartment building are staircases and flights of stairs, staircases themselves, wheelchairs, elevators, attics, technical floors, switchboards, and a house adjoining territory. This property can bring income to the residents of the house, for example, you can rent parking spaces. Also, experts advised to be economical about the resources of the house, so as not to spend a lot on its maintenance.

“For example, you can install energy-saving light bulbs, and invest in the repair of utility systems. Because due to leakage, the owners will spend more than in the normal state of communications, ”Olga Arintseva noted.

The expert also advised managing financial risks that arise, for example, with a monthly payment under a work contract, which are carried out continuously and, as a rule, unnoticed by residents. Olga Arintseva recommended participating in determining the composition and price of work, either being responsible for organizing the maintenance of the house by creating an HOA, or switching to direct management if the house has up to 30 apartments inclusive.

“Direct management is when the owners themselves, without attracting anyone, provide control of their home. This applies to the maintenance of public services and their management. But this is difficult, for this we need managerial qualifications, ”Olga Arintseva explained.

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