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The best quotes of officials of the Far Eastern Federal District and Transbaikalia for 22 June

They are often snapped up on quotations, their words immediately become news. However, exactly how do they quote their own press services, do high-ranking officials themselves think about it, those who are instructed to deliver their words to the media and the population, and those to whom these words are addressed? EastRussia as an experiment studied the official portals of authorities of 11 subjects of the east of Russia for the subject of quotations. The brightest of them are selected by us and draw a very colorful picture of the regions' life over the past day, June 22.

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- Conducting "control purchases" is a very effective method of assessing the daily work of any institution, and this must be done suddenly, without warning. Connect to this work the public.
Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky about health facilities at a meeting of the Primorsky Krai Administration

- It is very important to pass on to the descendants the historical truth about that war, its tragic beginning and victorious conclusion. And in this work on patriotic education, we, first of all, rely on our veterans, who on their shoulders carried out all the burden of that time, defended their Fatherland and liberated the peoples of Europe.
Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai Alexander Rolik at events in honor of 22 June

- By the current year, we managed to reduce by 20% the number of parents deprived of the rights to raise a child. Almost doubled the number of refusals from newborns. The region uses various technologies to work with families in a socially dangerous situation.
Alla Kuznetsova, Minister of Education and Science of the Khabarovsk Territory, at a meeting of the Krai Government

- The inhabitants of the region are very fond of Japanese vegetables.
Yury Matveyev, First Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk Territory, at a meeting with the delegation of the Japanese Friendship Society Japan-Russia

- Prevention is important at an early stage, so that adolescents do not fall under the influence of representatives of the underworld. In order to debunk criminal romance, the joint work of law enforcement bodies, educational institutions, families, and mass media is necessary.
Governor Alexander Levintal at a meeting of the coordination meeting on the rule of law in the Jewish Autonomous Region

- This month the Federation Council established a commission to protect Russia's state sovereignty and non-interference in its internal affairs. This will help us to preserve, including our history, the truth about the most important events in the history of our country, the identity and independence of the Motherland. Each of us needs to defend state sovereignty, relying on the formula: "The success of each is the success of Russia!".
Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Jewish Autonomous Region Lyubov Pavlova

- I will support this project (Single Settlement and Cash Center), But we also need the support of the heads of municipalities. We need at the meeting with them to convey to everyone the detailed information about this project.
Governor Alexander Kozlov at a meeting with the leadership of PJSC "Far Eastern Energy Company"

- It was possible to achieve good results in the exploration work in the neighboring territory, because local authorities, deputies of the legislative authorities of the border regions of the PRC provide effective assistance in restoring monuments, identifying the remains of the deceased.
Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Amur Region Konstantin Dyakonov at a briefing on the work of searching for the remains of Amur warriors

- Carved bone is one of Magadan's business cards, I fully agree with this, along with gold and seafood, and our wonderful nature. As the festival "Staratelsky Lhot", it can become another unique brand of Kolyma, which will be known far beyond the borders of the country. Our task is to make the international festival at a high organizational level.
Governor of the Magadan Region Vladimir Pecheny at the meeting of the organizing committee of the first international festival of bone carving of the peoples of the world

- Many projects could not be realized for many long years precisely because of the infrastructural difficulties inherent in the Far East. A striking example is the GOK at the Natalka deposit, which is on the register of major investment projects. This year, its launch is scheduled and this became possible largely thanks to federal financial support. From the state treasury for infrastructure works - the construction of the power transmission line "Ust-Omchug - Omchak Novaya" with the length of 135 km - about 10 billion rubles is allocated. In case of adoption of amendments proposed by the Ministry of Regional Development, the coordination of such projects will be more rapid, which means that new enterprises will appear in the Far Eastern regions.
Chairman of the Magadan Regional Duma Sergei Abramov

- We came to the conclusion that in the north of Yakutia it is necessary to use combined sources of energy - traditional and renewable sources of energy - wind and solar energy.
Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Borisov at the 5th V International Conference "Development of Renewable Energy in the Far East of Russia"

- 2017 year will be a turning point for the airline "Yakutia". The company goes to the pre-crisis level of revenue in 11 billion rubles and the transportation of a million passengers. Now before the airline "Yakutia" the main task is to refinance short-term loan debt for 5-7 for years by attracting a long-term loan. This will allow Yakutia to plan its work clearly and by the 2022 year to solve the issues of financial recovery.
Chairman of the Standing Committee Il Tumen on economic, investment and industrial policy, entrepreneurship, tourism and infrastructure development Viktor Fedorov at a meeting with the leadership of the airline

- I am sure that by preserving and increasing the knowledge that you got at the university, you will not stop at what has been achieved and continue your self-education, bring innovation and interesting ideas to the economy of Chukotka.
Marina Lagunova, First Deputy Chairman of the Duma of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, at a solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas to the graduates of 2017 Chukotka branch of the North-Eastern Federal University

- The choice of the most effective legal mechanism, which guarantees the preservation of the level of social support for certain categories of citizens, remains with state authorities, which establishes appropriate support measures.
Minister of Social Protection of the Sakhalin Region Elena Kasyanova at a meeting of the Sakhalin Regional Duma

- Visitors will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of sea voyages to the shores of Kamchatka from the time of Vitus Bering. Guests will be presented with unique dishes from Kamchatka products, after trying which, you can feel like a real pioneer.
The organizers of the "Galley of the Pioneers of Kamchatka", which earned in the framework of the celebration of the 10 anniversary of the formation of the Kamchatka Territory

- In the end, unscrupulous structures must go. And those companies that fully fulfill their obligations must be supported. It is about allocating subsidies from the regional budget to those organizations that really work qualitatively. To obtain such assistance, they must meet certain criteria. For example, the collection of payments must be at least 85%. And the cost of wages - can not exceed 60% of the income received.
Governor of the Sakhalin Oblast Oleg Kozhemyako On the work of management companies

- The Irkutsk region has long been famous for fur trade, supply for many years, the quality is excellent. Both we and foreign brokers appreciate your products. Our industry is not so big and we all need to stick together and not allow domestic competition. We can compete only with foreign manufacturers and suppliers.
President of the Russian Fur-Fur Union Sergei Stolbov at the opening of the international conference "Furs in the XXI century. Russia and the World »

- The Federation Council has been working on toughening legislative measures to counter the production and circulation of counterfeit goods for several years. The bills that we have developed in this area pursue several goals - protecting the health of citizens, combating counterfeit products and replenishing the budget system by legalizing the production and circulation of alcohol-containing products.
Senator from the Irkutsk Region Vitaly Shuba during the raid of the Rosal'kogregulirovanie and law enforcement agencies for the destruction of equipment used in the illegal production of alcohol-containing products

- Rest on the shore of Lake Baikal is a great investment in health.
Head of the Pribaikalsky District of Buryatia Gennady Galichkin at the Second Meeting of the Heads of Tourist Administrations of Russia, China and Mongolia

- People got a second wind, they are tired of computers, television, they want to communicate, get together, spend holidays together. We see such a popular uplift everywhere throughout the country. The republic should undertake this mission and rebuild or repair, at least one building per year.
Irina Nadraga, Chairman of the ISU "Committee for Culture and Youth Affairs", during the trip of deputies of the People's Hural of Buryatia Committee on Interregional Relations, National Issues, Youth Policy, Public and Religious Associations in Kabansky District

- As one of the priority directions of state regulation of tourism activity, children's tourism is defined.
Minister of International Relations Alexei Drobotushenko at a meeting of the legislative assembly committee of the Trans-Baikal Territory
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